A/N: This one has been playing around in my mind for a long time. I'm still slow to update, but I will try to do better with this story.

I've had to make some assumptions with this story. Since the last episode aired somewhere around June of 2000, I assumed that Kat was 18 (since she was graduating) and the rest of the Cliffhangers were 17 and in their junior year. This story, except for flashbacks, takes place 9 years from the date of the morp. This first chapter is short, but it was necessary to give the introduction, and it made the most sense this way. The rest of the chapters will be much longer, I promise. I hope you enjoy this one. I'm really enjoying writing it.

May 2009

Peter Scarbrow stared at the picture sitting next to him on his desk. In all of his years as director of Horizon, there had been a lot of kids that had touched his life, but none so much as this one group, his Cliffhangers. He picked up the photo to examine it closer. They were all there – taken just before Scott had left Horizon. Kat was awaiting graduation and David was just beginning to integrate the group. All the rest were there too – Jules, Shelby, Daisy, Ezra, Auggie. Peter remembered the precise moment that picture had been taken. It had been a particularly good day and the kids were enjoying a swim in the lake. Sophie had grabbed the camera to catch the moment. It was Kat's idea to do a group picture. A memento for graduation she had said. As it turned out, it had been the last time they were all together.

Peter sighed. He wondered where he had gone wrong with some of them. It had been the better part of a decade since that picture had been taken and so much had changed. He had kept in touch with every one of them since they left. Though he was no longer their counselor, he still knew the ups and downs in their lives – their daily struggles to get past the damage dealt to them while growing up. Most were doing good, but some...

With a heavy heart he set the picture down next to his favorite family photo and smiled as another memory came back to him. After months of pleading, he and Sophie had finally taken the boys rock climbing for the first time. Sophie looked gorgeous. Her beautiful eyes sparkled as she squinted against the harsh afternoon sun. Her tanned arm was slung lovingly around Tom and they were both smiling. Peter had been standing next to Tom, with Chris, a smile beaming from his freckled face, on his right. It had been a great day, with both kids excited about the challenge that lay before them. They were all so happy.

It had partly been because of the Cliffhangers that he and Sophie had gotten married. And he knew they were the kids that had inspired them to adopt their boys – teenagers no less. Tom was 13 when they brought him into their lives. Two years later it was 14 year old Chris. And now there was talk about number three - Sophie wanted a daughter.

Peter picked up the Cliffhanger photograph once more. He never thought this day would come. The day he lost one of his Cliffhangers. Though he had tried to hide it (and deny it when accused), everyone knew they had been his favorite group of kids. He had even retired their group name when they graduated – as a tribute to the group that had touched his life so much.

Though Peter kept in touch with all of them, many of them hadn't spoken to each other since they had left the comfort and safety of Horizon. But they deserved to know. They needed to come together to mourn the loss of one of their own. They owed each other that.

Peter sighed again and dialed the first phone number on his list.