She awoke to the screaming of her red ovaled alarm clock. Her grayish blue eyes fluttered open as she sat up on her pink bed, stretching her arms, and then throwing her alarm clock across the room which shattered to pieces after making contact with the wall. Plopping back down to where slept, a pattering of feet entered and then the painful screeching of the door. It was her little sister, Marie, who's hair was perfectly brushed into a dirty blonde bun with a few strands covering her green eyes. Dressed in a little pink Sunday dress, Marie crept over to the bed and was inches away from poking her already awake sister.

"Marie, if you want to live, don't poke me."

Marie froze in her place, thinking a moment before poking Elizabeth. That was the final straw. She leaped from the bed, lace pillow in hand, and hit Marie with it who was laughing hysterically and running away, but was clearly no match for her older sister.

"All right you two, enough and come downstairs," a motherly voice said sweetly.

Marie had disappeared downstairs before she could even turn around. Throwing the pillow aside, she began to brush her matted brown hair. After wincing a few times, she finally managed to but her hair into a ponytail with her single black dyed bang flowing into her face. She jumped over the stairs near the end of the hallway, slowly coming up to the kitchen table to sit down for breakfast. Her mother, Kathy, was already cooking some eggs and bacon while she was reading the arts and entertainment part of the newspaper. Silence ensued the room for two seconds before her red headed mother spoke.

"You broke your alarm clock didn't you?"

She was silent and that was all it took for her mother to sigh and snap around. "That was the eighth one! Why do you throw them?" "Mom, I can't help it, I hate waking up early. Can I not have an alarm clock?"

Kathy sighed. "I don't know. We'll see, but in the mean time you better get to that library and get ready for that history exam of yours."

"Mom, no worries. I can ace this blind folded."

Her mother giggled softly as she finished the last egg and serving it to Marie who squirmed with hunger. "Izzy, please, I just want to make sure." Her mother finally sat down next to her eating her own cooking as she read the other half of the newspaper. After breakfast was done, Izzy had gone upstairs to take a shower and got dressed soon afterward. She came down the stairs in dark blue jeans and a black tank with her usual black and red flats. Grabbing her backpack, she said bye to her mother and Marie as she walked outside into the city of New York.

Elizabeth Evans, more commonly called Izzy, strolled down the crowded streets. She had been wanting to meet up with her friends, but her mother didn't want her to until after her exams were done. But of course, Izzy didn't always keep her promises. "Hey Izza!" "Why do you call me Izza? Can't you be normal for once in your life and call me Izzy?"

Her friend Carrie had always been the dumb blonde she was, but of course, looks can be deceiving. Carrie was brilliant, especially in science and could also understand various languages. Her blonde hair, brown eyed appearance could trick anyone into believing she was clueless, but of course Carrie could always prove you wrong.

"So what are we doing my vampiric friend?"

"I'm not a vampire, Carrie, just because I'm pale doesn't mean I am the undead."

Her friend chuckled lightly and walked side by side with Izzy. "So where are you going?" "Library. I have to study and my mom wants me to expand my knowledge and horizons," Izzy replied bluntly. "Cranky much?"

"Sorry, I'm just tired. Woke up early."

"Broke the alarm clock again?" "Yuppers."

"Meet you later, Izz. Say around 4-ish?"

She nodded her head and waved good-bye to Carrie who disappeared into the thick crowd of people. Finally reaching the library after a stroll past Central Park, she entered and greeted Ms.La Blanc, the little old library lady with the soft aging blonde hair with a few gray strands. She had soft hazel eyes and the warmest smile in the world. "Now what can I do for you, Elizabeth?" she asked in the sweetest tone, that unlike most voices at her age, didn't sound aged at all. "Oh nothing really, but thank you. I'm just going to go study for the exams." Ms.La Blanc smiled warmly and went back to her paper and computer work.

Izzy silently walked over to history section and grabbed the ones related to the Crusades up to the French Revolution. Without even knowing so, she grabbed a strange crimson leather book, not even noticing the strange markings on the book itself. She sat down on a comfortable green cushioned chair at a small rectangular wooden table.

Studying diligently without even looking up, Izzy hardly noticed that there was no one in the library at the moment. The silence became eerie, and yet there she sat, alone in her innocent little world. Ms.La Blanc was nowhere to be seen. Nothing. But a small gray mist filled the large library, slowly engulfing each section of books, slowly swirling its way toward Izzy. Finally realizing the awkward silence and noticing a strange odor, she spun around in her chair, the mist disappeared. Turning back to her book, the scent became even stronger and she began to feel sick to her stomach. Rushing from the table, Izzy knocked over a few of her book, including the leather crimson one.

As she ran toward the bathroom, the mist engulfed the whole room once more, searching for one thing and one thing only. But it never found it under the pile of history books.


Sitting on the floor, tired and aggravated, Izzy wobbled as she stood up, trying to regain her balance. once doing so, she opened the bathroom door and went straight to the sink. Washing her face to try and wake her from her sickness, her crystal grayish blue eyes wandered to the mirror. She screamed. Izzy believed she had witnessed a black mist in the form of a human body with blood red eyes, staring at her like he was burning the back of her head. When she blinked, no one was there. It's just my imagination. There are no such things as ghost or any of that crap. I'm just regaining my strength after throwing up in a toilet. Yeah. That's it.

Walking down the hallway izzy hummed a tune trying to calm her nerves after the incident. As she came back to her table, she picked up the books she knocked down. When she began to sit down, her foot hit something, and when she looked down, she picked up the book that was under the others. Izzy studied it's crimson design with a black dragon carved on it. As she opened it, a piece of paper fell out of one of the pages. The piece of paper was folded neatly and Izzy opened it reading,

My unfortunate successor...

Before she could read any further, there was a piercing scream coming from the front of the library.