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God, I'm so tired right now T.T It's five in the morning here and I have yet to go to sleep. I'm so tired. I'm having a restless night it would seem. Oh well. I decided to write this Uchihacest story because I have this crazy idea in my head and for some reason, I feel compelled to write instead of staring at my white celling so yeah. I'm so sorry for the many errors and grammar mistakes you're going to find in this story. I don't feel like sending this to my betas. Besides, they're asleep and I need something to do to past the time by. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this story and I hope to god I'll be able to sleep once I get this off my chest.


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Itachi: 19

Sasuke: 13

P.S: This is written in Sasuke's Pov

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I Want, I Need, I Seek.

"Risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinions of others, for those voices. Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth."

:Katherine MansField:

Kisa Masaki-san

I wait. I wait for the bitter dreams of death and love and petty things to take me into a blissful, yet painful deep sleep. I wait for the disappearance of the small moonlight shinning through the crack in my curtains and for the pale blue painting the walls to disappear. I wait for the sound of crickets to cease and for everything to just... pause and continue to move while I lay still and unmoving. I wait for sleep that just won't come.

I lost track of time after the clock read 2 a.m. . By now, I was long over the fact that I would sleep tonight. No, this would be one of those restless nights that I seemed to have once I hit the age of thirteen. It's sad really. I don't know why my body is rejecting something that I desperately need. After all, I was still in that growing stage of the human body. I needed all the 'beauty' sleep I could get.

But of course to those that weren't me, they would think differently. I was born into a family with good looks and a great personality. What would Uchiha Sasuke know about beauty sleep? Hell, I could probably be an insomniac and still have the body of a god people would say. Honestly, I don't believe that. I happen to think that I look pretty shitty right now and every day for that matter. There was no way I could ever compete with my brother.

Yes. My brother. My beautiful, sexy brother who was a prodigy and walking sex on legs. The man that I've longed to be like and yearn for with this sicken heart of mine. The brother that I constantly dream about fucking the shit out of me and putting my stubborn ass in check. Itachi, my forbidden fruit that I longed to taste and bite.

It seemed that once my body hit puberty, I was like an animal in heat. I constantly craved sex and masturbated at night. Fuck, I was even caught by Naruto, checking him out. I thought the world would end officially when my brother caught me one night. I literally felt my heart stop in my chest and everything froze around me. I could only see him and those... piercing onyx orbs similar to mine on my small frame. It was like hell.

The worse thing about it was that Itachi seemed... amused by the situation. He didn't say anything to me and seemed to trail down my body before he closed my door shut. I finally let out a breath that I seemed to hold inside. Fuck, I felt so fucking hot under those eyes. I came twice that night. Never was I so fucking turned on in my life before.

A small groaned passed my lips and I shifted on the bed, slightly aware of my arousal that slowly started to form at the thought of that night. It wasn't all that long ago. I could probably tell you what Itachi was wearing, the time, the way the moon was, everything. My memory burned that scene into my mind like it was vital and worth keeping.

'Fuck, I'm so tired right now. I want to sleep.' I sat up on my bed, yawning. My hands reached up, rubbing my eyes and I shook my head, wanting the haze and slight dizziness to go away. My bed was super uncomfortable tonight and my body was rejecting sleep. There was no point sitting in a bed that you weren't going to use right? So, reluctantly, I crawled out of bed. I considered reaching for my shirt but shrugged the idea away. My parents were asleep and Itachi had no feelings for me what so ever. After all, I was his brother.

God, I never knew I could hate a word so much. Everytime I thought, even heard the first three letters of that word, I wanted to kill myself just so I could go to heaven and curse god off for making a boundary that I desperately wanted to cross. Though, I wouldn't even be accepted through the gates. I was a sick and wicked child that was going to hell. After all, it wasn't normal to want to be your brother's bitch.

After having an inner battle with myself, I managed to walk to my door through the darkness of the room. I opened it lightly and walked outside, my eyes automatically going to my brother's room. Why the hell did they put Itachi in the room right across from mine? It made the temptation I felt for him all the more greater. So close, yet so far. It was like we were on different planets.

I shook my head of all the bad thoughts and turned, walking downstairs and into the kitchen. I hesitated at first but opened the fridge, my eyes going close for a second as they met bright lights. Once they adjusted to the new surrounding, I reached out for a bottle of water, closing the door. I opened the top on my way to the living room, popping down on the end of the couch. I placed the top to my mouth, drinking the cool liquid as I turned the television on.

A small light lit up the dark room and I lazily flipped through the channels, wanting to find something to watch. There wasn't usually anything 'interesting' on at a time like this. Just a bunch of porn with women and music that was filled with porn as well. If I wanted something like that, I might as well sneak into my parents room and watch them go at it.

A hint of amusement crossed my face and I couldn't help but let out a small chuckle at the thought. Though, it was highly disgusting since it was my parents, it amused me greatly to know that I, the Ice Prince, could come up with something like that. I would expect such behavior from Naruto of all people.

