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Vlad's Melody

I couldn't believe it. I murdered him. It was all my fault my key to love was falling so fast. I wouldn't let him die. Not yet.

My name is Vladimir Masters, but right now, it's Vlad Plasmius. I am a half-ghost like the one falling. I am a billionaire who doesn't even have the things he loves. I am Daniel Fenton's archenemy, or Danny Phantom's, and forever will be. He was like the son who would never listen to me.

Why did I do it? Why did I beat the one thing I ever loved to a bloody pulp within thirty seconds? He insulted me to the core. The boy gave me the true knife-like slash through the heart that I was waiting to deliver to him. Instead, he delivered it to me.

He told me I could never love anything but myself. I could never enjoy anything but the comfort of my money and the torture I did to him when we fought. The banter we shared was more than it seemed- it was the only highlight of my life. But he would never understand what it was like to have nothing. Daniel had everything. I had nothing. Whenever something was in my reach, it would slip through my fingers and I would have to start back anew.

Daniel never seemed to get my curse. This curse of being half a human, half a ghost. His side was a gift to help man- I was just a twisted fiend who couldn't win my love's heart for a bucket of fudge. And he never understood. He thought I was always bitter and lonely because I lost Madeline. That wasn't true. I lost him. My one spark of happiness. He doused it with the simple fact.

I was a nobody who simply could not accept the fact he was growing up. Indeed, it was rather amusing to watch him vent his anger and rage to me, especially when he was simply overcome with emotion that I swore I would kill him for what he told me to my face. It was a pathetic fight, to say the least. He had no concept of strength, despite those absurd powers of his. The Ghostly Wail. Cryokinesis. Fancy names for powers he has yet to even harness.

Then he broke my jaw.

You've never broken your jaw. It's an excruciating pain that you wish would go away and at the same time stay. It fuels your anger and rage for the one person whom you are fighting. He told me that he had something to live for now after his fist met my mouth. It was peculiar- he had something to live for.

And now he had a purpose. He was going to be my first victim.

The next thirty seconds were a blur for the both of us. I couldn't even keep up with my own strength I never even knew I had. I could have blown Daniel to pieces. My fists met his every location on his body. If I didn't slam into something, I would go back there later and let loose my full fury and anger of what it meant to be full of the agony of twenty years. He would never know. I heard him scream in pain, but there was a loud ringing inside my head. Never would I tame this beast inside the half-ghost, Plasmius. He would always be there for fury and loathing. I don't even recall using any ghost energy on him. My fists just continued to pummel him with every shard of angst.

He began to bleed this green blood as I hit him. It didn't matter, though. I wanted him to bleed, to hurt, and to cry out in any way possible.

Then it hit me internally.

I was destroying my one gift that the world gave me.

He began to fall. Slowly at first. But with time, his descent gradually speeds up faster to the ground. A wave of pity washes over me, guilt clouding my thoughts. How could you do this to him? What made you decide to destroy your only thing left to live for? Was it that important- your pride, your dignity, your respect? Was it all worth simply beating upon a boy of fifteen and giving up your life for his death?

I begin to reach out for him now. I wanted to hold him, to tell him I was sorry and listen to him scream at me how it was never going to be all right ever again. I wanted him to beat me until I was near dead for what I had done to him. He's growing father from me, so I know I have no choice but to begin flying down to him. He's smiling grimly at me for some reason. Maybe he believes his death will be good enough for me.

It's not.

Nothing is worth living if Danny isn't here to spit things to my face about his father- the bumbling fool- or his mother, whom I will forever love. I speed faster and faster to catch him. It seems almost too fast, like I never would have thought to go that swiftly in my whole life. I will never lose him. I refuse to.

His girlfriend, Samantha, is screaming something to him. It almost sounds like, "I love you!" I will never know. She may have loved him as a friend, but never as someone close to your heart for the past year. He was my will for all things anew.

I scream his name, despite my jaw. A searing pain rushes through as I open my mouth, but it is all worth it. I want him to be the last thing he hears before I catch him.

But I never catch him. I only hear the bone-splitting crunch of his back as he lands on the concrete.

I now know that I have failed to everyone. To this city, to Madeline, to that bumbling idiot of a father, Jack.

To Daniel Fenton, or Danny Phantom.

But I have failed to myself. I failed to love him like a true father. I failed to convert him. I failed to allow him to see the light in my darkness.

I have failed as not only Vladimir Plasmius, but also as Vladimir J. Masters. For all eternity.

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