High Treason
By: SakuraTearDrop
Proofread by: MoonStarDutchess


This story is inspired from the series, Prison Break.

Chapter One

Fuhrer King Bradley disappeared with no explanation and no trace. It was as if he vanished into thin air, which was impossible. Some said that he headed elsewhere and some said it was an act of murder. The military laughed at this theory, there was no trace of murder, not even the single hint of blood. When they found the Fuhrer's home, it was burning, there was no trace of where the flames came from, and then the military had concluded…the flame alchemist. He was the only possible source when they had found no ignition source such as gasoline or a lighter. Riza Hawkeye was then an obvious accomplice for leaving her gun at the mansion's steps.

"Order in the court!" the judge cried out while banging the mallet. The Totalitarian council that now governed the country of Amestris were seated in a row and in front of them stood Roy Mustang and his Lieutenant.

""Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye you are being charged for treason against the country of Amestris," the judge said to them. "Do you have anything to say?"

"No," they both replied.

"The signs are pointing to you two, speak now or I will sentence you two to lifetime imprisonment," the judge said.

"We have nothing to say," The flame alchemist's eyes shifted from right to left.

One of the higher ups brought out a gun that was sealed in plastic. "First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, this is your gun, correct?"

"Yes general," Hawkeye responded with no hesitation.

"Were you at the Fuhrer's mansion at the night he supposedly disappeared?" The judge placed his hand under his chin with his eyes focused on the blonde sharpshooter.

"Yes, sir." The first lieutenant nodded.

"What were you doing there?"

Riza kept her mouth shut and the panel of higher ups fearfully whispered to one another. General Grumman frowned at his granddaughter. Why wouldn't she say anything to her defense?

"…I'm sure my Riza would do nothing of a sort to the Fuhrer." The old man spoke for his granddaughter.

"How sure are you that the first lieutenant is innocent as you say?" the judge threw a questioning look at Grumman.

"Your honor, this is unnecessary, may we be dismissed?" Roy asked.

"That is absurd, Colonel Mustang, calling this whole thing off is irrational, if you two would admit that you both assassinated the Fuhrer and then I can assure you that this whole thing will be settled."

"Alright, I'll admit it." The raven-haired alchemist smirked as Riza and the higher ups listened carefully.

"We did not do anything." Mustang sighed and the first lieutenant elbowed him in the gut slightly but couldn't help but chuckle at his statement.

"…If that's how you want it, Colonel Roy Mustang and First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, I charge you guilty for assassinating the Fuhrer which is considered high treason against this government." The judge then hit the gavel on the sound block. "I therefore dismiss this court."

"What the. . ." Riza Hawkeye was cut-off when the military police handcuffed her hands.

"You have the right to remain silent, ma'am." He said.

Everything was happening so fast, before they both knew what was going on, they found themselves thrown in the prison cell with their handcuffs removed.

The alchemist couldn't help but laugh, laugh ridiculously. His plan miserably failed for the first time.

"What's so funny?" Her red ruby eyes shifted to her superior.

"Nothing," he cleared his throat. "It's just that I thought this would be it, Hawkeye, I thought I was finally going to become Fuhrer, I was so close."

"I'm sorry, you didn't make it."

"Things happen," he mumbled. "Well then, how to get out of here." Roy walked over to the barred windows.

"Sir, are you planning on breaking out of prison?" Riza questioned fearfully.

"Yeah, this place is shit." Mustang examined the window. "Let's see with enough momentum, we just might get out of here."

"And where do we get this momentum?" she cocked her eyebrow.

"I don't know." The flame alchemist said in reply. "How about you charge the window using your head?"

"That's stupid, colonel." She scoffed.

"It's not as if we have a choice unless you have an idea… Do you have any ideas?"

"We can steal the keys from the guard over there." Hawkeye pointed at the guard who was seated in a chair, asleep with his feet both on the desk.

"Possibly, Amestris has lousy security but how do we get it?" Roy crossed his arms over his chest.

"Say please," a familiar voice said; causing Roy and Riza looked up to see General Grumman.

"What are you doing here, grandfather?" the first lieutenant's gaze not once left her relative.

"I know you two are innocent." Grumman neared their cell, slowly reaching inside his breast pocket in order to reveal a key. They both actually were guilty. However, what kind of grandfather would accuse his grandchild of assassination and treason? They almost felt guilty that he honestly believed she had nothing to do with it.

"…I trust you won't tell anyone about this." The old man unlocked the door and walked away casually.

"…Lieutenant! What are you doing? Let's go already!" Roy said barely above whisper as he cautiously opened the door to freedom.

"This doesn't feel right; if we escape doesn't that give them the permission to kill us?"

"Perhaps," he nodded. "Would you rather be here until you die?"


"Then let's go." The colonel ushered his personal aide outside the cell.

"Lieutenant, I'm sorry for dragging you into this…."

The blonde opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out from her parched mouth. The two ran swiftly across the hall, careful enough not to create noises. Their great escape was going perfectly fine all until a soldier screamed. "Hey! Halt!"

The two escaped convicts continued to run without looking back, it didn't take long before the alarm was activated, continuously wailing, a sign that someone had escaped. The soldiers quickly searched the grounds with their dogs sniffing and barking for the lost criminals.

"Shit." The raven-haired alchemist cursed as he ducked under the tall grass with his subordinate.

"…What the hell is this?" Roy shook his hand as he felt some violet substance on his hand.

"…Sorry it must've leaked, it's an antidote that the locals made; it's used to confuse the dog's sense of smell. I bought it for Hayate because he wouldn't take his medicine that I mixed along his food." She brought out a small bottle with violet liquid inside from her pocket.

"…That's it!" He hugged Riza, who turned crimson. "You're a genius." He grabbed the small bottle and popped the cork. With it, he showered the violet substance on him and Hawkeye.

The dogs started to bark wildly at the direction where they were located. The colonel's heart started to pound faster while the first lieutenant tried to remain calm.

"What is it boy?" The blonde soldier asked the animal. The dog sniffed the ground and stopped until it found its prey—a stick.

"….A stick…" the sergeant scoffed in dismay.

The flame alchemist sighed in relief . . . loud enough to be heard.

"Who's there!" the soldier flashed the light unto the tall grass.

The two prisoners remained silent and still in their ducking position.

"Sergeant, General Hakuro has called for our troops!" a cadet snapped at him.

"What for?"

"For Inspection, sir, he suspects one of us to be an accomplice since the two assassins would not have escaped without a key so therefore someone unlocked the door for them."


"Hold on, cadet, I thought I heard something over there." The blonde soldier tugged on his dog's leash and walked over the tall grass. He searched the tall grass to uncover absolutely nothing. "Strange…I thought for sure I heard Mustang…"


Hawkeye and her superior manage to make a clean getaway, they slowly crept away from the tall grass while the sergeant and cadet had their little' heart to heart' talk. They ran, remaining unseen by the public, in the dead of the night. There was no turning back. They couldn't go to their homes because it would be the first place where they'd check. The couple managed to catch their breath when they stopped under the willow tree near a lake. They thought it would be safe to spend the night there and so they did.

To Be Continued


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