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Summary. Post-Millennium. "But as she drove through the night, feeling the air rush past her through her open windows, she felt as if she was headed towards a goal, a purpose, a future."

"The world didn't end."

"No, it didn't."

"Happy New Year, Scully."

"Happy New Year, Mulder."


To Scully's dismay, Mulder took his arm away from upon her shoulders once they reached the hospital doors. He pushed the door open for both of them, then put his hand on his normal spot at the small of her back and guided her out the door to her car.

"Hey, do you wanna come back to my place for hot chocolate?" Mulder asked as he opened Scully's car door for her. She smiled at his request, his Mulder-esque thoughtfulness.

:"I'd like that." She looked up at Mulder, and their eyes locked for a few seconds. It felt like a lifetime to Scully as she gazed at his green eyes. Suddenly she noticed- he was moving closer, his eyes smoldering with-

A siren went off in the distance, and it jolted both Mulder and Scully from their lovelorn daze.

"Well, we'd better head out before all the drunk people get on the road," Mulder murmured, almost silently, taking one of Scully's hands and examining it carefully.

"That's positive thinking, Mulder." Scully began to pull her hand away, but Mulder held on and kissed it softly, looking up at Scully through his eyelashes, his eyes burning again with something she couldn't place. He let her hand go, almost defeatedly.

"What can I say," he sighed. "I'm a practicing pessimist." Scully smiled at him then got into her car. He fake-drew a tear falling down his cheek, and she waved him off, pulling out of the parking lot.


As soon as Scully pulled onto the familiar road to Mulder's house, she let out a breath of air she thought she has been holding for ages.

"What the hell happened back there?" she whispered to herself. It wasn't that hard to comprehend- you kissed, stupid, she though to herself. Billions of thoughts raced through her head at once. What would happen now? Would they make kissing a usual event? Did he….love her? She could only hope. If it wasn't for the damned FBI rules, and her own slight shyness, she would have made a move a long time ago. Running a hand through her hair, Scully sighed. This was both exactly what she wanted, but exactly what she didn't want. She knew what would happen if Skinner found out, and she did not want to lose Mulder, or the X-files. Scully's head was muddled with thought. But as she drove through the night, feeling the air rush past her through her open windows, she felt as if she was headed towards a goal, a purpose, a future.

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