Dirty Little Secret

SasuHina. Sakura and Naruto are newly weds. Now a depressed Sasuke and vengeful Hinata come together in a small sort of comfort: sex (not described in story). But when a ..complication.. arises, how will the two deal with it? And what will the newly married couple think? M for violence and language.

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"I do."

The words rang through her mind over and over and over. They made her sick. She wished that she could throw up the feeling, but she knew that the feeling wouldn't leave even if she did. She felt as though she had been slapped by two smirking faces, one of which she loved so dearly. Loved? Love? Past-tense or present? Did she still love him? Could she hate him for this? She couldn't after he had denied her once, six months ago.

Hinata sighed. She had just witnessed the tensest wedding of her life. First of all, there was the Haruno's. They greatly disapproved of Naruto, seeing as he is Kyuubi's vessel, and they weren't even a noble family. The Hyuuga's would have murdered him in his sleep on their honey-moon, had it ever worked out. Of course it hadn't. Nothing worked out for Hinata. Not moderately pretty, innocent Hinata. Boys were afraid to touch her, in case she shattered.

Second was the already half-drunk Uchiha Sasuke, who had got up just before the I do's to object for some unknown reason. Luckily, Kakashi had pulled him down and cocked him on the head with the handle of a Kunai he had in his Jounin vest. Yes, Kakashi had worn his Jounin vest over his tux. Thank God the happy newly wed couple hadn't seen Sasuke.

Third was the fact there was Hinata. First, she had told Sakura that she had to turn down the offer to be a Brides Mate, although she would be able to attend the wedding. Sakura had awkwardly nodded and promptly left. Naruto had probably told her. Now she probably thought Hinata hated her. Naruto glanced at her ever couple of seconds in the pews at the beginning of the service, until Sakura had fervently whispered in his ear that he was getting married, and Hinata wasn't that big of a concern at that very moment. Or at least that's what she thought she said.

But, of course, with a couple like they, the ceremony and the reception were as different like black and white.

The ceremony was one big ass party. It also included one stripper whom she had a sneaking suspicion that Kiba had secretly ordered to watch the Haruno's faces go the same shade as their cotton candy pink hair. Hinata had carefully averted her eyes the whole night so her own face didn't ignite into a fit of blushing.

Balloons were everywhere. The wedding cake was all over the floor around he table it was on (she guessed Akamaru had something to do with this.). The cake had been striped in the ugly colors Sakura and Naruto wore. Black, Orange, Red, and Pink. It was so ugly Hinata ha refused the offered piece. The dance floor was down and dirty, with the stripper in the middle.

As equally dirty as the stripper, Naruto had Sakura pinned in a corner of the room, and was attempting to fit her head in his mouth. Or at least that's what it looked like from this angle. The Haruno's were carefully enjoying a small chat in the far corner with the senseis, pretending they had no idea.

Hinata snickered. The marriage was either doomed, or going to be a wild roller coaster ride. Hinata pouted, realizing the latter was most likely true, seeing as Naruto's devotion was endless.

There was a thump as someone thunked down on the chair next to her, a large whisky bottle in hand. She looked, surprised to see Sasuke with his dull black eyes, watching the stripper like a hawk, also carefully avoiding the couple in the corner.

Hinata looked at him, where he was looking, then back to him, then to the bottle of whisky. With one surprising move of courage, She swiped the bottle from him and took a long swig, before she thunked it back onto the table and exhaling, feeling the burning mixture seer down her throat. She, too, stared at the dancing crowd.

Slowly, as though surrounded by slime, Sasuke's eyes and head rotated her way to stare at her. Slight amusement danced in his barely narrowed eyes.

Sasuke had been drinking a lot lately. Ever since his stupid ass so-called best friend Naruto had finally dragged him back home after a very bad battle between Sasuke and Orochimaru. They would have both died, had Naruto not come in right at that moment. Sasuke could have sword the Demon's vessel had been sniggering in the corner, just waiting for the right time to pop out and save the day, only to tell Sasuke over and over again he had saved him. It made him sick.

He had decided to put his Itachi-killing-spree on hold for a bit. At least until he recovered from the psychological damage Orochimaru had done to him. So he tried, and really tried, to get better, to make his friends and Sensei happy, if not just to go kick his son of a bitch brothers ass.

It didn't work.

For two god-forsaken years, he had gone to counseling everyday. He ha spilled his feeling of hate for Itachi and Sound Village everyday. He felt a teeny bit better each time, but everyday he went home after that session to an empty Uchiha complex. The memories came pouring back every god damned time.

The hurt just wouldn't fucking stop! He felt like a hole had been carefully carved in his heart, and plucked away. Such tedious artwork was first signed by Itachi, then Orochimaru.

Damn them, He had told himself, Fuck them! I'll get better; I'll show them that I can be better!

But every session of counseling was erased by the tide of pain when entering his home. Sasuke vaguely wondered that if he had stayed with Naruto, would be not be in the same position he was in now?

So after two damn years of hell, Sasuke slowly faded from counseling. He ignored the messages and threats from Tsunade. He had finally found something to dilute his pain in. Alcohol. It was, to him, the best invention. Ever.

So for the past year, he drowned himself in whisky, sake, beer, wine, and vodka. He liked whisky the best. It burned down his throat like fire, like punishment for being so weak, but then the warmth seeped from his belly throughout his body, giving him a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Like a loving mother's warm hug, or a proud father praise. It was his substitute.

Best of all, every day, he would get completely wasted, and he wouldn't even remember walking home, who he was with, where he had been, or what he had even done. He didn't remember walking into the dark and lonely Uchiha gates in the morning. For all he knew, Sasuke could have a kid by now. He most likely didn't, because the kid and girl would come running to him, begging for marriage, and then she would be mobbed by angry fan girls. He would find her hanging corpse hanging in the perfume department of the local clothing store, strung up by gold necklaces and watches, and any other nick-knacks women bought at those stores.

He wouldn't care.

So suddenly, six months ago, Sakura had finally given in to Naruto, and gone out on a date. And another. And another. And another. Soon, Naruto had proposed. It was moving too fast, and even Sasuke's bleary sharingan eyes couldn't keep up. Not with the alcohol blurring them, at the least.

He sparred less and less. He ate little to no food. He slept only when he fell unconscious. Every time he wished he would just never wake up.

Then a new spin came onto his life. Sakura was waiting. She had been waiting for him at the gate to the Uchiha complex. He remembered this, oddly. Probably something important. Yeah, it was. She slapped his first, sending him sprawling to the ground with her immense strength. She had helped him up, and then sat him down on a bench. He remembered this moment in perfect clarity, and had even recorded it on Sharingan.

"Where's Naruto..?" Sasuke had muttered, holding his aching cheek.

He remembered the nervous flicker of her eyes. "He's not with me. I needed to talk to you alone." She had said seriously.

Sasuke made a mental note to show Naruto this when he got the next stage of sharingan, if ever.

"Then talk." He had retorted bluntly.

"I-… I still love you, Sasuke, more than a friend, more than just a friend or teammate." She had confessed guiltily.

Sasuke's eyes had opened fully, and the hazy screen made by alcohol in his eyes cleared, and he had moved like lightning. He had swiftly pushed Sakura away from him, and off the bench. In less than a second, the Chidori was out and sparking, Sasuke standing above Sakura.

Sasuke remembered it perfectly. He loved this part.

She had looked up at him with her doleful and scared turquoise eyes. He vaguely remembered asking himself why he was doing this. He had answered that no matter how much he hated his beloved best friend Naruto, he would not let her hurt him like this.

"Sasuke I-" Sakura had tried, but Sasuke cut her off. He had begun to say everything he had always wanted to say.

"Whore." He had accused coldly, "Slut. Bitch. No one plays my best friend. He loves you, and you decided just to play along. I won't let you do it. I won't let you hurt him this way. Skank."

She had shrunk to a pile of guilty pink and red. "Sasuke… I do love him… I just love you too-" She had whispered on the ground.

The Chidori blazed brighter. "No!" he had shouted, "You do not love me! You cannot have us both!"

He watched her duck her head, tears springing in her eyes. The Chidori vanished, and he had walked into his gate, throwing one last remark over his shoulder, "Stay away from me, Bitch."

Sasuke had recalled those memories while sitting in the pews at that wedding. This was the first time he had seen Sakura since that day. Naruto had been so depressed when Sasuke had refused to be his Best Man. Now Shikamaru was up there, looking bored.

Sasuke had sprang to his feet and opened his mouth, ready to shout out that Sakura didn't love only Naruto. He would have too, save for the thwack on the head Kakashi had given him. Sasuke was knocked out until half way through the after-party. He had woken up, unfortunately, sober.

His whisky had been taken away. Most likely by Kakashi. He had strode over to where Kakashi was standing, searched his Jounin vest rudely in front of the Haruno's, and walked away. He felt like some quiet company, so he sat down next to… Hyuuga Hinata? Yeah, that was it.. He stared at the stripper absently, thinking about her breasts vaguely.

He was completely surprised when his whisky bottle was swiped. He watched from the corner of his eye as she swigged it on down. My type of girl… he growled in his head.

Sasuke looked at her. He was immensely amused. He gently and slowly took the bottle from her grasp and took a drink, before offering it back to her. His face never changed the whole time.

Hinata took the bottle and drank from it. As she did, she felt Sasuke watch her. Finally, he asked, "You still like the moron, eh?"

Hinata nearly choked on the whisky, and ended up sputtered. She heard Sasuke snicker beside her. Was she really that obvious?

