by Black Kitten's Dream

Part 13

.-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.

It was a unique feeling, the pounding that was spreading, softy flickering through his chest. Exciting tingling emerged from depths he hadn't been aware of for years to meet and join the thumping waves coming from his heart, and the deliciously drawing heat in his belly completed the sense of delightful thrill.

Iruka threw a last, almost nervous glance at the present in his hand. He hadn't felt this giddy since his first date years ago where his palms had been damp and butterflies seemed to live in his stomach. The urge to rub his hands against his trousers, more out of nervousness than to lessen any dampness on them, was just as strong as it had been back then.

Stupid, Iruka thought as he stood in front of Genma's home, and repeated it one more time like a whispered curse when he actually caught himself stroking the material of his trousers. He wasn't a teenager anymore, and Genma's invitation not a date per se. At least not of those romantic ones where you tried to get to know each other better while amorousness clouded your wits and banished all rationality. Experience told him that he would never reach this stage with Genma or Kakashi. Seemingly neither of them had a romantic streak or would allow lovey-dovey feelings to cloud their mind.

And still, this atmosphere of cool control was gradually turning into a big part of the attraction he felt for them, because despite their omnipresent superiority they were interested in him, and their blunt directness felt more real and sincere than any passionate testimony could be. On the surface, Genma's invitation was all about sex, a continuation of their short encounter in front of the bar. Outsiders might think that this was all to it, Iruka knew better. Genma's desire for him had been obvious, and the giddy feeling increased as he lifted his hand to knock on the door.

Iruka licked his lips in slightly tense anticipation for the man to answer the door. It was the first time that he had received such an explicit offer, an adventure he couldn't resist even though it was an arrangement to meet for sex instead of the usual order of a normal date. He had been fantasizing on his way here, about how Genma would greet him, or if the man would even bother with formalities before turning the night into another hot memory. At any rate, the stimulation of such fantasies had been enough to start an arousal that was still there hidden in his trousers, and his nervousness reached new highs when the door swung open.

The face wasn't the one he had been anticipating, neither were the emotions showing on it. He saw no trace of lust, no welcome in its coolness. His sheer existence seemed to be questioned with a half-lidded gaze, and the instinctive step he took back was to get out of the man's personal space. His hands moved to the middle of his body, hastily hiding the arousal with the present.

"I beg your pardon. I thought this was someone else's home."

Kakashi tilted his head at the uttered apology. A small amount of curiosity was on his face, prompting Iruka to clarify his intrusion.

"Genma-san told me to meet him at his place, and this was the only flat I could think of. Guess I was wrong." The explanation ended with a small, forced smile. Disappointment took the arousal's place, leaving a bitter taste in his mouth that pulled the corners of it down and his lips into a thin line. He had thought that they were on a more friendly level now, but it seemed that this was just another assumption he had guessed wrong. Kakashi was eying him like a stranger, merely an annoying intruder. His indifference hurt.

"Excuse me," Iruka bit out between clenched jaws, ready to take his leave. The Jounin's voice stopped him.

"This is Genma's place."

Kakashi turned and walked back into the flat. There were no further words from him, no tilt of his head or other gestures of invitation. There was just the open door through which Iruka blinked in utter incredulity. Uncertainty and rising irritation hindered him from following the man immediately. Kakashi's unfriendliness created more than defiance. It was turning into a personal challenge which Iruka took with a glare and scarcely contained sarcasm.

"May I come in?"

Silence was the only reaction for a short but pregnant moment before utter nonchalance drifted from wherever Kakashi had returned to.

"It's not my home, not my place to decide."

Iruka gritted his teeth. "It's not my place either, as you ought to know."

"It isn't?" Kakashi reappear in the hallway, resting against the wall with his arms crossed. "Then tell me, Iruka-sensei. Whose decision is it, then?"

Lack of interest had been the trigger for his annoyance before. Now, Kakashi's blatant enjoyment of the situation was even more grating, fuelled his irritation and drove him into biting replies.

"Obviously it's Genma-san's."

"Ah, and now you're between the devil and the deep blue sea."

"Literally, if I dare say so."

"Ho? How unpleasant."

"Do tell."

"Hmm, what did Genma tell you?"

"So much for barely listening when people talk to you. I've already said that I'm supposed to meet him at his place at nine."

"Dilemma solved."

Together with the cheerful tone, Kakashi's eye curved into the famous smile for a couple of seconds before it opened into a slit, coolly regarding him, bluntly showing that this ridiculous and pointless talk was over. The Jounin pushed away from the wall and wordlessly returned to the room he had emerged from, leaving Iruka alone at the threshold with his mouth hung open.

His face was burning, his cheeks glowing. Iruka stormed after him, forcefully closing the door. He found Kakashi in the middle of the living room, slouching on a couch with his arms comfortably spread over the top of the back edge. The Jounin watched his furious entrance and angry accusation without moving at all.

