So I decided to write a Shinji/Satoshi (Paul/Ash) fanfic. Hrm, yeah, I thought I was cool when I was writing it. Then, when I reached the end, I was like: "WTF was the point of this?" I bet you'll say the same exact thing. ...It's really supposed to be a basis for another Paul/Ash I'm working on.

...The summary is probably ten times better than the actual story itself.

Warnings: Oh please, no. Maybe a slight spoiler if you were a chump and totally missed the premier of the D/P episode(s). It's really just one-sided Shinji/Satoshi if you squint really, really, really hard. And I mean REALLY hard.
Hrm, yeah, okay. I used the original names for this.

Disclaimer: If I owned Pokemon, everyone who watched this show head's would explode.

Lasting Impression: You're Pathetic

With narrowed eyes, Shinji tilted his head back, gazing apathetically at the sky above him. His Elekid lay peacefully at his side, back now turned to its trainer as it shifted constantly during its sleep. Seeing that they were only a few miles from Oreburgh Cave, the purple haired trainer had decided that it would be wise to 'relax' before they entered the grueling cavern.

This was what the boy had claimed, but in all actuality, that wasn't the reason at all. The daunting task ahead of them was definitely not the main thing on Shinji's mind.

No...his thoughts were elsewhere, thinking back to the events a few hours before.

"Fool..." He muttered to himself, causing Elekid to stir slightly. But it went unregistered and Shinji just smirked. That boy he had met earlier (him and his ridiculous posse)–he just could not get him out of his head. Whether he was irritated because of how bad his Pokemon fared against Satoshi's, or because of something completely different, he couldn't figure it out.

Though, Shinji did find Satoshi worth his time (due to the whole 'Volt Tackle' announcement). Which was why he had followed the trio to Professor Rowan's lab, and waited outside to battle him.

And even though the battle had ended up in a draw (Shinji was still angered over how weak his Pokemon were–ending up in a draw with another electric type? Pathetic.), Satoshi's strength wasn't the thing that made an impression on him.

He couldn't get over the look he had received when he had called the boy 'weak'.

To get so riled up over a simple statement like that...

The display was...kind of 'cute', actually, despite the fact that the boy was older than him; he acted like such a little child. And when kids acted up, they needed to be punished–though, not in the conventional way.

"Sa-to-shi," Shinji murmured, accenting each syllable of the trainer's name as he slowly stood from his spot on the grass. 'Course, he could think of a few, simple ways to discipline that pathetic idiot. "Hm, at least you're interesting enough; I know I'll be meeting you again."

An uncharacteristic smile appeared on his face, which Elekid witnessed, causing it to nearly faint. Shinji turned his head somewhat to look to the right, staring at his Pokemon; he was back to his usual demeanor.

"Get up, we're going."

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