Chapter 1


"Edward…I can't believe you! Why in the world won't you freaking Change me!!!!"

"Bella, we've been over this before I won't damn your soul to this life of nonexistent."

"To hell with my soul…can't you see all I need is you … I would give up everything for you."

"Even Charlie? And Renee ? And what about your little mutt friend, Black?"

"Don't you understand Edward? All those things won't matter to me once I have you! And don't you ever call my best friend JACOB a mutt!" And with that I tried to storm out of my room but a pale white hand caught my hand and whisked me back to its owner's lap. Edward lightly kissed my forehead.

"Am I that repulsive Edward? That you can't stand to handle an eternity with me."

"Isabella Marie Cull-"

"What did you call me?!?!?!?! Did you say Cullen?!?!?!"

"Yes I guess I did"

Then we lapsed into a complete silence thinking about the recent events that have angered each of us so. Maybe what Edward is asking of me isn't too much. Marriage. It isn't anything compared to eternity. Maybe I should take the first step farther in our relationship. I do truly love him and he does love me but will we last that long. No wait what am I thinking, of course we will last…Eternity…so long…


"Excuse me?"

"Yes! Edward... Yes!"

"Is this what I think it is?"

"Yes Edward or is your offer not available anymore?"

"Of course not Bella my offer will always be open…to you. But are you serious?"

"Of course. I've thought about it over and over and I now know that you are my life. I cant live without you."

Edward then pulled out a small red box.

"What is that? Oh my gosh!!! Don't tell me you spent too much money on that!"

"Bella, no amount of money could equal how much I love you."

He then got down on one knee and said:

"How does this go again? Oh yeah. Isabella Marie Swan. Would you do me the honor of becoming my bride?"

"Oh my god yes!!!!!!" I threw myself onto him and we both crashed to the ground, making a tremendous sound.

"Charlie!!!" We whispered at the same time. I launched myself into my unmade bed and took in deep slow breathes. Edward shot into the closet and slammed the door shut.

"Bella? Honey are you sleeping?...Ok Good night."

He slowly closed the door and crept to his room.

At that moment, cold arms circled around my waist and a something cold was put on my finger.

"Bella, I have told you how terrible you act right?" I nodded and looked down to see what he put on my finger though it was pretty much obvious.

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