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The Beginning: Desperation

Elizabeth had never realized there was a taste to desperation.

But now—now, when she was finally Will's wife—she realized how desperation could tinge every aspect of the senses: she tasted it on his lips, felt it as he clutched her tightly, saw it in the way his eyes seemed to darken. And she let it take her over, lost herself in the moment, allowing the world to slip away just for a while before the inevitable arrived.

As Will's lips trailed down her throat, Elizabeth ran her fingers through the curls of his nape, memorizing the feel and knowing that she would be unable to touch him like this for so long... A low sob threatened to emit from her throat, but Will seemed to sense it by covering her mouth again. Don't think about it just yet, his kiss conveyed. Not yet, not yet

Somehow Elizabeth ended up on the ground, Will's shirt spread underneath her. And the red, angry scar of where his heart had been taken was that much more apparent to her gaze. Tenderly, she traced its length, from his collarbone to high on his ribs. Will moaned softly at the touch, his breath puffing on her throat. Elizabeth, however, felt tears rise as she felt the lack of a heartbeat in his chest: where once it had thumped strongly, there was nothing.

"Oh, Will," she murmured, tracing the scar once again.

Will glanced up at the sound of her voice. Covering her hand with his, he whispered, "It's yours, it's always been yours." As he lifted her hand and began kissing her fingers, he murmured, "Even though you can't feel it beating, never believe that I don't love you as much as before."

And with that, he leaned down to kiss her.

Elizabeth forgot the world as she clutched him tightly, his lips firm on her own—on her cheeks, nose, chin, throat. Her heart sped as she felt him begin to unbuckle her belt and laughed as he struggled with the soaked leather. Finally, after fumbling with the unwieldy ornament, the belt was gone and her jacket was open, revealing the thin robe beneath. Elizabeth felt Will's gaze upon her, knowing that he stared at her barely concealed breasts. Blushing, she watched as he peeled the jacket from her, slowly, one arm at a time. As her golden skin was revealed, she blushed even hotter, but could not take her eyes from her husband.

With the jacket gone—and somehow, her breeches in the process— Elizabeth began to breathe faster, her chest rising and falling rapidly. After what seemed like hours, Will finally looked up from his perusal of her body and into her eyes; he smiled that heart-melting grin with which she had fallen in love so long ago.

He kissed her behind the ear. "Lovely," he murmured. "So…lovely…my Elizabeth…"

Clad only in her robe, Will began to untie the silken belt from her small waist. Elizabeth noticed a slight tremor in his hands as he worked at the knot, and the sight caused her heart to fill with an even greater love for him. Reverently, Will peeled the sides of the robe away from her body; and in the process, he seemed to be gasping for breath at the sight of his wife's body. And to no surprise, he seemed most absorbed with the sight of her naked breasts.

Elizabeth smiled. Will may have become the captain of the Dutchman, but he was still a man, still the shy blacksmith. Reaching up, she grabbed his face and kissed him hard.

From there, it was heated caresses, kisses in places both Elizabeth and Will had not yet imagined, and hot breaths on each other's skin. Whispered words of love and salty tears mixed with their passion for one another.

And when they finally came together, desperation tinged their union, but love held it together.

This is just a little beginning to what I hope will become an actual fic (yes, really!). After seeing AWE last weekend, I fell in love with Will and Elizabeth all over again and felt compelled to write something. And, also, I must add that I have a hard time believing that Liz would willingly just wait for Will for ten years - thus, the basis for what that fic will become. Let me know what you think! (:

-Miss Maudlin (formerly Niamh)