Me: Hiya peoples! I'm Xed14thkey, but call me Xed, kay?


Me: (sigh) This is Dancecat, my editor. But you can call her Dance.

Dance: HIII!!!! (waves)

Me: Anyways, i'd like to say--


Dance: IT'S ROXAS!!!! (hearts pop around head)

Me: Uhhhh... Yeah, you are, Roxas.

Roxas: NEAT!

Me: Who wants to say the disclaimer?

Dance and Roxas: I DO I DO!

Me: Okay then, say it together.

Dance and Roxas: YAY!

Dance: Xed doesn't own Kingdom Hearts.

Roxas: Or Disney.

Dance: Or a life. XD

Me: Thank you for---HEY!!! IMA KILL YOU FOR THAT!!! (takes out random kantana)


Roxas: (makes dark portal) Come with me!

(both disappear in the portal)

Me: Grrr...

"Everybody have their list of things to do while we're gone?" Xemnas called out into the Castle. A chorus of unhappy 'yeahs' echoed throughout the Castle. Today Xemnas had to take care of some business, and would be gone for a week. Going with him was Xigbar, Xaldin, Lexaeus, and Saix. The other members who were staying behind (Vexen, Zexion, Axel, Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia, Larxene, and Roxas) had each received a list of chores to do before they got back. Those who were leaving had everything they needed and were waiting impatiently. They had been looking forward to leaving the Castle for weeks, and now Xemnas was taking forever. Saix sighed angrily.

"Xemnas, can we go now?" he asked, almost whining. Xemnas looked at him.

"Hold on." He replied. Roxas had been walking by when Xemnas saw him. "Roxas!" Roxas stopped walking and went over to Xemnas.


"I have one more thing for you to do." Roxas moaned. Xemnas heard it. "Just listen—I want you to clean the attic before I get back." Roxas moaned louder.

"Why?" He whined.

"When we get back, we're going to move some things from the basement into the attic, and I want it clean."

"But it's creepy in there!" Roxas complained. Xemnas crossed his arms.

"Oh really?" he said sympathetically. He then frowned. "Get it done." Roxas rolled his eyes and walked off. Xemnas turned around to face the other members who were waiting to leave.

"Alright! Lets go." He said. There was some loud cheering from the crowd and they all opened their Corridors of Darkness. The members who were staying behind came to see them off.

"Have fun." Axel said. Xemnas turned towards them.

"Look at this Castle." The members looked around. "This Castle is in one piece. I expect it to be in the same condition when we come back." They all stepped through their portals and disappeared. As soon as they were gone, everyone cheered.

"Woohoo! No Xemnas for a whole week!" Demyx yelled.

"PARRTTYY!!!!" Luxord yelled. Larxene walked up to him.

"Yeah, lets have a party!" She said with fake excitement. "And you know what? We can invite the heartless and the nobodies down the street!" She gave him a wow-you're-stupid look. "If you haven't noticed, we live in scenic nowhere. No one live here, Stupid." She walked away as Luxord narrowed his eyes at her.

"I'm getting to work on my chores." Zexion said, walking off to the kitchen. Everyone walked off to do his or her own thing. Roxas stayed in the room and sat down on the sofa.

"Lets look at what I've got to do." He pulled his list out of his pocket and read it out loud:

Clean the upstairs bathroom

Clean Roxas' room

Vacuum living room

And in addition to that, clean the attic. Roxas sighed.

"I guess I'll do the attic first."


Roxas walked up an old set of stairs into the attic. Everything was layered in thick dust. Roxas grunted.

"Thanks Xemnas." He muttered sarcastically. He looked around. There was no furniture or anything in here. There was only a window (covered in dust). Through the dust on the window penetrated the light of the moon from outside.


Roxas jumped back, startled. He looked around to see what was the source of the noise.


The sound was coming from a grandfather clock. Roxas laughed as he read the time: 9:00. He began to start sweeping, when he suddenly looked up. He had thought he heard something. He shrugged and kept sweeping. He looked up again.

There was something—or someone—in here.

He looked to where he heard the noise: a closet in the attic. He slowly walked over to investigate. He was about to look inside when something pushed him and tackled him to the floor. He looked up to be looking into the eyes of a Nobody. He summoned his Oathkeeper Keyblade and knocked it with it. Before he could hit the Nobody, it dodged and got off of him. Roxas stood up. Even in the dark of the room, he could see the Nobody clearly. It was a girl, about his age, with pale rose-colored hair. She wore a white version of the Organization coat, with white boots and white gloves. He all-white eyes seemed to glow in the darkness.

"Who—what—are you?" Roxas asked. She laughed.

"My name is Rose, and I am a Nobody just like you." She ran towards Roxas. Roxas swung his Keyblade at her but she jumped over it and punched him. Her hit was hard and caused him to fall to the ground. He then summoned his Oblivion Keyblade and started to slash at her with both Keyblades. She easily dodged each swing, and landed many hits on him. Roxas then lifted both Keyblades and charged at her. But before he could strike, she reached out and grabbed both Keyblades. As soon as she touched them, they both burst into pale rose-colored petals. Roxas tried to call them back, but he couldn't.

"What, are you related to Marluxia or something?" He said. She ran towards Roxas and, grabbing him by the collar of his coat, slammed him into a nearby wall. She held him there, and moved in closer to his face.

"I'm not just a Nobody—I'm a special type. I'm a Vampire Nobody." As she talked, Roxas could see she had a pair or sharp vampire-like fangs. She smiled evilly. "I'm here because someone here wants to see his sister again. I'm her."

"Marluxia?" Roxas choked out.

"Yes. I'm here to take him and everyone else back to Kingdom Hearts with me."

"What?" Roxas said, confused. He had no idea what she was talking about. She laughed again.

"You'll find out soon enough." She moved in closer towards his face. "And you will come back with me as well."

"No way!" he shouted.

"Come back with us, live in the dark light of Kingdom Hearts. Feel its love for all of us Nobodies." She said.

"Never!" Roxas shouted, trying to break free of her grasp. But she held on to him.

"Roxas." She called, her voice sounding different, like a million soft voices in one. She moved closer to his ear, and closer to his neck. "Let's go back to Kingdom Hearts. We'll go together." Just then, she sank her razor sharp fangs into his neck. Roxas screamed out in pain as he fell into a semi-unconscious state. She pulled away and looked at him.

"We'll go together." She repeated. Roxas looked up at her. His eyes now were changed. Instead of them being ocean blue like they always are, they were now all white, with pale rose-colored cat eye pupils.

"We'll go together." Roxas said.

Me: Hope you enjoyed it! And let me know if you see Dance or Roxas, got it? (smiles evilly and hides kantana behind back)