-1Love was a funny thing. Yuiko didn't understand but she knew she felt it. She knew that she would do anything to see Ritsuka's smile. It didn't matter how painful it was, or even if she died. If it made Ritsuka smile...she would do it.

Love was a strange thing. It caused emotions Yuiko wasn't used to...like jealousy. Like pain. Like hate. When Soubi would wait outside for Ritsuka after school, she almost wanted to yell at him. Almost wanted to make him go away. Almost. But Ritsuka would catch a glimpse outside the window and it was to late for her to do anything.

Love was a painful thing. She would walk ahead of Ritsuka to get to the blonde first. It was more a protective quirk then anything. Ritsuka would reach the them and start talking to Soubi about something they'd done the day before. Yuiko would always feel a stab in her heart, like it was about to crack. Soubi would ask her if anything was wrong and Yuiko would smile and shake her head. Then her brain would think of way to get rid of him so that she could be alone with Ritsuka, but before she could think of anything Ritsuka would always smile up at the man.

It was always then that Yuiko would remember her vow. Seeing his smile made her almost cry. Almost want to hold him close. Almost want to lock him away so that only she could see him. But that would be wrong. That would take Ritsuka's smile away. And Yuiko would do anything see Ritsuka smile, no matter how much it hurt her. Anything.


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"Sparkling angel I believe that you were my savior in my time of need"

Angels by Within Temptation