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Well I wanted to make a One-Shot Itachi/Sasuke when they were younger and stuff. I'm so interested in this paring a whole lot. Its really a nice paring. Anyway, this is when Sasuke is like 7 or so and Itachi's 13. It's Uchihacest so don't read if you don't like it or whatever. Okay thanks and enjoy!

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Warning: Uchihacest yaoi. Brotherly love, guy on guy paring. Also Lemon which is sex.

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Playing With Aniki!

Sasuke's Pov

"Aniki! Mother, Father! I'm home!" I shouted. I slid the door opened to my house, closing it shut behind me. I slipped my shoes off of my feet and threw my bag to the side, running into the kitchen. "Mother?" No one. I glanced around the kitchen before I walked out of it and upstairs. 'Aniki should be home. He left earlier for a mission this morning.' I knocked on my brother's door before I slid it opened. "Aniki?" I glanced around the room. I didn't see my brother anywhere! I frowned and walked to Itachi's bed, sitting on it. 'Where's Aniki?'

"Do you want me to come inside with you?"

"... No..."

My eyes glanced over to the window that was in the room. I could have sworn I heard my brother's voice and someone elses it seemed. I crawled more on to Itachi's bed, glancing out his window. There Itachi was, standing with some girl beside him. 'Aniki?' I let my head tilt to the side as I watched my brother with this girl. They had said some other things to each other then all of a sudden the girl leaned forward, kissing Itachi on the lips. My eyes widen and I felt speechless at the sight. 'A-aniki...?' It was kind of weird to see your brother kissing some girl you didn't know. It was even weirder to see that said brother looked annoyed by the kiss.

The girl that had been kissing Itachi had pulled away and frowned. "So mean Itachi. Hmph!" She then marched off.

Itachi had turned and gripped the door knob of the house door. Before he walked in, he glanced over to the direction of his bedroom window. I quickly pulled away, not wanting to have Itachi know that I saw the kiss with that girl. My brother probably spotted me anyway because I had hesitated before I pulled away. 'Whoa. My heart won't stop beating so fast now. I must be nervous or something.' But I had no reason to be nervous. So I shook my head a couple times and waited for my brother to come up into his room.

"Sasuke, what are you doing in my room?"


I quickly crawled off the bed, glomping my brother. Itachi didn't really expect that and he had stumbled back a couple inches, catching his little brother. He sighed and placed a hand on my hair, ruffling the raven locks. "Well I miss you too Sasuke. You still didn't answer my question though. What are you doing in my room? I told you not to come inside when I'm not home."

"But Aniki..." I glanced up at Itachi, a cute, puppy pout on my faces. "I thought you were home. You said you would be by the time I got back from school."

"... Sasuke..."

"Yes?" I asked. I tilted my head to the side, looking up at my brother with a hopeful look on my face. I could tell Itachi was thinking about something right now because his eyes had a distant look in them and it was like he was seeing through me and not looking at me. I pursed my lips together and whispered, breaking my brother's thoughts. "Aniki, would you play with me?"

"Play Sasuke?" Itachi questioned. He had furrowed his eyebrows, picking me up and carrying me to his bed. Itachi sat down on his bed, trying to pry me off him but couldn't. I had wrapped my arms and legs tightly around his body, not going to let go. "Hai, play with me aniki. You're always gone on these mission and I never get to spend any time with you at all. I miss all the times we did things together. Like taking baths and stuff like that. Why don't you do that with me anymore?"

Normal Pov

'Because... because I have feelings for you now. I have feelings towards you that I shouldn't Sasuke.' Itachi let a small sigh come out of his lips. He tighten his grip around his brother's body, glancing down to the floor. "Sasuke..." Itachi wished he could make his brother understand that he wouldn't or rather, shouldn't be hanging out with him. It shouldn't even have this alone time with Sasuke. "Mother and father are going to be late today..."

"Aniki, you're avoiding my question."

"That means we're all alone..."


"I won't have to hold back for a couple hours..."

Sasuke glanced up at his brother. He raised an eyebrow as he stared up at his brother. 'Yeah we're alone for a couple hours. What's so special about that?' For a seven year old, Sasuke sure was naive. He didn't know what Itachi had meant when he said he didn't have to hold himself back for a couple hours. Or why he was even mention that their parents weren't going to be home. The innocent boy soon nuzzled into Itachi's neck, asking. "So does this mean you'll play with me aniki?"

Itachi knew this was wrong but it felt so right to him. He ached for so long to actually have his brother just once but always had to hold that urge back since he didn't want to hurt his brother nor did he want his parents finding out about his obsession for his own flesh and blood. Soon the older Uchiha nodded and spoked words of approval. "Hai, I'll play with you Sasuke, but you have to let go of me so we can play."

