The Mysteries of Love

Chapter 1

Unrequited Love

Padme Amidala Naberrie-Organa sat in her office of the Alderaan Estate owned by her husband, Senator Bail Organa. She fiddled with a lock of dark hair, pursing her lips as she gazed around the grandly decorated room. Bail was a man of luxury, the rooms of his home distinguished and expensive. Padme wanted for nothing, she had everything she could ever possibly want and more. She glanced around the deep sapphire walls, lined with intricate pictures. Her eyes finally fell on the mantle piece, carved out of solid woods, to form fields of flowers and rich grasses. Placed upon the top were some beautiful metal gilded photo frames, containing images of Padme and her husband at their wedding. Their wedding had been the wedding of the time, it had been so elegant. Flowers of whites and blues, Padme's pearl white dress, Bail in his dark navy suit, the bridesmaids' dresses of navy. Padme unconsciously began to play with her expensive wedding ring as she glanced at the pictures.

There was of course a price to pay for the quality of Padme's life, Padme Amidala was now married to a man she did not love. Bail was a dear friend of Padme's since her early days as Queen but her feelings were nothing more than those of a friend. The marriage had been one of duty, a pact to seal the fledgling alliances between Alderaan and Naboo. Therefore the two Senators had been joined together to prevent a break in the new bonds between the two planets. Over time Bail's physical attraction had bloomed into the sort of love Padme had not yet succeeded in gaining. Her husband was possibly not aware of her true feelings towards him. She did her wifely duties trying to put as much relish into it as she could. Bail had a deep lust for the physical side to the relationship that was deepened by Padme's extremely attractive body.

The door to the office opened and in toddled Lyra, Padme and Bail's two year old daughter. Padme had got pregnant three months after the wedding with the beautiful little girl. However since the birth of her daughter, Padme and Bail had conceived no more children. Lyra padded over to her mother and tugged at the velvet covered chair. Padme bent to pick her up, tickling her nose slightly.

"Mommy," the toddler giggled, quietly.

"What have you been doing today, Lyra?" Padme asked.

"Colouring," the baby replied.

Padme glanced at the majestic crono sitting on her desk. "Come on, baby," she said, "we better get ready for dinner, Daddy has some important guests coming tonight."

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Padme changed into a beautiful navy velvet dress. It was low cut and trimmed with gold thread. She brushed her dark hair back into an intricate braid, with some sparkly sapphire and gold slides woven into it. She then brushed up on her make up before adding a dark toned lip gloss to her soft lips.

Lyra padded in, she looked beautiful, dressed in a pale pink summer dress with her short blonde curls falling over her back. She climbed onto her parents' bed, lying out on the silken sheets. Padme grinned at her daughter, stepping into her satin navy high heeled shoes.

"Come, Lyra, let's go and find out who's come to see Daddy," she said, holding her hand out for the beautiful little girl.

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