As if constant kidnappings and conflicting emotions were not enough, Peach's life is about to get even more complicated. Caught in the middle of old grudges and revenge, can Peach find out what's really going on before it's too late? BowserxPeach

Chapter One: The Mysterious Fortune Teller

With only a few (literally) smiling clouds in the sky and the sun shining brightly, it was beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. The streets of Toad Town were busy with people going about their business some stopping to notice just who was walking down the streets of their little town. Today the one and only princess Peach Toadstool had finally managed to get away from her castle walls and calmly walked down the street as any regular, non-royal girl, would do.

Smiling at the passersby, Peach took time to bask in the peaceful and cheery mood that seemed to reign supreme today in Toad Town. Children ran around playing, people were shopping, selling and talking; the town was just so full of life. Past a row of brightly colored houses there was the train station. Not too far from there, adorable tiny piglets played in their little farm.

The station was looking rather busy as the train's arrival was drawing near. Toads, koopas, goombas and many others gathered around discussing all sorts of things as they waited for the train to arrive. Some of them were there to welcome friends and family and others were planning to board the train and travel to far away places.

A toad hastily arrived carrying so much luggage that it blocked his view. A small toad with a large amount of luggage was not a good combination. Clearly he was about to go on a trip and was running late checking in his luggage. He nearly bumped into Peach but narrowly avoided her at the last second slipping and landing next to her instead. "Ow!"

Peach rushed to his side to see if he was alright. A few other people turned their heads as well, some approaching with curiosity or worry. "Are you alright?" Peach gently asked as she extended her hand to help the toad stand up.

Currently the toad's mushroom had slipped down and partially covered his eyes. He heard the voice and half saw the kind globed hand willing to help him get up. Without a second thought he took it and was easily pulled to his feet. "Thanks lady!" He knew the voice was female but that's just about all he could tell until he adjusted his mushroom. He then stared at the one who had helped him. "Princess Peach!"

Peach couldn't help it but to smile about how adorably surprised the toad looked. "Yes, what's your name?"

"Vol, my name is Vol T." He bowed formally apparently forgetting about his luggage and lateness. It was surprising to see princess Peach out of the Mushroom Castle these days with all the risks of kidnappings, though staying at the castle didn't exactly stop that from happening.

"Pleased to meet you Vol, you're heading to check in your luggage right?" Peach asked.

"Yes princess! I'm going on a trip around the world and this train station is the beginning of that. It'll be fun seeing new places and meeting new people. I'll have a lot of stories to tell when I return. But I kind of overslept because I was so exited about it that I didn't get a lot of sleep last night." Vol placed a hand behind his mushroom and smiled sheepishly. Though he was saying he was late he didn't seem too worried about it anymore. His attention was focused on the fact that the princess was there.

"Need a hand carrying the luggage?" Peach asked.

Vol's eyes went wide. "Goodness no, I could never ask you to do such a thing, your highness." He bowed once again and tried to gather his many suitcases in a pile.

"It's no trouble at all" Peach insisted but before she could pick up more than one suitcase a group of toads gathered around to carry the rest. "Well it seems you have a lot of helpers. Shall we take the luggage to the check in so it's loaded on the train on time when it arrives?"

"Wow, thank you! You're so kind princess, you're all very kind" Vol's trip around the world had not even started yet and something interesting had already happened.

After helping Vol with the luggage and wishing him a safe and fun trip, Peach returned to the area outside in front of the train station. She thought she heard her name being said among people's conversations, most likely about the recent events.

She took a deep breath and felt a strong sense of satisfaction with how the afternoon was going. She would definitely have to visit Toad Town more often to see her people and help in whatever little things she could.

That was a part of taking care of her kingdom, just letting them know that she was there for anything they might need help with. Peach was very loved by her people and also by people of other kingdoms and most of all by Bowser. He hasn't kidnapped her recently which meant another attempt was getting closer but she wouldn't worry about that today, she would simply enjoy her day in Toad Town.

The sound of the train was heard and the locomotive appeared in the distance. It moved at a steady pace gradually slowing down until it came to a full stop at the station. "We have arrived in Toad Town!" Even the announcement sounded more cheerful that day.

Peach expected the same cheery atmosphere to come bursting out of the train as travelers came to see Toad Town and residents returned from their journeys, but instead it was relatively quiet.

The passengers hastily got out of the train and started walking away from it. They decided to wait for their luggage to be unloaded in the cheerful area next to the oinkies as the passenger wagon seemed to carry a gloomy atmosphere.

Out of the wagon came a magikoopa. She was young, around Peach's age but didn't look nearly as happy as the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. By the look in her face she had not gotten a lot of sleep recently and looked a bit thin. She seemed to take the gloomy atmosphere with her wherever she went. People eyed her suspiciously though she had not done anything suspicious, at least not that Peach had seen.