"You don't like me, do you?"

"What makes you think so?"

"You even have the nerve to ask?"

"I have, but be a dear first and get rid of the sandals, will you? Genma isn't finicky. Courtesy's the bitch."

Crimson spots appeared on his flushed cheeks as Iruka left the room to put his sandals in the hallway, and with the bitter awareness that seemingly nothing would prepare him enough to withstand Kakashi's next sarcastic remarks he stomped back to the living room where he stood in the doorway, glaring at the older man who regarded him calmly.

"Take a seat, Iruka-sensei. There's a chance that Genma will be late."

"Thanks, but no."

"You can bite off my head as well after you've made yourself comfortable, don't you think?"

"I'm quite comfortable where I am, thank you."

"I ain't. You're making my neck stiff, and while you may prefer otherwise I like looking at who I'm talking to."

"Do you always provoke people or is it just me who gives you that sadistic pleasure?"

"Only people who like to behave like kindergarteners. Rest assured, you're nothing special. Sit down."

Angrily choosing the armchair vis-à-vis Kakashi, Iruka complied defiantly with his arms crossed and body tense. He directed his scowl at the table between them, ignoring the Jounin until Kakashi nodded to the present he had placed beside himself on a free spot of the seat.

"What's that?"

"Just a little something for Genma-san."

"Hmm? What is it? Sweets? Tea? Poison? Sex toys?"

"Sake, if you really have to know," Iruka snapped back, heatedly taking the bait. His glower was lost on the unimpressed man.

"Didn't you have enough already yesterday?"

"News travels awfully fast around here."

"We look after our people. Pack isn't just a phrase."

"Sounds more like gossip to me. And stop patronizing me. Why should it matter to you how much I drink? I'm not one of your buddies."

"No?" Humming thoughtfully, Kakashi tilted his head back to gaze at the ceiling. "Others might say that this is kinda sad. We had sex, but we'll never even be buddies. What does this make us? Beasts proudly acting out their animal instincts."

Iruka's chest constricted. Short-tempered and getting ahead of himself, he had led Kakashi to the false impression that he didn't want anything to do with him. And this was so far from truth that it hurt. Ruefully, Iruka tried to undo the damage without losing too much face.

"Maybe my words were too rash."

"I'd be glad, because the sex was hot."


"What?" Kakashi lifted his head, amused about the cry of protest. "Why should I conceal the truth?"

The colour of Iruka's cheeks changed its shade into a shy blush. He couldn't deny the amazing night he had spent together with Kakashi and Genma, didn't want to at all, but to set foot on this territory as long as he hadn't completely regained his composure had more embarrassment written all over it. Distracting himself from the explicit topic and the heat on his face, Iruka hurriedly addressed the real core of their problems.

"Maybe we can't help clashing all the time. Just like cats and dogs."

"I object. Animals or plants or rocks have nothing to do with it. It's solely your personality."

"Oh, please!" Iruka laughed in disbelief, unable to take offence since Kakashi kept the good-humoured air. "Why is it my fault and not yours?"

"Getting riled up over trivial things, losing objectivity to emotions and raising your voice to boot. It's definitely your personality."

Iruka snorted at Kakashi's jovially recited listening. The Jounin's good mood eclipsed any possible offence, was contagious and goaded him to join the teasing.

"And your personality is that of a saint, huh?"

"Calm. Collected. As cool as a cucumber."

"Come on. You never lose your poise?"

"Fire, meet ice."

"Fire melts ice."

"And the water puts the fire out."

"Great. Will I always be the loser?"

"No. The ice is merely taming the fire. It takes the fire's viciousness, gives it balance."

"By eliminating it?"

"By merging and becoming one, by melting into steam. The ice is leaving the fire its best quality. Warmth."

"Right." Grinning, Iruka shook his head. "I don't know if I should feel flattered or offended, but I suppose you want to tell me that you can help me find my balance, too?"


"That's a threat?"

"Far from it."

"Then by all means do your worst," Iruka joked back, and was surprised when Kakashi patted the free place beside him.

"Come here."

"I beg your pardon?"

"It's easier when you're next to me."

"What? Right now?"

"Why not? What have you got to lose?"

My dignity, was Iruka's instant thought. He felt thrown off guard by the situation. The pace that had turned their verbal sparring into fun was now too fast. He stood up nonetheless, hesitantly glancing at the calmly waiting Jounin before he stepped around the table to sit down next to him. The rapidly beating of his heart was back, just like the urge to rub his hands against the trousers. Iruka cleared his throat to cover his nervousness.

"Relax, Iruka-sensei."

"That's easier said than done."

"In fact it's easier done than thought."

Kakashi surprised him once more by pulling off his mask to put it aside. Shifting, the man turned to him with one bent leg comfortably resting on the seat, arm propped up on the top of the backrest, head supported by his hand. "See?"

