-1Well, another poem. Who'd a thought? This one's dedicated to Gaara, even if I'm not a fan girl, haha. This shows when Naruto reached out to him and saved him from being a murderer for the rest of his life. And NO, this does NOT imply yaoi. I hate the stuff. Anyway, enjoy.


Darkness of my heart

Had all but consumed me

I had done all I could

To try and reach the light

When I called out for help

Everyone just turned away

I called out for someone

But no one even looked my way

I'm alone with no one to help

To stop the dark from destroying me

I've done everything I could

I did all that I could do

But they just walked away

Without a care

That the dark comes closer for the kill

Someone help me

I'm begging you

I'm completely at wit's end

I've no one to turn to

I'm totally lost

I've nowhere to go

Someone help

I reached for the light

But it came no closer

I ran as fast as I could

To try and each it

But then I couldn't run anymore

Just when I was about to give up

Just when I had lost all hope

That is when you came

I had called out for help

And for the longest time

No one answered

But you reached out your hand

For me to take

With hardly a fear

You pulled me away from the dark

You taught me things I had never known

Emotions, friends, family

A world I had never known

You saved me when I had no hope

You came even when the dark was strangling me

You pulled me away from all that pain

You pulled me out of hell!

I never thought anyone could do

What you did for me

And one day

When you're falling away

I'll come and save you!

AN: True, Gaara probably would never say this, but I get the feeling that deep inside him, he wishes to pay back the debt that he owes to our favorite orange ninja. So, with that in mind, plus his painful childhood, this came to mind. I hope you guys like it. Please review.