-1Perfection was one of Kio's little quirks. He wanted to find something perfect to cling to. Something for him to admire. He wanted something that would be only for him. At first, he strived for it himself, but gave that up within the day he thought of it. Something like him couldn't be perfect. Someone like him could never reach that level.

So he looked for it in someone else. Fellow classmates and co-workers became subject to his judgment. Everyone was there for him to scrutinize and pick at. They were there so Kio could prove there non-perfection. That's why when he met Soubi, his mind went crazy. He couldn't find one flaw on this man. Not one.

When he first enrolled in the art class, it was merely away to improve his way of looking at things. It was a way to help his quest on finding imperfection. He sat down in the first empty seat he could and prepared to study the students that came in. A couple girls came in and he quickly saw their flaws. A boy walked in and his flaw was seen just as fast. Kio was proud of himself for finding them so quickly. Then the door opened again and Kio watched patiently. That's when a tall blond walked in and took the seat in front of him. He watched, scrutinized, and deliberated for almost the whole class period. Nothing.

Ever since that day Kio wanted to capture that perfection. He wanted to capture the masterpiece and lock it away so that others couldn't ruin it. Of course he didn't know that it was already too late for Soubi. Seime had ruined him to the point of fake perfection.

Kio soon learned about Seime and how he shackled Soubi. He soon learned that the man did have flaws. He chose to ignore them though. Even with the imperfections in plain sight Kio couldn't find them. Or rather, he chose not to look.

Soubi was the perfect painting. He had flaws, but the overall beauty was so wonderful that you chose to ignore anything wrong. He was Kio's broken masterpiece and best friend. Even with all the flaws riddled throughout Soubi, Kio saw him through loves eyes. He saw him as a man who was imperfectly perfect.


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A/N- I think I should explain this one a bit. I saw this quote on a wall of one my classrooms and 'poof' this idea was born. Kio is one of my favorite characters and I wanted to try and explain his obsession with Soubi. I've only read the manga 1-5 and seen all the anime at this point and no where in those places does it explain how Kio and Soubi met, so I made it up. I hope you enjoyed this fic. Please review and tell me what you thought. It would be much appreciated.


"Love is seeing an imperfect person perfectly"

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