Ignoring them, the magikoopa threw a long strand of light purple hair over her shoulder and walked past Peach. She stopped and looked towards the princess before continuing on practically dragging her feet. She folded the sleeves of her long purple rope and reached into the pen holding the cute cheerful piglets. The oinkies looked reluctant at first but soon approached and allowed her to pet them over the fence. It was amazing really as oinkies were usually very easily frightened and she was a stranger to them.

A few people stared in surprise and Peach curiously approached. There was something about that magikoopa that seemed to call her. She thought she should welcome the visitor. Decided upon that thought, Peach approached.

"Hello" the princess in the pink dress said with a happy smile as if to try to give the magikoopa a little of that happiness. She certainly looked like she needed to cheer up.

"My apologies your highness if I bothered you in any way. Touching a small animal that isn't mine must not be polite but I assure you I have no intentions of causing any harm to the oinkies." The magikoopa vowed and her hair fell on her face as she did. She didn't wear glasses and behind those strands of pale purple there were big expressive violet eyes. She had beautiful eyes but they seemed to carry a lot of sadness.

"Please don't apologize, you've done nothing wrong. I just wanted to welcome you to Toad Town" Peach explained.

The magikoopa smiled weakly. "I thank you, your highness. Princess Peach correct? I do apologize but I'm not too familiar with the Mushroom Kingdom."

"Yes my name is Peach and it's alright. What's your name?" Peach couldn't leave her like that, she simply couldn't. She was very kindhearted and couldn't stand to see anyone looking sad.

That's when she remembered why she wanted to go out so badly today. The image was clear in her mind from the last time she was rescued. She had seen Bowser look everything from hopeful to surprised, to angry and every other emotion but not sad, not like that, in a way that she could almost feel it as if the heartache was her own. She needed to get that image out of her head. She needed to be cheered up by the happiness of her people. To erase that image and try to think she only imagined it, because there was nothing she could do, right?

"My name is Lavanda, it is an honor to meet you princess Peach," the magikoopa replied.

The voice got Peach out of her thoughts and she prevented her smile from fading just in time. "Welcome to Toad Town Lavanda, I hope you have fun here."

"Princess, may I read your fortune?" The request was sudden but not too unexpected coming from a magikoopa; some were quite accurate in their fortunes though Peach only liked having her fortune read for fun.

"Sure, that sounds interesting" Peach noticed that that Lavanda seemed a little happier, just a little. Reading fortunes must be something she enjoyed doing.

"Wonderful" Lavanda clapped her hands together and in a drastic change she smiled brightly. "Not here though because oinkies are very sensitive creatures and they might be frightened by the faint traces of magic involved."

"Let's go into town then, it should be alright there" Peach suggested. Did Lavanda suddenly look healthier? She certainly didn't look like the exhausted young magikoopa from a few minutes ago.

Near the heart of Toad Town, the two young ladies settled into a table at a café. A waiter soon came to take their orders and realized that this was none other than princess Peach sitting at one of their outdoor tables with an unknown friend. "Welcome ladies, may I bring you anything? And may I say it is an honor to have you and your friend here, princess Peach!"

"Thank you, Lavanda you should order first if you want anything, my treat." Peach was feeling cheerful, it seemed the unusual fortune teller could somehow project her mood and make other feel what she felt if only for a split second, then their own memories related to such feelings would surface.

"I couldn't impose, you're being kind enough to let me read your fortune" Lavanda said.

"It's ok, think of it as a thank you for reading my fortune" Peach replied.

"I am most grateful." Lavanda looked through the menu previously left untouched on the table. Neither she nor Peach, were feeling an appetite to eat anything big in the middle of the afternoon but a cold drink would be nice. "Piragüa, a refreshing tropical drink. This sounds good and it even comes in grape flavor, my favorite. I would like one of these."

"It is an excellent choice for a hot sunny day, most refreshing. What would you like to order princess?" The waiter asked.

Peach looked at the picture of the drink in the menu. That one was red possibly cherry or strawberry. It was served in a glass cup with many tiny pieces of ice that glittered in the light. The flavored syrup was poured over the ice giving it its color and sweet taste. Though it looked like something solid to be eaten as ice-cream the ice was cut into such small pieces they melted quickly so it could be treated as a drink. "I think I will have a piragüa too. Strawberry-peach flavored, please."

"Excellent, I shall bring them right away!" The waiter left to fetch their drinks.

To be Continued

A piragüa is basically flavored ice the most common being cherry. I used its Spanish name to make it sound different. Giving it a name in a different language would probably serve to attract curious customers even though it's something so simple. Disclaimer, I don't own the Super Mario games and characters.

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