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"Do you think she is the student?" Pan asked.

Lyra looked at him and nodded. "It seems that she is the student the Alethiometer spoke of."

Pan nodded slowly. "I think she can be of help, but can we trust her?"

"Pan! Of course we can! If you want to see Kirjava than we have to trust her."

Pantalaimon shifted on his paws a little uneasy. "I suppose..."

"You do want to see her, don't you?"

"Of course I do!" He said as if he were hurt. "We just have to be careful about who we tell about what adventures we've been through. You know that,"

"Don't worry Pan," Lyra sighed. "We can trust her. If there's a student I've ever had She's the one we can trust. Why are you so weary?"

"Her last name,"

"What about it?"

"What it means!"

"It's Latin for Dragon. What's so bad about that?"

Pan sighed. "You know all those stories of dragons! Even Will's world disliked them!"

"Pan, if I remember correctly when I was eleven, or twelve and there was almost a fight you turned into one."

"Dragons can't be trusted," He said curtly.

Lyra rolled her eyes. "Pan! Just relax!"

"But her name-"

"Doesn't affect who she is at all. Just because her name means dragon doesn't mean she is one. I can see if she is protecting her friends in an argument then she could be, but she would not betray us to any enemies."

"I would hope not."

"She won't Pan. It's all right, we can trust Marianne Drake."