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Author's Notes: Written for the LJ 30Angsts community. Claimed the HiyoGaku pairing, coz I wanted to write more of them. And I wanted to write some angst, too. Don't expect much happy endings. XP

Enjoy the first shot!

Warnings: Angst, of course. And some slight bad language. And angst. X(

Title: Search for Me
Theme: 9. Hide and Seek
Summary: A one-sided game of hide and seek isn't fun. Gakuto knows.

8.00 AM

Gakuto felt like he was playing a game of hide and seek.

He hid, in a stall in the boys' bathroom at school, silent and waiting, for that one particular person who would find him.

But it was a one-sided game.

Because that one particular person wasn't searching for him.

11.30 AM

Gakuto wondered why he even bothered.

Why was he still hiding here, really? That one particular person wouldn't search for him. Ever. Gakuto should've known better than to try to make that one particular person worried, because it wouldn't work. He wouldn't ever be worried about him. Even if Gakuto were starving to death in the stall.

But Gakuto didn't make a move to leave.

2.45 PM

Gakuto was close to giving up.

It was about an hour more till tennis practice and if he didn't show up, Atobe was sure to assign him extra laps the next day.

But still Gakuto hid.

He was hanging on to that little shred of hope. Hope that that one particular person would find him. Never mind that it was by chance, he didn't care.

Gakuto just wanted to be found.

3.30 PM

Gakuto was trying not to cry.

Was he really that unimportant? Was he that insignificant that nobody would come searching for him? He must be, if even Ohtori wasn't looking for him.

Gakuto hugged his legs as he shivered because of the cold tiled floor.

5.00 PM

Gakuto was getting desperate.

The school must've been empty by now, judging from the stillness. It was scary.

But Gakuto still hid, because he was still clinging on to that strand of hope. The strand of hope that was about to break.

8.00 PM

Gakuto flicked open his pocketknife.

He had realized that all this could be ended here. Ended with one quick stab, or one swift calculated slash.

And he wouldn't be burdened anymore. He wouldn't be hiding here, in this creepy stall, trying to wait for that one particular person who wouldn't come. Just one quick stab…

But he couldn't. He wouldn't.

Gakuto flicked his pocketknife close.

11.30 PM

Gakuto was still hiding.

He didn't know whom he was hiding from now. He didn't know why he was hiding. And he didn't know when he had started hiding.

But he knew he was angry.

He was angry, because that one particular person wasn't searching for him. And the sliver of hope that he had held dissipated.

Gakuto punched the wall.

12.00 PM

Gakuto ran.

He ran away from the school, at the dead of the night, with only the chirping of the crickets around him.

He wasn't sure where he was going. But he was damn exhilarated now, because he had left a little message at that bathroom stall.

Hiyoshi, learn how to play hide and seek. Bastard. -MG