"Oh come on Haruka-Papa

Hotaru get's IT!

"Oh come on Haruka-Papa! Please talk with me about IT!" "NO, Hotaru!" Haruka answered angrily while her "daughter" pulled at her leg. "Please, Papa! Everyone talks about IT!" "Everyone but you. And now stop nagging about IT." "Then buy IT for me!" "WHAT??" Haruka stared at her daughter with wide eyes when Michiru entered the room. "What's going on here?" the senshi of the sea asked. "Haruka-Papa won't talk to me about IT, and she won't buy IT for me." Hotaru complained. "That's because she doesn't like IT." Michiru answered grinning. Haruka shot her girlfriend an angry glare and returned to reading her newspaper. "Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaase papa!" Hotaru wailed. "NO!" Haruka shouted at her before mumbling something about naughty little girls that didn't know when to stop. Hotaru looked down on the floor, with those weird rivers of tears flowing from her eyes. "That is soo mean, Haruka-Papa. Everyone has IT, everyone but me. The others will laugh at me!" "No, they won't. You are too young anyway." "But Papa, I'm already eight!" "And that's too young." Haruka stated with that typical And-no-more-nagging-about-it tone she always had when she was fed up with something. "Aww, Haruka, don't be so strict." Michiru sat down on her lover's mate, putting her arms around her. "If Hotaru wants IT so badly, then why don't we give it to her?" "Traitor." Haruka mumbled. Michiru winked at her daughter, then she suddenly grabbed Haruka and kissed her until she went @_@. "What about giving IT to Hotaru now?" the senshi asked after the kiss. "Nice try, Michiru, but no." Haruka answered with an evil grin. Michiru pretended to think for another solution before leaning down and whispering something into Harukas ear, licking it after the last word. "Eeew." came Hotarus comment about her parents' "conversation". "Well, Michiru, if you suggest this...I think Hotaru can have IT. But she'll only enjoy IT in her room, and not in the living room!" "Okay Papa!" Hotaru excited jumped up and down. Haruka sighed and stood up, the newspaper falling down and landing on the floor. "Let's go to the store." Michiru told her family, "and buy IT for Hotaru." "I finally get IT!" Hotaru screamed happily before bouncing out of the living room, leaving Michiru grinning broadly at their daughters happiness. Haruka just wondered: "I just want to know why she is so keen at having the new ThreeLights-Album."