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Mulder and Scully arrived back at Scully's apartment late New Year's Day pleasantly stuffed full of homemade food. It was supposed to be a brunch, but Mrs. Scully held them there for hours, watching cliché movies and enrapturing Mulder in a photo album of Scully as a baby.

"Scully, I had no idea you had blonde hair when you were a baby," Mulder mused as they entered her apartment.

"Yep," she replied, throwing her purse on her table. "It started turning red when I was four, and I started dyeing it this color in eighth grade."

"Wow, Scully, you just keep unfolding like a flower," Mulder teased.

"Want some tea?" Scully pulled two mugs out of her cabinet. Suddenly she felt two arms wrap around her waist from behind. She could feel Mulder breathing next to her ear.

"Remember, Scully? We never finished uh, talking." Scully smiled at Mulder's constant reminders.

"Mulder, I think we should actually talk this time." She pried his hands off of her as she turned around with two glasses full of tea. Handing one to him, she took his hand and let him to her couch. They sat for a moment, sipping tea and soaking in silence. "Mulder, what are we doing?"


"I mean, what are we doing in terms of us? Where is our relationship going? Do we even have a relationship?" she


"Scully, I think we've been in a relationship with each other for longer than we'd like to admit." He finished his tea and set the mug on the table. Mulder picked up Scully's free hand that rested on the couch and stroked it carefully. Scully regarded him, eyebrow raised.

"Mulder, are you in love with me?" she blurted.

"Yeah," he said, staring into her eyes and kissing her hand.

"Good. Because I'm in love with you. That solves some problems," she smiled. "So, uh, what next?"

'Let's go to bed!" Mulder grinned boyishly. I rolled my eyes.

"Mulder, no. I don't want to ruin this whole us thing by jumping into bed with you during the first minute of this whole us thing," I said, stretching my arms over my head.

"Fine, Scully. Let's go to bed and actually sleep. You look tired," he said standing up and pulling Scully to her feet. He kissed her forehead. "I'll put up our mugs, you go change for bed."

"Okay," she agreed, and set off for her room.


Mulder was greeted by a peaceful sight when he reached Scully's room. She was resting on top of her comforter, dressed in black yoga pants and a dark blue tank top. Her glasses were perched on her nose as she peered studiously at her newest medical journal. Her hair was piled on top of her head in a messy ponytail.

He had never seen her so beautiful.

"Well, you've sure gotten comfortable," he managed to say. Her eyes flitted upwards to his face.

"God, you scared me," she said, smiling. "I think you have some pajama pants in that drawer over there." Scully pointed to her chest of drawers, setting her reading material and her glasses on the nightstand. Mulder retreated to the bathroom and changed quickly as Scully crept under the covers.

Scully couldn't help staring at Mulder's bare chest again as he climbed into bed beside her. They laid beside each other for a moment in silence, until Scully suddenly and without warning grabbed Mulder's face and pulled him to her for a long kiss. Thought process flew gratefully away as they laid there, kissing, one of Mulder's arms pinned beneath him, the other stroking Scully's side, sending chills up her side.

Scully let go of his face and plopped her head back on the pillow, listening to her own shallow breathing.

"Wow," Mulder chuckled. "Come here," he said quietly, pulling her into his chest. Scully breathed in the pure scent of Mulder. "Can we kill all of our awkward silences like that?" She giggled.

"Sure, Mulder."

They settled into a peaceful silence, the only sounds being their own breathing, slowing down as they drifted off to sleep.

"Hey, Scully? One more thing?" He pulled her head out of his chest-nest momentarily.

"What, Mulder?"

"You still can't call me Fox." She snorted and tried to bury her head again.

"That's okay. You can't call me Dana either."

"Why? Did you develop a sudden revulsion to your first name, too?" Mulder teased. Scully shook her head resolutely.

"I like my name. I like your name. But I didn't fall in love with Fox. I fell in love with Mulder. So I would never have called you Fox anyways," Scully rambled. "Can I sleep now, Mulder?"

"That still doesn't explain why I can't call you by your real name!"

"Don't you feel the same way? You calling me Dana would be like you were talking to a different person. And I don't like that. So you can't." Scully turned over, fluffing her pillow. "I'm going to actually sleep now, Mulder. You can either put your arm around me and sleep too, or you can go away."

"Fine, fine. Whatever make you happy."


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