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A knock came from the door and Mari ran to open it.

"Ready to leave love?"

She smiled at Andrew. "Yes, just a moment and I'll grab my purse and we can leave." Mari was quickly out in Andrew's arms ready to leave. It was almost time for school to start and they both had obligations when the classes started; Mari was Lyra's new intern, she was to help sort papers and travel around. Andrew decided to go back to school so he could go into medicine. "Can you believe how happy they are?"

He nodded. "As happy as we are,"

Mari's smile grew. "Yes, as happy as we are." She giggled as Klitus and Mandara greeted each other happily licking each others faces.

"Come on! We'll be late!"

"Oh yes! Can't be late!" Klitus and Mandara padded along side by side, as Mari and Andrew walked side by side towards the botanic gardens.


She smiled at Mary, Serafina, and, to her surprise, Iorek, who were visiting for a few days. "Mary! How are you? How are all of you?"

"We're fantastic! And you?"

"I'm better than ever," She said as she glanced at Andrew with a smile. "We aren't late are we?"

"Not at all!" Mary smiled and lead them to a few chairs sitting in front of the bench. "The wedding won't start for a little while now,"