"Elphaba-Fabala-Fae," he would whisper, as she spun circles around him and her laughter brushed through the nights they shared.

His dark eyes that shone only for her, his blue diamonds that glistened only for her.


The Scarecrow was all in pieces on the ground.

Her heart roared like a wind. How foolish to have actually thought it was him.

He's dead, he's gone, he's left me forever.

She let out a cackle and that useless boy was staring at her.

No hidden lover returning, no last hope of salvation. Alone forever.

"You've got to give our guests credit for ingenuity," he said.

"Will you shut up before I tie your tongue into a knot?" she snapped and turned once more to the eyepiece.

Fiyero, why didn't you take me with you?