Previously on Midnight Skies:

Previously on Midnight Skies:

"Come on time to get out now, we're in Denali." She said pulling me off.

We walked out of the plane and on to the terminal when Alice went into a vision, I held her tight until her eyes began to come back to real life and she gasped and pointed behind me.

I turned around to see an unexpected figure.

Chapter 11

"Nice to see you Bella," James sneered walking closer to me; I picked up the limp Alice into my arms and began to run. I didn't care if humans saw me; I just needed to get away from James. I ran outside into the nearby forest as Alice awoke from her vision in my arms,

"Al can you run now?" I asked desperation in my voice as I heard James approaching quickly.

"Yeah put me down," Her voice came out rushed but I caught her words. I began to place her on the ground while I was running but I lost speed. I knocked from my feet from behind. I looked up at James sneering face, I pushed him off with all my might and he fell backwards. I grabbed Alice and put up a force field around us.

"Poor little Bella, I didn't know your name before but now I do. And Alice, finally caught up with her did you?" He voice was filled with hate for me for taking away his prey.

"Who are you?" Alice demanded unsure of how he knew her.

"OH isn't this precious; she doesn't remember me, or her past it seems. I can help you relive it if you want. Take away your friend and then come for you, but now there won't be anyone to save you."

"You will never get us!" I growled menacingly.

"That's what you think, but nightmares always find a way back to haunt you, just as I have. I imagine I was a nightmare to you. Taking away everything that made you, your humanity, and your friend." He taunted, although he was physically hurting me his words did a lot more damage, all of my loneliness and helplessness came back to me.

"What is he talking about Bella?" Alice looked at me hopelessly for an answer.

"Lying to your friend, something you should never do." His words affected my already worn out body, I could feel my force field faltering.

"Protecting her from scum like you! You are despicable!" I yelled out, but my voice grew softer as my body collapsed, hurtling towards the ground. And then something dreadful and miraculous happened, I blacked out.

Author's Note: SORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY For not updating for forever but I'm hoping everything has gone back to normal and I can write and update regularly again.