Chapter 2

Kingpin was a big man. He sat behind his desk in his very fancy, luxurious office. His jewel topped can was leaning against the wall behind him. His cigar was in his mouth, spouting a trail of smoke.

Now when the term 'big' is applied, it isn't lightly applied. Kingpin was a massive man, weighing 400-pounds, or more, and standing maybe 6 foot, 9 inches. His massive weight wasn't fat, despite what it looked like. It was 400-pounds of rock hard muscle. He wore, tonight anyways, a white suit jacket and violet pants. His shoes were polished and reflected everything in the room.

He was counting out the gains he'd made in the last several months, and reading reports from his operatives. Occasionally he stopped for a split second to tap the ash off his cigar. Then went back to his counting. His real name was Wilson Fisk. And he'd been the head of New York organized crime for years now. There was a knock at the door, which caused the Kingpin to look up. "What is it?" he asked angrily.

"Sir, a little prisoner."

"Come in."

The door opened and two guys came in, hurling a young, brown haired boy to the carpet. Kingpin surveyed the shoulder length brown hair, and the black leather jacket. "Ahh, Kristoff Vernard. I've been waiting for you to pop up."

One of the men had all of Kristoff's little gadgets in his fist. He set them on his boss' desk and then set the Goblin Formula down gently. "He had these."

Kingpin smiled. "Very good. Now get out."

They shuffled out quickly as Kristoff came out of his daze and pushed himself up. He spotted the huge man and yelped, before covering his mouth. "Kingpin I presume?" he asked, his voice high with terror.

"Correct boy." the crime boss said, looking over Kristoff's metallokinetic bands. "This is very interesting technology. You truly must be a genius."

Kristoff frowned, wary of praise from this man. "What do you want me for?"

Kingpin grabbed the Goblin formula vial. "You're clearly of high intellect. And I've been coveting the Green Goblin's powers for ever so long. But I've been wary of the fact it can drive you insane."

"Let me guess, you want me to refine it for you, and make it so you can drink it without going insane."


"And if I refuse to help?" Kristoff asked.

"Then I'll kill you."

Kristoff raised his hands. "Aren't you forgetting I can do this?" he asked. A field of magical energy appeared around him.

Kingpin laughed and pressed a button on his desk. The boy gasped, collapsing as the field turned off. "You will be in rooms equipped with magic inhibitors. Try anything funny and the magic instead hurts you. You'll explode from the inside if you do anything too powerful."

Kristoff growled, but stayed where he was. "Fine, where am I working?"

"Nowhere right now. You're tired and hungry. And I know for a fact that servants and slaves are useless in such a condition. You'll get some rest and food. Then you'll get to work."


Kristoff was led to a small, dingy room that smelled of mold and nicotine. The food he got was bread, water and vaguely warm soup of uncertain ingredients. He ate the bread and drank the water, and tried the soup, but spat it out quickly enough and didn't bother. Then he curled up on the moth eaten bed and slept, with all his clothes on, save his jacket, which he put on the end of the bed.

He was rudely awoken what felt like a short time later. He sat up and suddenly had leather in his face. His jacket to be precise. He pulled it on quickly and looked around, seeing one of the Kingpin's thugs standing there. "Come on twerp." the man said, pushing the boy in front of him, heading towards the lab that the Kingpin had set up.

It was actually surprisingly well-equipped for something owned by a criminal. Though somehow, Kristoff wasn't surprised considering who owned the place. Tubes, vials, everything he could name that should be there, was there. "Now you, get to work." the thug said, turning and exiting. A click of a lock confirmed he was stuck here.


Much later that day, Kristoff had finished analyzing the formula. He had to admit it was incredibly brilliant, if also incredibly flawed. He was still thinking of ways to refine it. And of course he wasn't going to get leisure to do it. Big and chubby wanted his formula as fast as possible and as perfect. And so for the next few days he had to work as fast as he could, which also meant he made some mistakes which he quickly ammended. He'd been working out an escape plan and he had an idea. In order for it to work though, he had to do what he'd been asked.

