High Treason

By: SakuraTearDrop

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Chapter 5

The two cadets were seated in a row at the backseat of the black military vehicle. For the first lieutenant, who sat in between the men, there was absolutely no escape. The guards took her gun when they caught glimpse of a glinting metal strapped to her waist. Her ruby eyes drifted to the second lieutenant on her left. 'How could Havoc do this to me?' this thought kept boggling her mind over and over again. What did she do that made him like this? Wasn't she a good superior to him?

Riza looked out the window, hoping her subordinate and friend, Havoc would someday come to his senses. The military car had just passed the barbershop where old Charlie was about to close down for the night.

Charlie shut the wooden door and flipped the closed sign once he stepped out his barbershop. Out of the corner of his eye, he just saw a black car filled with soldiers and a blond woman whose red eyes twinkled in the dark. She was seated in between them as if she was an escaped convict. "So even women mess with the government, huh?" the middle-aged man chuckled lightly after he keyed in the lock to secure his shop. He sighed and walked in the northern direction while whistling nonchalantly. And due to his ignorance, he accidentally bumped into a very familiar colonel.

"Eh, sorry I didn't see you, I wasn't thinking." The barber apologized, rubbing his head in embarrassment. Actually, it wasn't only Charlie whose mind wasn't out of this world. Roy had been having cloudy thoughts as well, worrying about his subordinate.

"Don't worry about me sir." The flame alchemist smiled in assurance. "I wasn't actually looking where I was going. I wasn't thinking clearly."

Charlie grinned. "Well. Got anyone in your mind?"

Mustang flustered. "…I had a slight argument—well more of her getting angry at me…" he stuttered.

"A woman eh? Ah. Well good luck to you, boy, I'd hate to see some pretty boy devastated because of some woman."

"Well I'll be leaving now, Just so you know, these streets aren't for roaming around. Military officers have been patrolling these streets at night…they might mistaken you for some escaped convict. Just now they caught blond female."

That information caused him to gawk at Charlie in shock. "Shit," he silently cursed, combing a hand through his hair nervously. He should have run after her…he wasn't there to protect her. Riza had no fault in this crime. It was entirely his-- she doesn't deserve any of this.

Without any hesitation, he started running leaving the old barber stunned. He was going to turn himself in, in exchange for her release. He had to do it before she was given a death sentence.

The light emitted by the lamp was bright and glaring; it was enough to give light to the congested room where First Lieutenant Hawkeye and General Hakuro now sat.

The superior officer stared at her for a long period before opening his mouth to say something, "You know where Mustang is."

Riza just continued to put her head down, avoiding his gaze.

"I'll take that as a yes," Hakuro sighed before rolling his eyes. "You do know you two are being charged of high treason." He said as a matter-of-fact.

The female soldier's eyes remained calm and she did not reply to this.

"I'm willing to let you go if you lead me to Mustang."

"Over my dead body." She spat.

"To show such insolence, is very depressing. He's only your superior and yet to choose to protect him. He's nothing more than a peasant." The older man folded his arms on the table and eyed her down. "Perhaps, Miss Hawkeye, it isn't just devotion…do you love him?" a wry smile curled up on his chapped lips.

Love? Riza looked up at the superior officer. The reason why she entered the military was because of him, Roy Mustang. He was the only family she had left ever since her father had fallen. She was really happy being with him and dedicating her life to him…but was it all because love? She clutched her heart causing Hakuro to chuckle scornfully. "Don't be ridiculous! Love!" he mocked.

The stool screeched as the general stood with aggravation, "Love is bullshit! What the hell do I care about some dog in love? Tell me where the hell he is!" He grabbed her lapel and pressed her against the wall.

"…Go to hell." The blond glared at him.

"You little bitch—"he raised his hand; he was just about to hit her until the door creaked.

"Sir." The door swung open and revealed a second lieutenant. The male cadet shivered at what he saw and he couldn't believe that Hakuro was about to hit a woman.

Clearing his throat, the old general's hand dropped to his side and he let go of her lapel. "Well. You have committed, high treason, you know the charges…death sentence." He told her.

It was a nightmare. Riza Hawkeye never dreamed of becoming one of those convicts. She never dreamed that she would be hunted down by the military. She had always wanted to protect her countrymen. She would die for him if she had to. But not this way…was she really going to die? The blonde shed a tear; the cold-blooded killer she was once was now going to die helpless.

"I want her behind bars."

"Yes, sir!" The lieutenant saluted after he watched his superior leave the room.

"I'm going to get you back." Roy muttered under his breath, he was now nearing the head quarters, unarmed, ready to surrender.

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