Just a random story I made up. I forgot what I was supposed to do with it, them randomly remembered and almost killed myself in the process….

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I felt the faint, cool breeze on my drying skin. I knew it was going to be one of the last things I felt. The hand in which I rang a small bell continuously had grown numb almost a week ago. On the light breeze, I heard the outside world.

I heard people I had cared for praying. They prayed for my death. I grimaced. To think they would come to wish my death. The death of I, Hakushin, the one who had sacrificed everything for them!

I then knew terror. Fear of the darkness of death! I felt attached to the world of the living. My hatred of them, of humans!

Then, the darkness crashed upon me.

For years, for centuries, my soul stayed there, caught between life and death. The only thing there was darkness. I murmured silently to myself, crying.

Then, one day, a dark light poured into the black world.

"Hate them." The very light itself seemed to whisper this to me.

A man appeared next to me. He knelt and spoke.

"You have right to hate them," he murmured as he put a hand on my shoulder.

I stared up at him.

"How terrible," the strange man continued. "You were venerated as a holy man, expected to never feel hunger or fear. You died for those humans, and yet… None of them ever thought or cared of you as a human being…."

I felt freezing tears roll down my face. He knew exactly how I felt!

"Do not lie to yourself. You wanted to live. My name is Naraku. I have a proposition for you. Come with me, help me, and I shall give you eternal life as well as revenge on the humans who killed you."

I slowly nodded agreement as he led me from the darkness and into the dark light….

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