So it was, about a week after his arrival in the USA, and constant thrashing, that he finally had the formula on its way to refinement. "It'll be refined fully tomorrow I should think," he told the Kingpin when the crime boss decided to come in person and check progress.

"Excellent. I'm feeling in a good mood today, so I'll let you have a little more food than usual," the Kingpin said and left the room.

Kristoff scowled behind his captor's back. "Doom never harms the innocent," Kristoff muttered, repeating a phrase of his foster-father's. "But Kristoff doesn't have mercy on over sized tubs of goo." Luckily for him, Kingpin had long left and nobody heard him say that except himself.

His idea was quite simple. The Goblin formula was perfected. He'd seperated the substance that caused madness from the main formula. But secretly he'd taken that seperated substance and created a poison. The pure Goblin Formula sat seperately, but with a poison label on it. The poison had the goblin formula symbol on it. He smiled smugly as he looked at his little trap.


The next morning he was awoken abruptly as usual by one of the thugs slamming open his door and roughly waking him up. "Da boss wants ter see yah in da lab."

Kristoff hurried down to the lab, giddy with excitement, but also anxious. What if the Kingpin saw through his deception? It wasn't the most complex plan he'd ever thought up, nor the most rutheless. If this didn't work, the Kingpin was bound to shoot him on the spot for the betrayal. On the other hand if it worked... well there was some selfishness in wanting to take the Goblin formula. He was Dr. Doom's heir after all, the adopted son of a man ever trying to increase his power.

He entered the lab and saw the massive figure of the Kingpin standing amongst the tables. "Good morning Vernard," the Kingpin said gleefully. "I wanted you here to witness my rise of power."

Kristoff nodded. "Good, I just need to make sure it's all finished." The Kingpin nodded and Kristoff strode over to the two vials and quickly inspected them. Both had filled completely and were exactly the way he'd wanted. He picked up the vial of poison and held it out to the Kingpin. "Here you go, sir."

The Kingpin took it in his massive hand and grinned broadly. "Why thank you Kristoff. Perhaps I should take the time now to tell you that I had one of my men lock the door. Once I've gained my power, I will kill you."

Kristoff gasped. "But I helped you!" he cried in his best shocked voice.

The Kingpin smiled. "You've run out of use. Don't worry it'll be quick." He raised the vial and uncorked it. "Cheers." And then he tipped it back and swallowed it all in one gulp.

Kristoff had expected him to almost instantly keel over. He didn't, perhaps he was too massive. However it was clear he noticed something was wrong. Quick as a flash Kristoff grabbed the other vial, uncorked it and tipped its contents down his throat. It wasn't pleasant tasting at all, but the effect was almost immediate.

A rush of strength and energy rushed through him, filling him from his fingers to his toes. He suddenly felt very, very strong and he could feel his muscles had bulged a little. And the wakefulness he had, it was all amazing he didn't quite notice the Kingpin having started an alarm. The Kingpin himself however looked quite ill. He had gone pale and sweaty and seemed like he could topple at any moment. With his last strength he lunged at Kristoff.

The boy reacted swiftly, very much so, to his surprise. He punched and caught the Kingpin in the jaw. The huge man immediatly keeled back as if he'd been struck by someone much larger and stronger than a ten-year old. Kristoff took that moment to deliver a kick to his enemy's legs and he crashed to the ground. And Kristoff stood there, amazed at the potency of his new abilities. And he didn't feel tired at all.

Of course in his momentary awe, he had forgotten the alarm. The banging on the door brought him back to reality. He quickly scanned the room for any possible way out. There was only a vent that was easily too small for him. And even with enhanced physical abilities, there was no way he could fend off hordes of thugs with guns. That's when he noticed something in the Kingpin's jacket pocket. He reached down and pulled out two wristbands of metal; his wristbands! A quick search through the other pockets found him his gloves as well.

Once again armed, and now with superpowers as well, Kristoff turned to the door just as it broke down.