Iruka's corners of his mouth twitched at the matter-of-fact tone. "You're impossible."

"I'm pragmatic, that's all. Mirror me and experience the effect on your own."

Enjoying himself, Iruka did as told with one exception. The smirk on his face stood in contrast to Kakashi's unwavering smile.

"And now?"

"What comes to mind when you look at me?"

"Eternal alpha dog."

"True but too impersonal."

Iruka's smirk deepened. He had a good idea what Kakashi was hinting at, and he would do him the favour and play along just for the enjoyment of this little game. "Okay, Mister Self Confident. I believe you already know that you're handsome."

"Don't bore me with superficiality. Tell me about your little demons."

His lightness came abruptly to an end. The smirk fell at the same time as Kakashi formed one of his own. Kakashi's amusement seemed sharper now, more attentive. He watched with satisfaction as the younger man realized the reason for their question and answer game, and his smirk grew at the following knee-jerk reaction. Dodging the answer was the only way Iruka could think of to avoid vocalizing his innermost thoughts.

"I don't know what you mean."

"You do," Kakashi chided mildly, entertained by his discomfort. "Just speak your mind."

He couldn't. The words stuck in his throat and his eyes flicked everywhere but the man. Callused fingers caught his jaw, forcing him to look back at Kakashi. The fingers started to trace the lines of his face, commented by quietly uttered but defined certainty.

"Do you know what I think of when I look at you? I see a fire that shines its brightest when being released under control. A delicate flame that finely tuned first bursts into blazing heat before melting into a fulfilled glow. A wonderfully responsive flame I'd play with again."

The fingers stopped right beside his lips. Kakashi's gaze travelled from his mouth up to his eyes, capturing him with a predatory purr. "That wasn't so difficult, now was it?"

Mesmerized, Iruka stared back. The feelings he couldn't vocalize were burning through his body. Desire, effortlessly fanned by the man had already turned into arousal with just the hinted prospect of another erotic night, and Iruka kept still in paralyzed anticipation when Kakashi bent forward to slowly lick his lips once. Uncontrolled small shivers ran through his body at the sensation of the wet heat invading his mouth, of the weight pushing him down and the hands taking hold of the hollow of his knees to draw them forward.

His back hit the surface and he was lying on the couch with Kakashi leaning over him, never breaking the kiss for even a moment. Iruka moaned. The tongue in his mouth pulled him into a play of demand and erotic seduction he surrendered willingly to. A hand buried itself into his hair, loosened strands from his ponytail. The other one sneaked under his shirt up to his ribs, seizing his left side in a firm grip. Kakashi pulled back, dark eye shining lustfully.

"Tell me. Should I play with your demons?"

"Yes," Iruka breathed, intuitively tilting his head back since Kakashi went straight to the transition between chin and throat. The man's hitai-ate brushed against his cheek like a fleeting caress before teeth scratched across his sensitive skin. The sucking left another mark which Iruka accepted with a groan. He put a hand on Kakashi's nape to pull him down, to feel his whole body on him while the other hand reached down to get some friction for his rapidly hardening arousal. The opposite was the case, though. Kakashi pulled away immediately, sternly slapping away the hand close to the groin, easily breaking his attempts to take on an active part as well.

"Control yourself," were his words, a low purr nicely wrapped with a command, and the next ones coming as a husky drawl quickened Iruka's breathing despite his initial startle. "I will set you on fire the moment you give yourself over to me."

Iruka did lower his arms although he didn't really know what to do, where to put them or how to react at all. Being ordered into active passivity sounded contradictory, was new territory and against his nature that was usually just as dynamic as that of his partners. Nervousness spread, and Kakashi's mouth hovered over his ear.

"Just feel."

Something uncurled inside of him. It wasn't tangible like a firm object, more a feeling floating free from a hidden place. Kakashi was on his lips again with an exploring kiss. A hand slipped further down his body, the touches so sensual and captivating that Iruka only noticed his own, mostly unconscious assistance when trousers and underwear slipped off his legs, carelessly falling down to the floor.

The hand stroked back up his leg without giving him too much room to think. Clever fingers danced over his hipbone, under his shirt and up to the left nipple, paying special attention to the small nub. His left side felt hyper-sensitive, and he pressed his hands into the seat of the couch to restrain himself from leaning into the maddening touches like a starving beggar shamelessly pleading for more contact.

Torn between demanded stillness and the need to respond to the sweet torture physically, Iruka's body was tense with self-imposed restraint and he was already softly panting when Kakashi arrived at his lips, smoothly replacing the tongue with two fingers. Their purpose was clear, and Iruka didn't lose any time in wetting them thoroughly. Focused on sucking and licking the two digits, the tension in his body lessened palpably.

