Reach Out

She was different, she should have been happy. He could see it though, there was something, it was bothering her a great deal. She laughed with her friends, she still payed attention in classes like she always did. It was in the quiet moments when he saw it, her eyes were somewhere else. She wasn't focused, she tuned in at the proper moments, but she wasn't there.

She was lost.

He wasn't sure how it happened, she had never noticed him watching her before. All of a sudden she was watching him, and there was a little spark in her eyes. She smiled at him, something she hadn't done in a long time. He allowed himself a moment to enjoy that feeling, of her looking at him that way. Then he started to wonder why, why she was even acknowledging his existence. She hadn't done that either in a long time.

He was getting ready to ride home a few days later when she approached him somewhat, the area was deserted, still she stood to the side. Watching him unwaveringly, her fingers playing with her bag strap. She was nervous.

"What?" He asked turning towards her.

She smiled weakly at him, "you like to record things right? With your camera?"

"Yeah," he shrugged.

Claire moved closer then, "could you perhaps, help me with something?"

"With what?"

"I can't really explain it," she said quietly. "Maybe, I could just show you?"

He wanted to say no, he was ready to say no, as some kind of petty payback for her ignoring him all these years. For laughing with her friends as they laughed at him, for never looking at him when he spoke. There was something though, in her eyes, her face. She wasn't looking around to see who could see them, she was focused with steely determination on him.

She needed him.

He closed his eyes, and nodded. "When?"


"Okay, where?"

"Not here, we'll have to walk. It won't take long."

"Let's go then," he said pulling his bike out.

She started to lead him, before stopping and turning back. "You have to promise me that no matter what you see, you'll keep an open mind, and you won't tell anyone."

"Claire, what..."

"Promise me."

"Fine," he said. "I won't tell, and I won't go nuts."

"That's good, it could look a little crazy."