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The next day.

She was filling boxes when she heard a familiar knock on the door.

Allison Cameron sighed. She'd been expecting this visit- the way they had left things had been too unfinished, she'd just hoped to be gone before he finally made his way over to her apartment. Oh well, it couldn't be helped now, so she got slowly to her feet and picked her way carefully around the towers of books and junk that threatened to topple over.

She pulled the door open to see her boss standing there, cane raised as if he were about to knock again.

"I'm kind of busy, House. But come in if you want," she spoke in a clipped tone, and without waiting for a reply, she walked back into her living room and went back to work.

A series of soft thuds on the wooden floor told her that he was following her.

"You're moving," her boss looked at the boxes with surprise.

She suppressed the urge to reply 'no shit' and instead asked almost wearily: "What do you want, House?"

He looked ill at ease, standing in the doorway, tapping his cane against his foot the way he did when he really didn't want to be somewhere.

"I came to ask you why you lied for me."

She didn't bother to look up, but went on with her task: "I explained that yesterday."

She felt that if that was really all he was here for, then this was a superfluous conversation.

There was a long pause before he spoke again: "Wilson said it's because you're in love with me."

She looked up then, sending him a searching look from under lowered brows. For a brief moment, he felt as if he were a specimen under a microscope. Then she dropped her gaze.

"Did he now?" her tone was neutral, but he could detect faint amusement.

It certainly wasn't the answer that he had been expecting. He'd anticipated shock, embarrassment and denial. But never calm amusement.

He went on: "Is it true?"

She straightened from her task to look at him fully. When she spoke, her words surprised him once more, as did the laugh of disbelief in her voice: "Go home, House."

He didn't move.

Allison folded her arms.

"Let me explain to you why you're really here," he tiled his head in a mute denial that she could possibly guess his motives, "You're here to find out whether or not I'm in love with you, because if I am, it means that you can disregard everything I said to you yesterday. You can put it all down to my 'feelings' for you," she practically spat the word, "and you won't have to take on board anything I told you. If I tell you that I'm in love with you, it lets you confirm everything you ever thought about me, and allows everything I told you to be the rantings of some little girl."

She paused for a moment and tilted her chin in a gesture of defiance: "So I'm not going to tell you. I'm not going to make things easy on you. I told you nothing but the truth last night, and if you didn't think that, then you would be here looking for something that'll make you feel better."

House couldn't speak; he had nothing to say.

She realised a little sadly that a man who was so articulate when it came to everything and anything could be struck dumb as soon as a real conversation was forced upon him.

She shook her head: "You know, all that time you kept telling me that I was too young for you. But you were wrong: you're too young for me. You're just like a two-year-old that thinks if he keeps asking questions he can understand everything around him. Well, I'm sorry, but not everyone can be labelled."

She smiled suddenly at the expression of consternation on his face. It wasn't often that you saw Dr. Greggory House at a loss.

Taking pity on him, she said kindly: "If it helps, what I did yesterday wasn't just for you. I did it for Wilson and Cuddy, and Foreman and Chase. And me. Tritter screwed around with all of us to get to you. I don't think that we deserved that. But I do think that you deserved to go to jail."

She carefully made her way across the floor and halted before him.

He looked down at the beautiful young woman smiling up at him and felt a pang of regret.

"You got a another chance, House. Don't screw it up."

He finally found his voice: "Good luck in your new job, Cameron," he told her somewhat awkwardly.

Allison walked him to the door, "Thanks. And I really hope that you find what you're looking for."

Her smile was so beautiful, and from the look in her eyes he knew that she meant what she said: after everything that had happened she still wanted him to be happy.

He surprised them both by pulling her into his arms for a quick hug. A silent 'thank you' that he was incapable of expressing in words.

For a brief moment, she felt his warm body pressed against hers, and the scratch of his stubble as he pressed a kiss to her forehead. Then he was gone.

"Goodbye Dr. House," she whispered softly, as she closed the door behind him.

Tears threatened to rise up, but she brushed them angrily aside. She had shed far too many for him already.

Leaving New Jersey and House was painful, but she knew that it was the right decision. She'd given up the man she loved once before. She was stronger now, and she knew she could do it again.

Allison was filled with hope: maybe, just maybe, something that she had said would make House see that he needed to change- for the people around him, and for himself.

And maybe, one day, they'd meet again.

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