Worry dampened his excitement as soon as Kakashi pulled the fingers out, going down to his groin. The pressure against his opening, firm enough to enter him right away didn't deliver the expected discomfort nor did their movements in him bring any real pain. Pleasure made him gasp and moan with each rub of his prostate, and although he spread and drew up his legs to give the man better access he still tensed up when the fingers eventually retreated.

Spit wasn't enough lubrication by far, and his worry grew the instant Kakashi took off his vest and shirt and opened his trousers to release himself. Waiting for the inevitable pulled at his nerves. Iruka stared at the ceiling with quickened heart beat, fingers clawing the material of the couch. The blunt tip finally touched his opening, immediately widening the tight ring of muscle. Intense burning took his breath away and then Kakashi was in him, sliding up the channel until the groin was pressed against his butt, filling him to the hilt.

Iruka gasped, overwhelmed by the sensation of the hard flesh in him, perplexed that it had been less painful than feared. There had been no seriously cutting pain or burning friction since the penetration, revealing that Kakashi must have applied a generous amount of lube in an unnoticed moment while he had been preoccupied by concern. Panting, Iruka looked back to the man and to a stunning sight of his appearance.

Hard muscles defined the sinewy body. Wild patterns of scars were evidence of survival and strength. The natural litheness of the battle-scarred body was breathtaking, signified more power and dangerousness than the black ANBU symbol tattooed on the upper arm could ever indicate. Striking paleness created a beautiful contrast to his own darker skin, and then there was Kakashi's eye, darkly gleaming down on him, watching him intently, waiting like a beast ready to strike and take what it wants. And Iruka gazed back, breathless and spell-bound. A twitch of the biceps was the only warning he got. Kakashi moved, and Iruka's world narrowed down to the man above.

It was tormenting how measured the movements were, how slowly, nearly leisurely Kakashi was pushing in and out of him. He could feel every inch of the hot flesh against his inner walls, unerringly rubbing over his pleasure spot. Iruka arched his back and his lips opened into a low moan. His pupils dilated, and the knuckles of his clenched fists turned white when the quickly increasing arousal turned his member painfully stiff.

And Kakashi was watching him the whole time, shamelessly soaking up his reactions while he was controlling his pleasure, driving him crazy with this agonizingly drawn-out act. It was too little to come yet almost too much to bear. Over and over he was giving him a small taste close to an orgasm only to refuse him the climax in a mocking dance. Kakashi enjoyed his struggle, was baiting him to lose control. The air around the Jounin gradually turned feral with each new shove. Guttural moans and heavy pants filled the space between them, and Iruka was close to breaking and screaming in frustration when Kakashi seized the underside of his thighs, pushing them up, lifting his bottom into a new position to change the angle. White teeth appeared between thin lips. A growl, heavy with lust, rolled from Kakashi over him. The man started to move with hard and precise thrusts, and Iruka's next minutes were blinded by pleasure.

He bucked. His hands were tearing at the material of the couch as he threw his head back, body bent and drawn tight like a bow. Nonsensical noises bubbled out of him. Kakashi took possession of him, spiralled his lust to new highs until a cry erupted from his throat. A hand closed around his aching arousal, squeezing it roughly as a reminder for the demanded control. The touch, however, was what he had been craving for since the first rush of pleasure, and the sensation of those calloused fingers around his pulsing flesh was enough to push him over the edge.

Iruka's body grew rigid and he fell silent the moment the orgasm exploded in his groin, spurting white fire on his belly in pumping waves. He was flying. The little death stole his breath, any sight and sound and reasoning until the awareness of sharply drawn erratic breaths brought him back to the surface, back to the here and now. His chest was heaving with shuddering movements. His heart was loudly hammering against his ribcage and in his ears while he was taking gulps of air to support the struggling lungs. And suddenly he felt Kakashi all over again, still pushing into him, and Iruka took it submissively. Exhaustion had turned his body pliant, and it felt amazingly natural to just lie there, to welcome the man without any resistance.

A couple of hard possessive thrusts, one last deep growl and heat coated his insides. Kakashi stilled at last. Harsh breaths overlapped Iruka's by now quieter ones, and he watched the man in a dazed attempt to understand what he had made him experience. He was still floating, utterly content with where he was and the role he had been given. The urgent need to touch was not there anymore, and this was as surprising as the strong feeling of pleasure he got solely from the look of satisfaction on Kakashi's face. Everything felt just right.

The glimpse he got from the corner of his eyes came like a bolt from the blue. A person was standing behind the couch, right between Kakashi and him, and Iruka started violently. His head shot up, looking straight into a well-known face and a smug grin holding a senbon. An amused grunt emerged from Kakashi who gestured at the man like introducing him for the first time.

"Fire, meet storm."

Snorting, Genma's lips twisted into a smirk, regarding Iruka with a drawled remark.

"Very steamy, indeed."


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