Xed: Last chapter! (cries)

Zexion: My gosh, you're so emo!

Xed: Look who's talking.

Zexion: ...

Roxas: Hey, since I was the first victim over here, can I say the disclaimer?

Xed: Sure!

Roxas: Xed doesn't own Kingdom Hearts or Disney.

Dance: But doesn't she own Axel?


Xed: Sure Axel, sure... (evil smile)

Axel: (gulp)

Last night, all of the eight of the Nobodies cleaned the entire Castle. All bedrooms were cleaned, all bathrooms were spotless, and all areas were taken care of. Roxas (with the help of Axel) cleaned the attic without any surprises. (Luckily)


The next morning, all of them were tired. They had to stay up the entire night to clean, and only got a few hours of sleep. But they couldn't sleep late, or there would be suspicion. They all sat in the clean living room, with Axel and Zexion telling the entire story of what happened. Luxord laughed.

"So I got to bite Vexen, eh?" He said with a smile. Vexen shoved him off of the sofa. Luxord looked up at him. "What was that for?" Vexen smirked.

"THAT was for calling me a wimp!" he said as Luxord sat back on the sofa, confused. Everyone laughed.

"Which one of us bit Demyx?" Larxene asked. "Me or Roxas?"

"We weren't there. We just heard Demyx scream, and when we looked, you two were just standing over him." Marluxia said. Demyx thought for a moment.

"I may not remember who pushed me, but I DO remember which people pushed me out of the room into the hall to get bitten!!!" Demyx said angrily. Vexen, Axel, Marluxia, Luxord, and Zexion looked the other way. Roxas laughed.

"Looks like he'll be getting back at you all." He said. Demyx suddenly laughed and pointed at Luxord.

"That reminds me!" he said. "Luxord snores—REALLY loud!!!" Everyone burst out in laughter. Luxord was just plain confused.

"Huh?" he said. Just then, five Corridors of Darkness appeared, and out walked Xemnas, Saix, Lexaeus, Xaldin, and Xigbar. The Nobodies exchanged hellos to the Nobodies in the living room, who returned them with hellos of their own.

"So, how'd you like staying here for a week?" Xaldin asked.

"It was nice." Roxas said.

"VERY quiet…" Zexion added.

"And boring." Larxene said. Xemnas nodded.

"I'm glad to hear it." He said. The five Nobodies walked off to their rooms. The eight in the living room sighed in relief.

"Needless to say we won't mention this to anyone, right?" Vexen said.

"No, let's go shout it to the world!!!" Larxene said sarcastically. Axel chuckled.

"They'll never know…"


Xemnas took a quick walk in the Castle, to check that everything was cleaned. All the rooms looked orderly (even Demyx's), all the halls were swept, and the attic looked fantastic. Xemnas, satisfied, decided to walk out side for some fresh air.


He walked outside, and took a deep breath, and then let it out. He expected to smell clean, crisp air, but the air had a different scent. Roses? He thought. He sniffed the air. Yes, definitely roses. He looked around, and his mouth dropped. All along the ground were hundreds, no, THOUSANDS of rose petals!

"What the…?" Xemnas said…


All eight of the Nobodies were still in the living room talking. Roxas had an uneasy feeling, and with it an uneasy look on his face. Axel noticed it.

"Hey Roxas, what's up?" he asked. Roxas shrugged.

"I don't know…I feel like we forgot something…"

"Relax!" Axel said. "Xemnas isn't—"

"AXELROXASLARXENEVEXENLUXORDMARLUXIAZEXIONDEMYXWHATTHESMOOFAREALLTHESEROSEPETALSDOINGOUTSIDEYOUALLAREINSOMUCHTROUBLE!!!!!!!!!" Xemnas roared. All of the eight members sighed deeply and exchanged nervous looks. All together, they chorused:


THE END!!!!!!!!!

(Note: Xemnas' rant at the end translates to: "Axel Roxas Larxene Vexen Luxord Marluxia Zexion Demyx what the smoof are all of these rose petals doing outside you all are in so much trouble!!!!!!!!!")

(Just so you know :))

Xed: HA! You all got stone-cold BUSTED!!

Luxord: No thanks to you!

Zexion: Yeah really! If you hadn't written it in there that we got caught, then we wouldn't be in trouble!

Vexen: In fact, EVERYTHING that happened to us was her fault, because SHE wrote it!!

(everyone gets angry, and takes out their weapons)

Xed: Uhhhhh...thanks for reading everyone! Reviews are loved! And now I'ma--RUN!!!

(runs away)

Marluxia: GET BACK HERE!!!

(everyone chases me)