Sasuke's Pov

I quickly placed a smile on my face, kissing my aniki on the neck. I was so happy he was going to play with me. We haven't played with each other in so long and I missed all the things we did together. So like a good little brother, I got off my Itachi. I let my hands slid away from his neck and I slid to the side of him, sitting on the bed. I gave an innocent look as I stared at Itachi. "Okay now lets play."

"Yes... play..." Itachi moved closer to me. I didn't think anything of it because this was suppose to be a game or what not. Soon Itachi reached out, placing a hand on my cheek. My faces slightly burned and I bit my bottom lip. "A-aniki..."

"Sasuke, if we play with each other, you have to promise you won't tell mother and father about it. You can keep secrets right?"

"Hai Aniki."

That hand that was on my cheek began to stroke it softly, causing me to blush even more. I glanced off to the side, breathing slowly becoming shallow. Itachi leaned forward towards me, placing his other free hand underneath my chin, turning it and making me face him. "Don't look away from me Sasuke. I want... to see your face. Your beautiful face."

That blush that was on my face deepened and I was officially blushing like crazy. I couldn't believe my aniki was saying all these things to me, and how they made my heart race. It was so weird. Simple words like 'beautiful' were making me blush and get a racing heartbeat. Itachi leaned down to me, brushing his lips against mine. My breath hitched and I was about to ask him what he was doing but soon warmth lips were pressed against mine. My eyes widen at the contact. 'Aniki's kissing me...'

I was naive so I didn't really make a big deal out of the kiss my brother was giving me. After all, Itachi had told me this was a game. 'So maybe I should kiss back. I do want to play with Aniki.' So shyly, I began to kiss my brother back. I closed my eyes and pressed to the warmth of my brother's lips, moving a bit closer to him. I could hear Itachi sigh out of relief as our lips parted for an inch then they were back on to each other. He snaked an arm around my little waist, pulling me closer to his body. Soon enough, I was in his lap.

The kiss with my brother and me deepen and I felt something wet rub against my bottom lip. I didn't know what that was so I freaked a bit and pulled away from Itachi's lips with a small gasp. "Aniki, what is that?"

"Sasuke, you aren't suppose to pull away. It's all part of the game..." Itachi leaned down to my neck, trailing kisses on to my skin. I let out a small moan and clutched to his shirt, head slowly beginning to tilt to the side. "Aniki... hai, listen to you..." I closed my eyes, parting my lips from each other as another moan was beginning to come out. Soon the lips that were at my neck were gone and were on my mouth again. A gasped came out my mouth as my brother shoved his tongue into my mouth.

I felt the wet muscle rub against mine and I clutched my eyes tightly together. God this was incredible. Itachi's tongue brought shivers to my spine. Following my brother's lead, I brush my tongue against his, wanting more of those shivers to come down my back. My grip on Itachi's shirt became harder and I moaned into the kiss.

Minutes that felt like hours and years passed and soon enough I was forced to pull away from my brother's lips for air that I so needed right now. I felt a little light headed and dizzy as I stared up into similar eyes like mine. 'Aniki... but what about...' My mind had begun to think about the sight of what I saw earlier today. I whispered out. "Aniki kissed some girl earlier... I... I didn't like that..."

Itachi's eyes had slightly widened but soon eased back to their original state, a small smile on his face. He leaned to my ear, whispering, "Your aniki also didn't like that kiss. I would have rather been kissing my little brother..."

"Good because I... I want to kiss Aniki too. I want you to kiss me and... and do more because I need you."

A small chuckled came out of Itachi's mouth and he nibbled on my earlobe. Those shivers ran themselves down my spine and I shivered. Itachi had pushed me out of his lap, straddling me now. "How about I make it up to you? I'll do something I've never done with anyone else to you."

I nodded my head with a smile. "Hai! You better! You owe me Aniki!"

'You're so innocent Sasuke. I can't believe I actually was able to hold myself back for this long.' Itachi licked his lips lightly. He let his hands trail up my shirt, finger tips ghosting over my skin. I bit my lip, eyes slowly closing. "A-aniki..." I arched my back, getting Itachi's hand to touch more on my chest. He smirked and pulled away, a whimper coming out of my mouth. I begged with my eyes as I stared at Itachi to don't stop with his touching. I liked it so much and didn't want him to stop doing what he was doing.

'Someone's impatient,' Itachi thought with amusement. He rubbed his hands on my chest again, feeling sorry for me. "Sasuke..." My brother grasped my shirt in his hand, lifting it up and leaning down, licking my skin. His tongue went all the way up to one of my nipples, taking it into his moist mouth and sucking on it. "Ah!" The new enjoyment caused my lower half to harden even more then it was at first. It was in a matter of seconds that the nipple in Itachi's mouth became hard. "Aniki!"

My hands came down and rested in Itachi's hair. I trailed my fingers into the silk hair of my brother as he went over, doing the same thing he did to my other nipple. My breathing became less and less and I had a full hard on. Itachi pulled away from my nipples, pulling my shirt off. The cold air hitting my skin made me slightly gasp.