'Eh, here's something.' I finally stopped on one of the channels, finding some interest in it. It was Nick at Night and Home Improvement was on. I wasn't usually into comedy shows but it was better then watching some girl kiss and, or, make out with another girl. I slumped back on the arm rest of the couch, my hands resting on my stomach.

This was a normal position for me. Laying on the couch as if I had nothing better to do. Mother would always throw a fit. Being that I was so 'young', there was always something for me to do. Even though that was probably true, I don't think wanting to do your brother all day long was a 'sport' or something she would appreciate very much. 'I would though.'

My eyelids slowly slid down as I thought about my brother some more for what seemed like the millionth time that night. I thought about his strong hands around my small body, his hair tickling my cheek. I thought about his adult, male scent filling my senses, trying me wild. I even thought about his taste and the expression he made when someone was touching him the way he wanted to be touched.

By the time I managed to get myself out of the light daze I fell into, my hands found themselves in my boxers. Like a mind of their own, they wrapped around my shaft, tempting the growing bulge behind the material. My breath hitched slightly and I tilted my head back, not even caring about the laughter that was coming from the television or the fact that I was in the living room where my parents could catch me any time they wanted. No, I didn't have a care in the world.

Instead, I entered my own world where Itachi and I were lovers and incest was allowed, fuck, encouraged even. Where he didn't see me as his bratty little brother but as a man worthy of his time.

There he was, sweating and panting on top of me. Our bodies were flushed from exertions and rough movement. I could picture the smirk that would be tugging at his lips as I begged for him to touch me again and again and again. I imagined his hands slowly sliding down my body, teasing me a bit before they finally grasped their prize possession that belonged only to him.

Another gasp passed through my lips and I tighten my grip on my full hard on. I gave a few strokes, as if this was coming from Itachi. My back arched ever so slightly as my cheeks turned a reddish color. The name... the name of the one I so desperately wanted slipped out my demon lips without a second thought.


"Well... what do we have here..."


My body froze. Everything inside of me froze once those words slipped out of the mouth of the person I was masturbating to. My eyelids slowly, fearfully, slid upwards, looking upon the dark figured that was my brother. My breath hitched and I was stunned. Completely and utterly, stunned.

Itachi leaned against the wall next to the stairs. His eyes were unreadable as he glazed at my figured, arms across that smooth, naked chest. For a while, everything was silent between us. The only sounds you could hear was the sounds of my racing heartbeat. I continued to stare at my brother, no words coming out my lips. He continued to do the same, nothing slipping passed those beautiful, sexy, thin lips either.

Finally, after god knows how long, I broke the silence between us. I pulled my hands out of my boxers, quickly crawling off the couch before I stormed passed him. "I have to get to sleep. School is tomorrow." I muttered, wanting to just fall in a ditch right now. God, please, take me away, I begged to forces unseen. I wanted to disappear right now.

Sadly enough, before my wish was granted or could be granted, Itachi stopped me. He grabbed me by the wrist, effectively holding me there. My eyes widen lightly and I wanted to scream, wanted to alert my parents so I wouldn't have to deal with my brother but my heart betrayed me. "I really-"

"I was watching you, Sasuke. I saw everything..." Itachi whispered, making my heart skip a beat. I closed my eyes tightly together before I gave one forceful tug that he wasn't expecting, freeing myself away from him. The first reaction that ran through my mind right now was to run. Run and hide from this situation I put myself into it.

I could probably say I made it up four steps before my body painfully met with five steps. I groaned lightly as I heard a small snap somewhere around my body. I was pretty sure I broke a bone somewhere. Though this all went away as a strong body pressed against my back. Hot breaths were hitting my ear, causing me to shiver and groan in pleasure. God, this was wrong. So very wrong. Itachi needed to stop. He needed to stop before I sent him to the hell dimension I was sure to go to.

"Don't run from me, otouto." Itachi whispered against my ear. I shook my head, a small grunt coming out as I struggled against him. I was met with a kick in the side and my hands shoved above my head. "Itachi! Stop this! Get away from me!" I whispered angrily. I wanted to raise my voice higher so our parents would wake up and find their older son molesting their child but I knew, just knew, that I would be punished beyond reason.

"Why should I? You want this..." Itachi tightened his grip on my pinned hands and leaned down, placing soft kisses on my back. I couldn't help but moaned and arched into his touch. The touch I've been craving since forever. "See? You. Want. This." Itachi whispered once his lips were away from my skin. God, it was so hot. SO very hot. I felt like I was being burned alive.

"Ah... aniki..." My head lightly lifted up and I glanced up at the top stairs. If I could get away and get to my room, I would be safe. I could lock myself up there and just scream for help from our parents. I would be a coward and Itachi would never want anything to do with me but I wanted to risk it. I didn't want to cause my brother so much harm and pain. No, I loved him way too much for that.

