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Chapter 6

There was a pause and every eye turned to Naruto, thrown across Itachi's shoulder. Jiraiya smirked, and Itachi's eyebrows met at him.

"Itachi…" Jiraiya began "The boy you are holding is alive. I know that. My student would not be killed so easily. He did learn under Jiraiya, the legendary sage, after all."

"You seem certain, Jiraiya-san." Itachi commented, "But who are you convincing?" Jiraiya lost his smirk.

"You go ahead with the corpse, Itachi. I can kill these guys by myself." Kisame said, giving a terrifying grin. "Besides… I think I've fought the two of you before. I know your weaknesses." He glared at Lee and Neji. "It seems that idiot teacher f yours is not here? Pity – I'd really like to shave him to the bones for his stupidity."

"Don't talk about Gai-sensei like that!" Lee yelled, a vein pulsing in his forehead. "I alone will make up for his absence!"

"Lee, calm down." Neji whispered. "He's gotten stronger since then. Even his massive amount of chakra has increased."

Itachi took a step to turn around and leave the scene.

"Stop!" Kakashi yelled, glaring at Itachi's back. He had pulled his headband from his left eye, revealing a swirling Sharingan eye. "Dead or alive, we're not leaving without Naruto." The raven-haired ninja turned his head to look at Kakashi, but did not respond. "Sakura," Kakashi said slowly, "I'll need you to back me up. You've helped fight him before; I need your skills."

"No." Jiraiya scolded. "I'll fight him."

"Jiraiya-sama…" Kakashi whispered.

"I have a grudge against this guy. Besides, he's not the only one who has gotten stronger." Jiraiya yelled, irate.

Itachi turned his head and disappeared as Jiraiya chased immediately after him. Kakashi made a swift attempt to follow, but Samehada suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Hey, didn't you hear me?" Kisame growled. "I am your opponent."

Kakashi snarled. "Lets get this over with quickly." He told the group.

"Be careful, Kakashi-sensei." Neji said slowly, preparing himself mentally for a battle that was soon to come. "He manipulates water, and can summon it in any state."

"I can tell that just by looking at him."

"Enough!" Kisame shouted and made some quick hand seals. Within seconds, a flood of water surrounded the area. Kakashi and his group jumped onto nearby branches as waves of cold water attempted to bring them down.

"What's the matter?" Kisame asked menacingly from within the waves of the rushing water. "I thought you were going to kill me? I told you; already know all your weaknesses."

Kakashi was reminded suddenly of his fight with Zabuza so long ago. He jumped from his branch and into the water, creating some fast hand seals as he fell.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura shouted. Suddenly, they felt a rumble. Kisame's head appeared as the water suddenly morphed into a giant serpent-looking creature. It crashed into Kisame, crushing his bones. He screamed in pure agony before disappearing in a puff of smoke. Not at all surprised, everyone stayed on their guard.

Lee began to speak. "Neji, can you see h—arrgh!"


Kisame had appeared behind him and effortlessly swung his giant blade into Lee's back, shaving the skin from it. Lee flew into the water, sinking into a pool of blood.

Kisame approached Neji in the blink of an eye. He swung his blade toward the Hyuuga, but Neji was quicker. He used his rotating defense, and as a result Kisame fell back into the water.

"You brats." He scowled. He had been slightly injured by Neji, though it seemed Neji had been wounded worse. He was holding his shoulder where the blade had made contact.

Sakura was looking for Lee under the bloody water. Neji was trying to accumulate a plan, and Kakashi had never emerged from the water since his last attack. Meanwhile, Kisame's chakra was growing, as he had stolen some from Neji. It became evident at that moment that this was a fight they would not win.

Itachi had gone about a mile before he stopped, noticing Jiraiya's chakra following him.

"Jiraiya-san. I thought you had stayed behind." Itachi said as Jiraiya appeared in front of him. The old sage looked enraged beyond recognition.

"Drop him now. And don't touch him again." Was all he said.

And Itachi obeyed. Naruto fell to the ground with a lifeless thump as Itachi turned to face Jiraiya. "Jiraiya-san, you don't have any reason to –" He began to say, trying to calm the old man, but Jiraiya aimed a kunai straight at Itachi's face. He dodged it easily and stared straight into Jiraiya's eyes. Neither of them blinked.

"I have no intention of fighting you." Itachi growled. "I don't have time for such trivial things."

And the two of them stood there in the cold wind, never blinking. Each considered his opponent's next move. Jiraiya backed a step, and Itachi tilted is head in confusion. He backed up another step, then another. Then he, with lightning speed, bit the tip of his thumb, made the hand seals and yelled "Kuchiyose no jutsu!" and smoke appeared around him.

Itachi did not move. Instead, he stared at the smoke gathering from the ground, and looked for the giant toad that Jiraiya was known to summon.

But only Jiraiya stood there, his bleeding hand stuck to the ground. If Itachi squinted, he could see a small frog jumping idly through the air.

"What the hell!" Jiraiya yelled, taken clearly aback. The frog was so small that it would have made a younger Naruto proud. And suddenly he felt old, and tired. He looked quickly at Itachi, who still had not moved.

"I told you I didn't have time for a fight, Jiraiya-san." He growled, moving to pick up Naruto again. "So I'm using a genjutsu technique to steal your chakra. Efficient for annoying little frogs. Since you first looked into my eyes, I've been stealing it. Now you don't have the energy to walk." Itachi placed one hand on Naruto, and was surprised by a punch to the face.

Itachi fell and skidded to a stop a few feet away from Naruto. Before he even looked up, he said to himself quietly, "How did I not notice the doppelganger?"

The clone who had attempted to summon a frog vanished, and Jiraiya stood over Naruto protectively. "When you cast a genjutsu, it takes up so much energy and chakra that you must focus everything on it. That's your flaw. You didn't read my hand signs."

Itachi let some blood from his lip hit the ground, and stood up as if nothing happened. As Jiraiya was using one hand to pick up Naruto, Itachi flicked his wrist and a kunai landed between student and teacher.

"So your right, Jiraiya. He's not dead." Itachi said slowly. "I've knocked him out using genjutsu, and hid what remains of his chakra. I had intended on making a quiet getaway but you idiots had to intervene." Jiraiya could feel the air around him change as Itachi grew angrier. "So now I'll go against my plans and kill you, finally. You're just too annoying to live. But first," he said and closed his eyes, making a short hand seal.

Jiraiya waited for the explosion, but instead he heard a tiny groan coming from the ground. Jiraiya whipped around and turned his attention to Naruto, who was moving to sit up. Jiraiya smirked, noticing the pain in Naruto's features. "Knew you couldn't die." He muttered so no one else could hear.

Naruto looked around, momentarily confused. Then he clasped eyes on his sensei. "Jiraiya?" He asked, afraid that his eyes were betraying him. "I… knew you'd find me." He smiled, attempting to stand up. Jiraiya gasped, noticing that Naruto didn't call him a pervert, or an idiot sensei. He acknowledged him by his first name.

"Stay there, Naruto-kun." Itachi ordered. Jiraiya saw the sudden fear that turned Naruto pale when he heard Itachi's soft voice. And Naruto sat on the grass, staring straight into the sky. Entirely broken.

"What… did you do to him?" Jiraiya growled, still looking at his student. Itachi smirked.

"I want him to witness your death, Jiraiya-san. I want him to realize the cold truth about the world. That broken bonds can never be mended. That the good guy doesn't always win. That just because you like a character in a story, the character could very well be killed. He is too naive."

And Jiraiya looked back at Itachi, and nodded. "Let's end this now."

"Lets." Itachi ordered.

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