-1It was raining. That was the most prominent thing on that day. The day they buried his lover. Everyone had umbrellas and handkerchiefs to try and hide their tears. Everyone had come to have one final glimpse at their friend. The funeral and burying were quick. So quick that he almost thought it a dream. Kio walked over to his frozen form as they lowered him to the ground.

"I'm so sorry. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask." Kio said, trying to hold back his own tears. He smiled at him.

"I'm sorry. He was your friend too. Please don't think about me too much. It'll be fine." he said with a small smile while tears formed in his eyes. Kio hugged him close and kissed his temple. After that he bowed his respects and walked to his car.

He bent down and traced some of the letters on the tombstone. First a 'S' and then an 'A'

His eyes scrunched up again as he tried for the umpteenth time to not cry. And for the umpteenth time the tears fell freely anyway. Yuiko walked up behind him and hugged him from behind. Neither had an umbrella but he didn't mind. The rain made it so that she couldn't see his tears anyway.

"Will you be okay?" Yuiko asked him, tears in her eyes too. He nodded and looked a little behind her. Yayoi was waiting for her under an umbrella. He could see the tears in his eyes too. He turned back tot he pink headed girl and held her close.

"Thank you for everything." and let her go. They looked in each others eyes and nodded. They'd both lost their first love. Yuiko turned to Yayoi and grabbed his hand. He could see their wedding rings twinkle, even in the darkness, as they walked away.

He pressed his lips to the stone and whispered the words he was known best for.

"I love you...Ritsuka." and with that Soubi walked away with the tears flowing once again.


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A/N-I tried to make this one a little angsty. I've never made anything like this before so I wanted to try it out. The main purpose of this was to keep you guessing on who it was that died and who was mourning. I kind of gave it away close to the end. I wanted it to seem as though Soubi had died but my friend told me that if Soubi died then Ritsuka would try to kill him self since he was so emotionally unstable. It made some sort of sense to me so I made it where Ritsuka died. Not that it's any better. I'm trying to make my one-shots longer but currently it's not working.Please review and tell me how I did on the angst.


"Deep in earth my love is lying

And I must weep alone."

"Deep in Earth" by Edgar Allan Poe