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Chapter 11


"Aro!" Victoria screamed "You promised!"

"What happened here?" Alice bounded into the room "Oh my gosh!" She squealed as she saw Aro's prisoner.

"Wait Aro, what did you promise her?" Edward said, putting himself in front of me.

"Well that would ruin the surprise!" he said, smiling giddily. Edward and Carlisle glared at him.

"Alright! But should I dispose of her or let her go?" he said innocently.

"Don't let her go!!!!!!" everyone shouted at the same time. I clapped my hands over my ears at the din. Aro burst out laughing but his grip tightened on Victoria.

"Just kidding!" he assured.

"We would appreciate it very much if you disposed of her." Carlisle said regaining his posture which had been in such a position as if about to pounce.

"Very well" he said, still half smiling from his witty joke that had caused everyone to practically have a heart attack Marcus, dispose of her please."

Marcus's face showed not hesitation but fear and disobedience.

"Marcus! Don't even think of letting her go. In fact I will accompany you there." Edward growled. Marcus narrowed his face at Edward. He let him walk to the door with him but at the door blocked his way but Edward shoved him away. And they both walked out into the bright moonlight, shoving Victoria all the way.

"Do you want to know what I promised her?" Aro asked us with a smile that said 'I'm going to tell you anyway!'

"That would quench our curiosity." said Carlisle calmly as apposed to us: sitting on the edge of out seats.

"Well I found her lurking around your house. I don't think she knew that we exited your mansion just a few feet where she was standing. And I had one of our guards sneak up to her and catch her. So we brought her back here." Aro finished with a nod of his head.

"Well then what did you promise her?" I asked, my curiosity growing.

"That we would help her kidnap you and kill you." he said. My eyes grew wide.

"But we wont carry that out, don't worry." he said, realizing my thoughts.

"But what was the 'surprise'" I asked

"The surprise was," he stopped waiting to see our reaction, "Laurent wants to destroy you!"

"What!!" I cried.

"Ha ha just kidding. There was no surprise" he laughed. I glared at him and was joined by everyone else.

"Why was Marcus so against disposing of her?" Alice asked, breaking the staring contest.

"I don't think he would be very comfortable if I told you that. You see, he is very shy and umm…enclosed I guess you could say. If he tells you something he expects you to well, keep the secret." Aro said, his voice faltering.

"I insist" Carlisle pleaded, "He could let her go without us knowing"

"Oh I very much doubtthat. We have guards outside waiting for my departure."

"Marcus!!!! No!!!!" came a loud cry from outside. We all leaped outside and dropped our jaw. Victoria was leaping over a pile of over-turned trees. And Marcus was being beaten down by a furious Edward.

"Oh my," Aro said as if he knew that this was going to happen.

"I guess I must explain" Aro remarked.

We all went back to the apartment and sat down. Edward was dragged in by Emmett who was struggling to bring in his brother.

"Ok the reason Marcus isn't being at all cooperative to help capture Victoria is …..He was her fiancé in his human life. They were to run away together at the age of 17. But He disappeared and she hated him for it. He went back for her 10 years later. He was already part of the Volturi. He changed her and she still despised him so she ran away. She refused to see him. He still loves her after all these years and deep down, I think she loves her. I wanted Marcus to dispose of her so he could get over her. I thought he could do it if Edward was with him but I thought wrong. I believed in him."

"So now he has escaped with her and plans to kill me?" I asked, sounding calm.

"Yes…and no." Aro seemed unsure.

"He has teamed up with her to kill but not you." he said

"Who then?" I asked. I hoped it wasn't Edward.


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