Well, there was another bunny that wouldn't go away...It is short-ish, but not oneshot, so here's chapter one. This takes place a few days after "The Powers That Be", so yeah Daniel still has a bit of a beard, lol. :P Never written a story before where he did so thought I would for once, hehe. Anyway, if you like it and ould like the rest please just drop a review and let me know what you think of the story. Thanks everybody! (And yes, I'll get back to 'Left Behind' soon look for updates... :) )

After Effects

The wooden door of the 'cell' slammed shut, and the latch clicked on the outside. Harsh voices from the other side of the upright logs stuck in the ground in a smallish square that formed the outdoor holding pen yelled through the walls at them not to try to get out if they knew what was good for them.

Vala crossed her arms and glared at the logs. "Wonderful." She was acting like none of it was her fault.

Daniel stared at her incredulously. "Do you like being locked up or something?"

"No," she replied, looking miffed.

"Well, it certainly seems like it--it's only been five days since the last time."

She rolled her eyes. "Oh please. That was not my fault. I did what you suggested, but did it work like you thought it would? No, most definitely not."

"Maybe that wasn't your fault, but this is," he glared.

"How so?" she demanded defiantly.

"It was obvious these people had already converted to Origin the minute we stepped through the 'gate, but you started spouting about how wrong they were anyway! The only good thing is that we'd already separated from Teal'c and Mitchell then or they'd be in here with us."

"Well, they know we've got to be in the area somewhere. They'll get us out; don't worry."

"You still did it."

"Well how was I supposed to know that they'd jail us for blasphemy!"

Daniel threw up his arms. "Half the people in the village were carrying around copies of the Book of Origin!"

Vala sat down against the wall. "Whatever."

"Don't do that."

She looked up at him, an eyebrow raised. "Don't do what?"

"Don't just sit there." He glanced around the cell. There were small gaps in-between the poles of wood--probably so the guards around it on the outside could keep something of an eye on prisoners--and the tops of the logs were spiked. He drew closer to her and lowered his voice. "Help me figure out how to get out of here."

"They'll find us."


She looked at him for a moment, then sighed dramatically and stood again. "All right, all right; what do you want me to do?"

He frowned and put a finger in front of his lips to keep her quiet. She got closer. "Be quiet. We don't want them to know we're trying to get out," he whispered.

"Won't they figure that out?" she replied, but quietly now.

"Well, yeah, probably, but we'll have more time to try it unbothered if they don't know before-hand that we're going to do it."

"Oh…I guess so."

"Good--now start testing the beams. Maybe some of them are loose."


She went o one side of the cell and started to do apply pressure to the logs, keeping her hands inside in hopes of not alerting their guards. Daniel did the same on the other side. For a few minutes, what they were doing wasn't discovered, but neither did they have any success.

Daniel was getting frustrated. They had checked almost all of the upright logs, and nothing. They were all held securely by the ground around their bases, and tied together tightly, the knots burned and melted together. The beams of the door of the cell and those one either side of it had no gaps in-between them, preventing them from trying to reach through and get the latch open.

He tried one of the last pieces, but in carelessness cause by annoyance his fingers slipped and went through one of the gaps, and his hand thumped against the wood. Vala jerked and looked over at him, eyes a bit wide. He froze. He could see one of the guards one the other side of the wall nearby. He left his fingers there for a moment. Pulling them back too quickly would be too suspicious. So he wiggled them some, nonchalantly tapped on the wood on the outside and whistled. No, Mr. Crazy Origin-Followers, I'm not trying to get out; I'm just sticking the fingers of my left hand through this hole 'cause it's there…

All in the same two seconds, there was a brief flash of metal through one of the cracks, an angered shout of 'Hey!', and a white-shot streak of pain sliced across the backs of his fingers.

Daniel shouted in pain and withdrew them quickly. Across the back of the first three, a gashed stripe stood out in red--and in the red line over his middle finger he could see a small bit of white. Suddenly light-headed, he bent over, gasping, clutching the offended appendage to his chest to quell the bleeding. It didn't help much.

"And keep them in there, or you'll lose them next time!" the same voice continued, before falling silent again. In the next second Vala was beside him, with one hand on his shoulder trying to pull him upright again.

"Daniel! Are you all right? What happened?"

With a little difficulty, he did straighten. Her eyes widened when she saw the blood on his hands. "Daniel…?"

"I'm okay," he gasped. Injured hand shaking, he pulled the other one away from it to look again. He groaned when he saw that he hadn't been mistaken--the guard's knife had cut all the way to the bone on his middle finger. Not that there was an abundance of flesh on his fingers that had been cut through, but it was still majorly disconcerting. And it hurt like heck. Vala stared for a moment, then swallowed and pulled off the scarf she had draped over the neck of her half-open green BDU jacket; she wasn't one to conform.

She gently pulled the injured hand away from his body, apparently intending to wrap it herself, and he tried to pull it away without hurting himself further. "I can do it," he insited stubbornly. He was gulping through pain to keep his voice from wavering. It didn't work.

