Whew! I've been posting a lot recently! Well here's another one, except the title sort of says it all! This is an actual ADVICE column for our favorite carrot-headed, money-happy navigator… NAMI!!!

Nami: WHO'S money happy?

OPF: You've said so yourself! The only things you love are tangerines and money!

Nami: Well it's true!

OPF: so what are you getting all worked up for? You're a money happy person.

Well to start off, I'm going to actually ask Nami a question so you can see what sort of format to follow… please keep in mind that this is a completely random question that I just thought up off the top of my head.

Dear Nami,

Happen to know why Luffy almost never changes outfits during the entire series? It's sort of strange…

---onepiece fanatic

Dear onepiece fanatic,

If you want to know, ask him. I can hook you up with him if you'd like! You two can talk about things… -winks-

Ja ne!


So yeah… (note: I'm a Zoro girl, just fyi) XD So push the nice button and post away!