As if sensing my forming plan, Itachi gripped my hair tightly. I cried out in pain as he forced my head back, revealing my pale throat. His tongue came out, licking lightly over the side of it before he whispered against my ear. "Be a good boy and I won't hurt you. Besides, it's pointless. You're not going anywhere I don't want you to go." There was a hint of possessiveness and danger to his tone of voice, I knew that he wasn't lying.

Of course, it wouldn't really matter if he did carry out that planned. I was a masochist. I found that out the hard/pleasurable way.

After my body stilled underneath him, he released the patch of hair he had in his grip. I felt a small ting of pain and knew that some of my hair came out from Itachi's hold. I didn't care though. I would play nice just for my aniki.

Itachi released my pinned hands, pulling away from me so he could turned me around. I gasped lightly once my eyes met with similar ones, only these were more intense and burning. It was as if Itachi was seeing right into the depths of my soul, reading all of my emotions like an open book.

"I knew this would happen. It was only a matter of time but I told myself I would have to be patient and allow you to make the first move. Now that you have, I'm not letting you go." Itachi pressed his forehead against mine. I was confused by his words. First move? First move for what? I haven't done anything to him, nor do I plan on doing it. I wanted to find out what he was babbling about but my mouth was covered by lips.

'Oh god.' My eyes widen drastically as Itachi kissed me. My thoughts rushed out of my head and all I could think about was the fact that my brother, my flesh and blood brother was kissing me. Was this a dream? Did I pass out on the couch? Or maybe when my body connected with the stairs. Something had to go wrong for Itachi, of all people, Itachi to be kissing a person like me.

Tears slowly began to build up in my eyes and my free hands quickly pressed into Itachi's chest, pounding into it. I forced my brother away as hot tears ran down my cheek. "This is wrong! This is wrong, aniki. You're my brother..." I knew that I was probably being weak right now but I didn't care. I never felt so much pain in my life before. It was like my heart was breaking in two.

Itachi frowned lightly and his hands came up to my cheek. "Shh, it's alright, Sasuke. You don't have to cry."

"But I... I do because I... I love you..." I admitted. I brought my hands up to the hands on my cheek, holding them tightly. I sobbed even more. "I love you niisan. More then a brother should. I crave you.. need you... want you. I'm going to hell for these feelings. I don't want you to have the same fate as me. No, please... please stop..." Honestly, I didn't have the will power to push Itachi away from me. I wasn't strong enough to do such a thing.

I could feel a hard glaze on my figure before something wet licked at my cheek, making the salty tears disappear. It was futile, however, because more replaced the ones that Itachi licked away. My brother ceased his touch, a small sigh coming out his lips before he picked me up, carrying me in his arms. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck as I buried my head into his chest, crying into the strong embrace. Why was I born defected? Why was I born with these horrible feelings for my brother? This would surely become the death of me one of these days.

I heard the opening of a door from the sound of my deep breathing. There was some movement before my back met with something soft. My hands came up to my face, covering my eyes as I continued to empty them, leaving nothing left. There was another movement and the weight of the bed increased before soft hands were placed on top of my own. "Look at me." A voice whispered. I knew it belonged to my brother. "Look at me, Sasuke."

Despite the fact that I most likely looked like crap right now, I complied with my brother's wish. I slowly pulled my hands away from my face before my puffy eyes glanced up at the one I loved. They widen.

Itachi looked at me like a normal boy. His eyes were soft and gentle and was as if he was looking down at someone precious. He didn't have a disgusted look on his face. No, it was an accepting kind of look. Like it was normal for me to be madly in love with my older brother. "Sasuke... I'm already going to hell. I loved you ever since I laid eyes on you." A gasp came out. "I've always been in love with you. God, I can't stop thinking about you. You're the shinning light in my dark world."

My right hand came up, stroking lightly on Itachi's face. I could feel my heart pound hard against my chest. "W-why?" I managed to get out. God, my voice sounded so horrible right now. It was like I had the flu.

Itachi nuzzled into my hand, his eyes disappearing behind eyelids. "I wanted to protect you. I wanted to keep you pure, Sasuke. That's why I didn't say anything to you at first. I didn't want to taint someone so bright and innocent."


"But now I know. I know that you feel the same way about me. We can burn together in our sins." Itachi opened his eyes, giving me an intense glaze. "Now that I know you're okay with this, tonight, I will make you mine. You won't be able to run from me anymore, Sasuke. The minute I found you and my name slipped out of your mouth... you sealed the deal."

I quickly shook my head before I reached up, pressing out lips together in a small kiss. I parted after a second. "I wouldn't dream of it, Itachi. I can't go on, living a lie. I have to have you with me."

'To death, do we part. I want to live a life of sin...

with you...'


Okay, it's 7 a.m in the morning and I'm about to like... pass out in front of my laptop right now. I was going to post a lemon with this story but the way it was going, it was going to turn out to be a graphic one and I don't think I should post that on such a site. Anyways, I hope you like this little drabble I wrote. If time forbids when I wake up, I might continued the idea and make another one shot based off of something like this. Who knows. I hope you like it and sorry about the bad grammer and mistakes! Love ya!

:Kisa Masaki-san: