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Beep… beep…

Slowly, I turn my aching head to the side. The rhythmic sounds had been driving me nuts for days. Even in my sleep, I can hear those God awful beeps.

Beep… beep…

"Tweek? Tweek honey, are you awake yet?"

The voice sounds somewhat distant. Slowly, I squint at my surroundings. I locate the source of the voice, and a familiar face smiles at me.

"Oh, Tweek! I'm so happy you're awake!"

"M… mom?" I say, testing my words.

"Yes, it's me dear. How do you feel? You've been asleep for a few days now," Mom says, worriedly.

"Where am I?" I ask groggily.

"Hells Pass hospital, hun. You were put here after a fight with one of your school mates, remember? Oh, Tweek. Who ever made you so violent?"

"Gah…" I twitched and blinked a few times, recalling the events that landed me in the hospital. Yeah, I remember. Stan and Kyle pushed me into fighting... Craig. Yeah, Craig and I had a fight. "Where's Craig now?" I asked. I thought I had dealt more damage to him than he had to me.

"So you do remember. Your friend is still resting, in the bed next to you."

My eyes widened and I glanced to my left. I shook nervously as I stared at my unconscious classmate. Craig had a black eye… and a lot of bruises. He even had stitches next to his mouth. I stared in horror.

"Oh my God! What the hell did I do to him?" I squawked.

"That little boy wasn't necessarily kind to you, dear."

I lifted my hands and stared at the scabs on my knuckles. I don't remember it getting so bad… Hadn't I had boxing gloves on? Or did I imagine them? I must have, how else would I have gotten scabs on my hands? Oh, jeez…

"After you two were placed in here, you both went at it again," Mom said, obviously noticing my questioned reaction to my hands. "I really don't know what got into you boys. They planned on separating you two after that, but you know how crowded this hospital gets," I watched as she glanced at her watch. "Hmm… you father was supposed to be up here with coffee by now… I better go see what's taking him so long," she said, and began getting up.

"Will you tell him to bring me some too?" I asked.

Mom smiles. "Sure honey. Just keep resting."

With that, my mom exited the room.

I glance around the area I resided in. Snowing outside the window to the right, a couple of cards and notes to my side, TV mounted in front of me, in between mine and Craig's bed, and then Craig, still sleeping in his bed.

My eye twitches as I notice the remote control on the sleeping boy's sheets. Eyeing Craig suspiciously, I slowly get up and wander over to his bed. I tilt my head and take in the damage I did to him.

Despite the wounds, Craig looked like he's sleeping peacefully. His dark hair was messy… almost as messy as mine; his eyes twitching slightly in his dreams. I smirked at my usual traits showing up in my resting opponent. The instant I reached down for the remote, Craig's eyes shot open, and swiveled his vision towards me.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, Tweek?

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