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Greg Sanders sighed as he moved along with the work on his counter. He was exhausted but he was still happy to help anyone who came in. Nick Stokes walked into the lab.

"Hey Greggo! Ya busy?" Nick smiled. Greg finished typing before turning around in his stool.

"Nope! What do you need?" Greg lied. His counter was already full but Nick's stuff always came top priority. Nick stared at him before he finally smiled again.

"I need the DNA for these beer bottles and whatever is on that rag. Here." The Texan described. He handed the small lab rat the file. Nick watched Greg give the file a quick scan before he looked back.

"Kay!" Greg mumbled. "Anything else…thaaaaaaaaannnnnnnk you!" He added as Nick handed him the bags of evidence.

"No. Except Warrick wanted to know if you found out what those hairs wer…" He began but Greg beat him to it. He had the files in his friend's hands before he could he even finish.

"Cat hair. Either Catwoman attacked his vic or…" Greg sighed.

"Or the unsub owns a cat." Nick finished.

"Yep." Greg popped.

"Ok, thanks man." Nick quickly said practically jogging out of the lab.

"Anytime." Greg moaned as he turned back to his computer.


It was another hour before Greg got halfway through Nick's evidence. His computer had crashed and moving slower than ever.

Greg sat back in his seat, listening to his music. He bounced his spiky head to the beat. FINALLY! Greg moved up to the keyboard and frantically started typing. Hopefully he would be done before Nick got back. He continued this until something happened. Something that made him stop dead in his tracks. A feeling of a cold metal circle on the back of his head, through his hair.

"Turn the computer off kid." Came the roar of a demand.