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Danny's Cry

I was falling. Falling so many feet in less than seconds. Not only was I falling literally, but figuratively, too. My world was collapsing right on top of me, as if I was some sort of ghost about to hit the planet at full force. Which I was- a half-ghost, that is. As a breed of that relation, you'd think this wouldn't stop me from dying a miserable, painful, agonizingly long death of around five hundred feet.

Lies and more lies.

I'm Danny Phantom, and I am Amity Park's protector. I live every day to keep the citizens safe, keep the dream alive for a better tomorrow, and keep my identity a secret. There are days when I wish I wasn't a half-ghost, half-human. Those days pass quickly, though. I use my powers for those who need protection from they who are evil, sadistic, cruel, and everything in between.

None of them are as evil as the one I was facing now.

I know him by one name alone, but no one refers to him by that name. They don't even know he exists, and if they do, it's by pure accident or coincidence. Or it's one of the few people I will trust with my life and my secret. He's not one of them. This man is the one I would kill to keep my dream alive of staying who I am today. And no matter what he says, I will never be the son he wants me to be.

His name is Plasmius. Vlad Plasmius to be exact.

And as I am musing over these thoughts of death, another ecto-blast hits me in the stomach, merely accelerating my velocity to the ground. I glare up at him. There's something wrong. He's not laughing like a maniac as he usually does. He's simply staring at me with the eyes of someone about to lose the one thing they ever cared about. I try to speed up and lift my body to the skies where I belong. I try to stop my fall as I head closer and closer to my fate. But I seem frozen, as if I wasn't meant to go up.

My body feels limp and wet, my black outfit now soaked in my ghostly blood. It's strange- I wanted to always end in a hospital bed, not speeding at a velocity of seventy-five miles per hour to the ground. Why? Not sure. Something told me, though, that my life wasn't exactly going to end as peacefully as I planned. I wonder how that assumption came up.

Vlad's still glaring at me from above, coming closer and closer and closer. His speed is supernatural, like he wants to save me. I don't want to be saved by this man I called a fruit loop. I may have aged. I may be fifteen now, but I am not going to be held by a crazy old man who loved my mom, hated my father, and refused to accept the word 'no' for an answer from me. That isn't ever going to happen. I won't let it happen, for god's sake.

There's not much left air between me and the asphalt now. I shoot a ghost ray at him, but he flicks it off harmlessly, like it's a fly or something. He gets me so pissed off when I fight him. I want to tear him limb from limb sometimes, but today, I just wanted to end it all. He didn't seem to get that, acting as if it were all a game. It's no game. I let my emotions get the best of me in this fight. The punching, the kicking- it was all the hate and anger that I had inside of me after this year I've had my powers. He laughed and told me I was still an immature child who had no concept of strength.

That was when I broke his jaw.

He stared at me as if my mom had slapped him across the face and left the room. Then he got really upset and beat me to a bloody pulp. Literally.

I think I told him something when I hit him. I told him I wasn't just an immature child anymore. I was someone who had something to live for, unlike him.

His fists are harder than mine probably ever would have been, given I won't live that long now. Fifteen seconds. That's all it took the guy to have beat me inside up, upside down. I saw Vlad's pain today for the first time in my life.

And I will never forget his pained expression as I smile grimly and wait. Ten seconds.

He was angry before at what he had done. Now he's about to really regret his past deeds, the present deed, and the future things that are going to happen to him.

Five seconds until I hit land.

I never told Sam I loved her. She's watching me fall to my destiny as a fallen hero of a city that hated me. I can hear her screaming my name, telling me that she loves me, too. Typical. Like those stupid Hollywood movies.

Vlad has nothing to say. He simply stares at me with those blood-red eyes and screams in agony my name. I don't know how, with his broken jaw.

I couldn't care less frankly. He really needs to learn.

One second.

And as I crash to the concrete, my back crunching, head spinning and heart stopped, I think about my duty to the city.

And I know I have failed.

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