"I highly doubt it, Daniel. It's your hand. Now be quiet and let me bandage this before you lose any more blood," she replied, pulling back. She jerked too hard that time, and a quick whimper of pain escaped before Daniel could stop it. Vala winced. "Sorry."

"It's okay…" He waited while she wrapped the scarf around his hand and fingers as tightly as she dared and tied it, and successfully managed not to cry out then, only grunt. "Thanks," he mumbled, not ungratefully.

"You're welcome," she shrugged, then retreated back to the other side of the cell. She sat again, so Daniel didn't stop himself from sinking down to sit against the opposite wall. He glanced down at his jacket. It already had blood from his hand on one side of the front, so that was what he wiped the blood off of his good hand on. Then, sighing, he let his head drop back against the beams.

Daniel still planned on trying to escape--just maybe not right this minute…

"Daniel, wake up." A finger poked into his shoulder.

He jerked, eyes opening. "What?"

"You were asleep."

"I was?" he questioned, squinting at her.

Vala nodded and sat back on her heels facing him. "For at least a couple of hours, yeah," she confirmed.

"Oh…then why didn't you let me sleep?" Daniel grumbled. He glanced around, and up. The sky was darkening, and right now it a deep purple and orange. It would have been pretty if it weren't for the fact that he wasn't stuck in this pen, for lack of a better word.

"People are coming; sounds like several."

He sat up straighter and listened, and found that she was right. Several voices and sets of footsteps were drawing closer. Daniel stood, and Vala jumped up more quickly and went to peer through the logs. A moment later she pulled away and spun around, pressing her back against the wood.

"Okay, that's bad."

"What's bad?" he frowned.

"It's the same prior. They have a prior with them and it's the same one."

"Which one? We've met several."

She shuddered. "The one from the planet we just left a few days ago; the one who also happens to have been the guy who had me burned to death."

Daniel blinked. "Oh." Oh, that one. Perfect….that guy really didn't like them.

"Just oh?"

"What else do you want me to say?"

"Nevermind…" She shook her head in exasperation. Daniel shrugged and started looking through the gaps himself. "What are you doing?"

"I'm trying to figure out how close the trees are."

"Why?" she asked, coming closer.

He spotted the tree line, at the edge of the clearing outside the village, where their pen was. They weren't as far away as he originally remembered; only about ten yards. Yeah…that was do-able.

"Because when I give you a signal, we're running for them."

"With a prior standing there? He'll stop us," Vala pointed out skeptically.

"We have to try; just do it, okay?"

"Well how am I supposed to know what 'a signal' is?"

Daniel rolled his eyes. "You'll know." She crossed her arms and huffed.

They didn't have to wait much longer, before the outside latch was undone, and the door sung open. A few of the men who had been standing guard around the outside of their cell came in and herded them out, to where the prior stood waiting. It was the same one all right, and Vala was glaring at him venomously.

The prior looked them over. "I did not expect to see you again quite so soon," he observed.

Daniel glanced at Vala. "Well, sorry to ruin your day." Then he made a slight inclination with his head, and both of them bolted for the trees.

"Stop!" the prior yelled after them. Daniel could hear the guards taking off after them, but they had a lead now. All they had to do was lose them in the--

Daniel stumbled to a short halt, gasping in a pained breath. A pure streak of agony suddenly ripped through his torso from the lower right side of his back straight to the front of his body.

"Daniel!" Vala screamed.

Why was she screaming? What happened? Eyes wide, but vision blurry anyway, he looked down--and saw half an inch of a thin double-edged blade poking out through his jacket.

It was almost funny for half a second. He'd just been run through for the second time in only a few months. Jacksonkabob. Then he fell to his knees, and the impact with the ground caused a jolt that ignited the pain again. That was when Daniel cried out--loudly. Then the blade pulled itself out, and he barely heard it drop to the ground behind him over the gasp he gave. The prior had done it.

Insinctively he brought his hands up to quell the bleeding. Last time it had been from the front, and the blade a lot bigger…He shut the image down in his mind. Was this still enough to kill him? He was only covering the wound in front. There was one in back too, and it was probably bigger, and oh god if he died would Vala survive? Had the effects of the bracelets worn off enough? It was all too much to think about when it hurt so much…

And all of that, from the moment they had bolted, had happened only in a few seconds. Still on his knees, Daniel doubled over in pain, gasping hard, and Vala thumped to the ground beside him. She caught him when he tipped over, and his head landed pressed against her shoulder.

"Daniel? Oh no, nonononono…"

He didn't answer her. He was fighting too hard to breathe without screaming. He felt her fumble with his jacket at his back, and pull the bottom of it up to press it over the wound there. He jerked and groaned.

"Sorry, I'm sorry, but I've got to stop the bleeding and don't you dare even think about dying on me, Daniel, you hear me?" Her words came out in a rush, and a tone that tried to sound objective but failed horribly and just became worried.

All he could do was nod; he still didn't have enough left-over air to try speaking. And through vision that was still not good even through his glasses, Daniel saw the prior stalking towards them.