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10. Messenger
You know that thing called replacement?


That might be the last time I'll call you that, huh? Because to put it bluntly, I don't think we're working out. I don't think I liked you in the first place. You know that thing called replacement? That was you. The rebound guy.

I know, truth hurts doesn't it? I thought straight-forward was the way to go. Straight-forward was how we always worked, right? I like you; you like me; let's go screw.

'Cept it wasn't so real. Wasn't I the rebound guy for you, too? Wasn't I the guy you used to make Ohtori jealous? Well, that plan didn't work, did it? The kid's still hung up on Shishido and there's nothing we can do about that.

And it was then, you started treating me differently. I wasn't just a guy anymore. I was Gakuto; your senpai, your lover. Too bad I always knew you didn't love me in the first place, huh? I'm still in love with YuushiHiyo. And I know you wouldn't believe me, but I'm sorry about that. Sorry that you were just my rebound guy; sorry that you're starting to love me; sorry we used each other and got hurt in the end.

I still care for you, though. It's not love, but it's friendship. Maybe even best of friendship, if there is such a thing.