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I really like the concept of this story. Thanks for Cherii-chan who supplied me with the ideas! I hope you can enjoy this AU MÄR!

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This story takes place in MÄR Heaven that resembles Earth. The important characters that will come out:

Alviss (Age: 16. Role: A traveller who admires the Crossguard's previous leader: Danna.)

Alta Aether Langrey (Age: 13. Role: An orphan traveller.)

Cherii Akino (Age: 14. Role: Alta's close friend.)

Phantom (Age: around 30. Role: the owner of the infamous Chess no Record CNR.)

Shadow: (Age: 15. Role: A traveller who turns out to be….)

Ginta Toramizu (Age: 14. Role: A boy who really likes singing; his deceased father, Danna, was the top singer of Crossguard, an infamous band six years ago.)

Nanashi (Age: predicted to be around 20. Role: Leader of the Luberia Band, a popular band in MÄR Heaven.)

Dorothy (Age: around 20. Role: A flutist from the Land of Music: Caldea; currently searching for her sister who has become a traitor in Caldea by playing the Forbidden Music.)

Snow (Age: 14. Role: Princess of Restava; is running away from her evil stepmother.)

Alan (Age: in his late thirties. Role: The second vocalist of Crossguard.)

Jack (Age: 14. Role: A farm boy who likes playing drum.)



"Peta, have you created the list?"

The man, pale and clad in black, stepped in front. "Yes, Mr. Phantom. Here it is. All the candidates for the new members of Chess no Record."

Amethyst eyespetrifying, terrifyingstudied the list, chuckling when he reached a name. "Shadow is on the list too, isn't he?"

"Yes, Mr.," replied Peta, in noting but respect. "His name as a street musician is Shad. Our recruiting team found him amazing and talented."

"As what I have expected," Phantom purred in satisfaction. "Tomorrow, bring them all here, Peta."

"Yes, Mr. Phantom."


"Cherii! Give me that apple pie back!"

"No way. You totally owe me a bar of chocolate. I'll take this as a payment."


Alviss shook his head, nearing to desperation. He found this little inn nestled far deep in the forest, thinking that it had to be a comfortable and silent inn, peaceful in any aspect. He did find that the inn was almost emptythe owner seemed to live more on her vegetables than the inn's income, yet he did not expect two teenagers renting a room there, nor that the teenagers were as noisy as fireworks.

He drank every last drop of his coffee, sighing in content as the caffeine ran through his bloodstream. Better than going insane. He glanced at his loyal guitar sitting on the chair next to him in the gathering room of the inn. It was still nestling in its protective case. Ever since he arrived in the inn, he had never played it.

He gave a quick glance at the two girls, still fighting over a piece of apple pie. Groaning inwardly in disapproval, he deftly uncovered his guitar, cherishing its beautifully polished surface. It was a good piece of art, and obeyed only its master's maryoku only. He had the guitar modified a little, so that whenever he changed his wave of maryoku, it could alter from a normal guitar into a bass guitar.

Alviss took a comfortable position, sitting on a chair in the middle of the gathering room, bored by the verbal food brawl on the other end of the room. All right, perhaps not too comfortable. He sighed, fingers ready above the strings.

'Uncomfortable, eh?' he smirked inwardly. 'That will change.'

And his fingers hit the strings.


Both Alta and Cherii stopped in mid-brawl right when the mysterious boy, the only guest aside from them, started to play. Their attention immediately turned toward him, his fingers skilfully creating music with the strings, his movements deft and fast, yet the melodyalthough in an allegro, fast tempowas undeniably soft and soothing, something ancient and foreign.

Sacred. That was the right word for it.

Alta glanced to her left, realizing that the inn's owner's son was sitting behind the counter, eyes fixed on the boy alone. She gave a quick, fleeting glance at Cherii, realizing that her friend's silver eyes were also staring at the boy with the guitar. She sighed, yet soon also found her eyes being drawn by the music, and she leaned further on her chair, relaxing in the stream.

She began searching for the right words. She was not a skilled singer, yet she liked making up the lyrics. Cherii could sing well, very well, yet somehow she always avoided playing or singing any kind of music. 'Oh well,' Alta sighed. 'Cherii is so mysterious, anyways.'

"Stare at the silver-tinted sky above

Release a caged dove

And Sanctuary will alight

As the World itself takes flight"

The boy raised an eyebrow at her, a stare that she blatantly ignored; yet he kept playing, as if undisturbed. She averted her gaze at Cherii expectantly, only to find Cherii already humming with the tune, before finally continuing Alta's lyric.

"And so, as Life itself renews life

As into bliss humans dive

Blessed, we call It blessed

Wings that spread, unleashed"

The boy broke into the climax of his music, producing a melancholic, fast melody. Fortissimo, very fast. Then, just as sudden as the climax started, it ended, altering into soft-spokenor playedwhispers, sending warm shivers down all watchers' spine.

The last notes finally died away, leaving silence. The guitarist began packing away his guitar, giving a nod at Alta and Cherii's direction. Then, all in a sudden, the counter boy broke into applause, applause that both girls copied.

The boy looked perplexed for a moment, yet then he bowed rather solemnly, before leaving for his room.

"That was some playing," Alta commented after the boy was gone. "He is a street musician, isn't he?"

To her surprise, the counter boy was the one who replied. "Yeah! His name is Alviss!"

Both girls turned their gaze at him. "What's your name?" Cherii asked, politely.

The boy grinned. "I am Jack! Isn't Mr. Alviss cool?"

Cherii raised an eyebrow. Yet Alta immediately questioned, "Do you play any instrument, Jack?"

"Yeah," Jack sighed. "I play drum, yet I am not good. But my best pal is a very good singer! He will come over this afternoon."

"What's his name?" Cherii asked, curious.

"Ginta Toramizu, the son of Danna, the deceased leader of Crossguard."


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