Sasuke took the bottle and drank. He lazily looked at her. "Is that why you're drinking?" He offered the bottle.

Hinata took it and drank, nodding at the same time.

Sasuke nodded. She offered him the bottle and took it. He drank, and she finally spoke.

"What do you d-drink for?" she asked, her milky white eyes rising to meet his, before reverting to the table.

Sasuke decided that he didn't like that slight stutter. But he'd leave it. Obviously she had been working on it, and it was a slip.

"I can't reach my brother." He stated impassively.

She knew. He watched her glance quickly at Naruto and Sakura. She had quickly decided her problems weren't as bad as his. He hated sympathy. Before she could stutter out an apology, he shoved the bottle to her. "Hold this." He commanded.

Sasuke got up, and smirked as he heard a sipping noise behind him. He went around every table, and took the cups. He kept collecting until he had 24 in his hands.

Returning to Hinata, he lined up the 24 cups, and poured whisky (a shots full) in each one. 12 were in front of him, and 12 in front of her.

Sasuke gave her a tiny smile. "Okay, drinking game. Here's how it goes, in between each saying, you must drink a shot…" And by the time your done you wont remember what you said I n the beginning... Sasuke finished in his head. He played this game often on his own, but it was better with a partner.

Hinata nodded.

Sasuke took a breath. "Here it is:

One red hen

Two dead ducks

Three brown bears

Four running hairs

Five fat females smoking cigarettes slowly sipping scotch

Six seasick seamen sailing seven seas

Seven sloppy slop-eaters sloppily slopping slop

Eight elongated elephants escalating an elevator

Nine nasty Nigers navigating down the Niger

Ten plump plum pickers plump-fully picking plump plums

Don't call me a plum picker nor a plum picker's son, but I'll pick plums until the plum pickings done.

Am I a turtle? Yes."

Hinata slowly took this in. She instantly had it memorized. Sasuke smirked. "This is a race. Ready? Set? Go!"

They quickly launched into the game, saying each verse in unison.

"One red hen" One drink

"Two dead ducks" Two drinks

"Three brown bears" Three.

"Four running hairs" Four. Hinata was having trouble with remembering the first one. Was it pen or jen?

"Five fat females smoking cigarettes slowly sipping scotch" Five. Sasuke turned on his Sharingan, he wanted to watch her swoon.

'Six seasick seamen sailing seven seas" Six

"Seven sloppy slop-eaters sloppily slopping slop" Seven.

"Eight elongated elephants escalating an elevator" Eight drinks. Hinata could no longer remember the first five. Nor could she stand on her own, if she had tried.

"Nine nasty Nigers navigating down the Niger" Nine drinks. Sasuke was having trouble keeping the Sharingan. He turned it off, and succumbed to the darkness of being drunk.

"Ten plump plum pickers' plump-fully picking plump plums" Ten drinks. Hinata was simply mumbling now.

"Don't call me a plum picker nor a plum picker's son, but I'll pick plums until the plum pickings done." Eleven drinks. Sasuke was slurring the words and grinning like an idiot. His eyes were fixed on Hinata.

Am I a turtle? Yes." Twelve. They said 'Yes' at the same time, and both of them vaguely noticed Sasuke closer to Hinata, his hand holding her chin, so her dazed eyes looked into his.

He smiled.

Kurenai was at the party too. She stuck close to Asuma and Kakashi. She scowled when Sasuke rudely interrupted their conversation with the Haruno's. She watched him meander over to a depressed and rather lonely looking Hinata. She snorted and turned her back again.

Later, when Sakura's aunt could take it no more, she told them she just had to stop Naruto and Sakura. Naruto was tugging at her dress, ready to strip them both down to their skinny's right then and their. Kurenai's crimson eyes drifted to where her student was sitting with Sasuke.

They were gone.

She turned back to Asuma and assumed they had both gone home.

The door to the Uchiha household hit the opposite wall with a loud bang. Hinata giggled into Sasuke's neck, shh-ing him. He mumbled something back about no neighbors in her ear, and then captured her lips again. She thrust her tongue into his mouth, and he responded with more authority. As if she was going to be the dominant in this. Pfff.

They stumbled about the hall. He forced her against a wall, knocking down a picture that hadn't been dusted in over twelve years onto the floor. He stripped her shirt off and threw it on the ground. She giggled and snorted again as his teeth nipped her neck.

Normally, alarms would all be off in both of their heads. But today, they were so damn drunk, there wasn't even a flicker of recognition of what they were doing was bad. Sasuke pushed her into the other hall, and turned, his back smashing the door into his room.

They stumbled and with a chance push by one of their tangled limbs, and they were on the bed. Hinata's foot kicked out, and the door slammed shut.

Had there been neighbors in the clan complex (or anyone else, for that fact) they would have been very embarrassed to hear the Uchiha's Dirty Little Secret...

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