Normal Pov

"Aniki, please... I need to have more. I... I don't know why but I feel like I'm on fire. Please do something..." Sasuke begged to his brother. He glazed into Itachi's eyes, with glazed over ones. Sasuke had leaned up, pressing his lips to Itachi's, eagerly. Itachi had slightly become shock that Sasuke seem to have wanted him so much. He was desperately pressing his lips to his and his body felt like it was glued to Itachi's. 'Maybe I shouldn't wait anymore. Yeah I'll take Sasuke right now.'

So Itachi pulled away from Sasuke's lips. He pulled at Sasuke's pants, taking it off, along with Sasuke's boxers. Sasuke had gasped again once the air hit his hot erection. Itachi stripped himself of his clothes and he whispered to his brother, "I'll fix your problem now Sasuke..."

Itachi let his fingers gasp Sasuke's erections, giving it soft, deep strokes. Sasuke moaned in ecstasy and he tilted his head back. His hips twitched and he wanted to thrust so badly into the large hands of his brother. It felt so tempting to do it. Itachi pumped his brother's erection harder and he watched as some juices of his brother leaked out of his member. He leaned down, licking up the leaking substance. "Ah! Aniki!"

Sasuke's eyes widen when he felt the wet tongue on his erection, licking at the tip. He tossed his head back again, clutching tight to Itachi's hair until a groan of disapproval came out of his aniki's mouth. He loosened his grip, not wanting to hurt him. 'God it feels so good...'

Itachi sucked harder at the tip of his brother's erection, taking in all of the liquid that came out of him. He soon pulled away, pressing his lips roughly to Sasuke's. A moan came out of Sasuke's mouth and he quickly responded to the kiss by kissing back.

Sasuke's Pov

Itachi brought his tongue into my mouth, brushing it against mine. The kiss was so rough that I lost breath just like that. Instead of pulling away, I tried to hold on as long as possible. I didn't want to part away from the lips of the brother I ached for. I needed my Itachi. Soon a burning feeling was in my chest and I pulled away, a loud gasp coming out of my mouth. I sucked up all the air I could get, chest heaving up by the second.

Itachi reached over to his drawer for something. I couldn't tell what it was because I was too busy trying to breath. It was like a long tube or something. The shape it was. I sucked up some more air before I looked to Itachi, waiting for more. "Sasuke..." Itachi whispered, "This might hurt a bit..."

My eyes furrowed and I didn't know what Itachi was talking about. Pretty soon I did. He had slid a finger inside of my entrance, thrusting it in and out of my tight area. My eyes widen and I groan in discomfort, bitting my bottom lip. "Ow..." It felt awkward to have Itachi's finger inside of me and some cold gooey stuff too. It was so cold and just felt so weird. I let out some more groans of discomfort, not liking this at all. It hurt so badly. "Ah.. aniki, it hurts. Stop it. Please..."

Itachi nibbled lightly onto my ear. It seem like he didn't even listen to me one bit because the thrusting of his finger didn't stop. It actually increased and before I knew it, he had slid it another finger. I was now clutching the sheets and my eyes were closed tightly, tears leaking out from the side. "Anikii! No, it hurts! It hu- Ah!"

My eyes went wide and I felt my mouth open wide, a loud scream coming out. A shot of pleasure ran up my spine and my back was arched up into Itachi's body. Oh god, what was that? As my body eased itself back to the bed, I was panting heavily. It felt like I would never get oxygen into my lungs. Itachi had got a weird type of smirk on his face and he shoved his fingers inside, hitting that place he hit before. My body reacted the same way, back arch, eyes widen, a moan of pleasure coming out.

Aniki pressed against that spot again and again before he pulled out. I whimpered from the lack of warmth before I felt something else at my entrance. Itachi whispered something about pain but I bardly heard him. I was trying to recover from the earlier exprience. Itachi didn't waste any time though. He shoved his erect member into me, hitting that spot inside of me on first hit.

"Aniki! Ah!"

My hands wrapped themselves around Itachi's body as I pressed my small frame to his. I closed my eyes and moaned as Itachi kept thrusting inside of me. What pleasure! What... an exprience. I never felt anything like this. From the way Itachi was panting in my ear, I'd think that he'd never felt anything like this either. He pressed me harder to his body, panting into my ear as he pushed in and out, in and out. In no time, I got this weird feeling in my stomach and something happened to my body. Itachi's body had the same reaction and I felt this sticky stuff come into my insides. He pulled out making me slightly winch. He laid beside me, panting hard.

I glanced over at aniki before I wrapped my arms around him. I didn't know what this meant but I had this huge urge to be glued to his body. For him to touch me in some type of way. It didn't matter, just as long as he touched me. "Aniki..." I buried my head into his neck, my face flushed. Itachi chuckled and wrapped his arms around him. "Yes?"

"I... I um... love you."

"Good because I love you too Otouto."

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