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It was all his fault.

If only he had noticed sooner, figured it out quicker, had he not been blinded by her, they would not be in this situation. But she had been beautiful that night, and they had both been happy. Not a care in the world.

But he was a Time Lord. The Time Lord. The last stand the universe had against the threat of destruction. He was supposed to keep the balance, the peace, to save those who could not save themselves.

He had not been able to keep his eyes off of her that night. They had been celebrating a recent success. Diverting the apocalypse yet again. There had been drink and laughter followed by a confrontation with a strange being. He remembered falling into darkness, and then…nothing.

He had woken up in this time, with her lying not far away from him, and they were stuck. He'd realised, whatever way that being had sent them here, it'd not sent the Tardis with them, and his key would not call her to them. The key was cold, miraculously cut off from the Tardis. So they had to make their own way through their lives, trying to deal with this and trying to think of a way back.


He was stranded but he didn't know how he knew it. It was all his addled brain could conceive of as it pulled away from the darkness of unconsciousness and he woke up, not quite knowing where he was or what had happened.

He didn't understand anything, it was all too hazy, but he could feel it, an emptiness niggling at the back of his head like a nagging knowledge that he couldn't quite place. He could feel a sense of loss, of absence. He'd lost something, but he couldn't place the what the how or the why. Something that had been with him for a very long time. There was a familiarity definitely missing. He supposed he could liken it to the reported phenomenon of one twin inexplicably feeling the death of the other. But even that was strange. He was sure he wasn't a twin, almost positive.

He couldn't remember.

Everything was just a huge blank but for a few random words and images, strung together in an impossible to decipher riddle. Trying to understand and string together an unattainable solution to his questions with such limited information. He didn't know. It was all wrong. Things were missing and he couldn't find them. Like his mind had sectioned off the necessary data and denied him access.

He just couldn't think straight.

He didn't know…couldn't remember what was missing. There was a huge gap, this void that he couldn't fill.

Then he heard it.

A soft groan, feminine sounding, coming from a small distance off his left shoulder. It was familiar and welcome despite the evident pain it indicated. But again, he didn't know how he knew it.

He opened his eyes, blinking at the harsh glare of the morning sun. He turned his head around, slowly and carefully to look for the source and there she was. The most beautiful and glorious creature he had ever seen. She must be an angel, a sweet illusion, an apparition from heaven. She must surely be a goddess.

Golden hair, peachy skin, full pouting lips. Her features, crossed in a frown, almost a grimace, but still perfection.

She groaned again, a deep, strained sound. Her eyes flickered open, the unsympathetic brightness of the day causing her wonderful face to crease up further. Her eyes were brown, a rich soulful colour, he could see that now. They darted around, taking in her surroundings, almost panicked, before coming and resting on him. She looked unsure for a moment but he saw that spark of recognition and her small relieved smile…and he remembered.


Memories flooded through him, driving back the void and the emptiness. He knew who she was and he knew who he was. The few images and words made way to a torrent as realisation infested his mind and answered his questions.

And with it came the knowledge. That knowledge of why he felt that gaping emptiness in his mind. Because it wasn't from the lack of memories. They had returned all of a sudden and the void was till there. Worrying him, tormenting him with the sincerity of grief.

The Tardis was not there.

She was nowhere around. That area of his mind where her hum had constantly accompanied him was silenced. He could not feel her through their link. Something must be terribly wrong if he was cut off from her. It couldn't be right. The only reason he could envisage for not being able to feel her, was if she had died. And that was indeed a possibility. She'd been with him for so long that if by some weird phenomenon their connection had been severed, she would surely die from the shock.

It was a terrifying prospect.

He felt the weight of grief and mourning settle in the depths of both of his hearts. He did not know what to do without her, but Rose was still lying there, so close to him. He didn't know where they were, what had happened or what they could do about it.

But one thing was for sure…Rose was going to need him.


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