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Cagalli is ORB's princess but identity to be kept hidden. She is known in SEED University as Cagalli Yamato.

Kira and Cagalli knew they are twins. They live in an apartment.

All of them are 20 years old except for teachers and judges

PLANTS and ORB are countries.

No dead people.

Other than that… the others are the same

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Chapter 1

Listing Down

Lunchtime in SEED University…

Cagalli drank her orange juice. "So, Lacus, are you joining Miss ORB this year, again? And win the title, again? And above all, dump Meer Campbell, again?"

Lacus Clyne giggled. "Yes, I think so. The listing for Miss ORB auditions to represent our school will start after lunch, right?"

"Yup," Miriallia Haww said. "Fifteen people could write their names there but only three could represent the school."

"Wish you luck, Lacus." Cagalli said.

"Thanks, I needed it. 15 schools will join this year. So… there will be 45 students to join plus some outsiders." Lacus informed. "But by the end, only one for each school and some outsiders could enter the final round."

"And last year when you joined with Meer, she is so confident that she'll win! But you proved that you're better!" Cagalli said

"But not all the time I could win…" Lacus responded.

"Oh, c'mon, we're here to cheer you. We know you'll win!" Miri brightly said.

Suddenly group of girls surrounded a place. The three friends were sure that in the center of them was Athrun Zala, newly proclaimed heartthrob and beside him was Meer Campbell. Lacus became sad.

"Hmph! Shouldn't he be with you, your fiancée?" Cagalli whispered.

"We are not married yet." Lacus answered, "Don't worry, I am not jealous."

"Oh, right." Cagalli said.

"Oh, right, huh, Cagalli? Your father once thought of marrying Cagalli Yula Athha, ORB's princess and the son of the chairman of PLANTS, Athrun Zala?" Miri teased.

Cagalli glared. "Shut up, you know that I use my brother's surname, right? And you know that my father is joking!"

Miri raised her hand in defeat. "I cannot really believe you are the girl in your wallet. She has a long hair and she looks so calm…"

"You know that Mana cut it messily so I won't look my old self, right?!"

"You, two, stop quarelling… it is bad to quarrel!" Lacus reminded.

Cagalli sighed. "Okay, fine, whatever…" It was obvious she is trying not to be angry.

"B-But really, Cags, you have feelings for him?" Lacus shyly asked.

Cagalli's temper reached highest point. "NO! DAMN IT! Who the hell would love that arrogant guy?!" Cagalli angrily stood up.

"Where are you going Cagalli? Are you angry with what we said? Sorry, Cags! I mean it!" Lacus pleaded.

"I am not angry…" Cagalli took her glass. "I just need to refill my juice…"

Cagalli stomped away.

'Do I really like that arrogant guy? The past two years, when he enrolled here, my heartbeat became faster…

But Lacus is his fiancée and my friend. I am not in love with him… I even don't like him…

Yup, I don't love him… I am more likely in love with Ahfmed.

Cagalli reached the refilling station. She refilled her juice and turned around. She bumped into Lacus look-alike, Meer.

The worse part is the juice spilled into her white blouse. Worse than that? She is the WORSE bully ever made in SEED University. When she'll fight you and don't give up, every damn thing will happen to you.

Meer glared at Cagalli. "Oh, it's our little blondie tomboy, eh?"

Cagalli glared back. "What, Lacus-Clyne-wannabe-but can't-be?"

Meer growled. "Oh my gawd, I am talking to an UGLY tomboy!! I better not waste my time with you, right, Athrun?"

A blue-haired guy nodded from her back. He was taller than Meer but Cagalli hadn't noticed. "Meer, we better be going." He faced Cagalli. "Hi, you are Cagalli Yamato, right?"

Cagalli's beat became faster, but her fierceness is stronger. "Yes, so?"

Suddenly a hand pulled Cagalli away to a small place. The hand belonged to his twin brother, Kira.

"Hey, will just talk to my sister!" Kira called.

"What now, Kira?" Cagalli coldly asked.

"This is not the time to fight, Cagalli. It is better if you…"

"But she started it! Don't tell me that you are in love with that bitch!"

"Heck! With that crazy girl, Meer? Yuck."

"Then why are you stopping me. She is the one who started this!"

"Athrun is my best friend, that's why."


"You know that Meer is a bitch right? Bitches are losers from the start! Why do you still fight her if you know that?"

"I know about that. I still need to face her, 'coz if I don't she'll think I am a coward. And I know what I am facing."

Cagalli turned around and went back to Meer.

"So had you finished you chat?" Meer said, sourly.

"Of course, slut." Cagalli smirked.

"Oh you!!!" Meer raised her hand.

Cagalli closed her eyes expecting a strong slap. She waited for a few seconds when she realized Meer stopped. She opened her eyes slowly.

Meer's hand was stopped abruptly by Athrun's hand midair. "Athrun, let me go!"

"Fighting isn't the best answer, Meer." Athrun coolly said.


"How 'bout if you two audition for Miss ORB and the people will decide who's better?" a voice came from behind Cagalli.

Cagalli turned around. It was Shinn Asuka, her best friend. He was on a band that represents the school in various competitions. The band's name was Twilight, and he's the lead singer. And they are not supposed to come back till tomorrow.

Behind him were the other members: Nicol Amarfi, the pianist, Yzak Joule, the bass guitarist, Dearka Elthman, the drummer and Ahfmed is the lead guitarist.

When Cagalli saw Ahfmed, she blushed. Shinn saw this.

"Hello, Cagalli!" Shinn went near her and hugged her. He smelled a sweet scent.

"Oh, hello, Shinn. How is my best friend?" Cagalli hugged back.

"Still the same… I still have my feelings for you." Shinn smiled.

Cagalli pulled back and lightly punched his chest. "Oh, shut up. There are more perfect persons for you, Shinn."

"But you are the perfect one for me."

"AHEM!" Cagalli's overprotective brother butts in. He pulled Cagalli away from Shinn. "Cagalli won't be taking requests by now."

Cagalli rolled her eyes. "Oh, Kira…"

"Whatta? Shinn Asuka, the Twilight hottie have feelings for… that TOMBOY?!" Someone called from the crowd.

Cagalli's temper is rising up, more this time.

"WHO THE DEVIL'S BITCH SAID THAT?!!" She screamed. Everyone became silent.

"So what if I have feelings for Cagalli?" Shinn said, getting ready to fight.

"Okay, you two, don't ask for a fight." Nicol said.

Shinn sighed. "So, you guys agreed with that?"

"Meer, don't you think it is a wonderful idea?" Athrun stated. "In that way, everyone could decide who is better…"

Meer rubbed her chin. "I think so… but I don't know if that tomboy will accept a girl competition…" Meer smirked.

"I ACCEPTED IT!" Cagalli angrily said.

"But sis, are you sure?" Kira said.

"I am damn sure and no one could stop me. Anyway, it is only simple beauty contest!"

"Good. I'd list your name with me later. See you later, loser!" Meer turned around and went away.

"Way to go, Cagalli! I'd be supporting for you!!" Shinn said, hugging her again.

"Ahem. Shinn, you may take that as a chancing?" Kira said.

Shinn moved away. "Okay, okay. Well, my group will also support Cagalli right?"

"Yah sure. But my bet will be on Meer." Dearka said.

"My bet is over Lacus. If she'll join." Yzak said.

"Don't be like that. Don't worry Miss Cagalli, I'd support you." Nicol said.

"I bet for Cagalli." Ahfmed said.

"Good. So, the winner will take it all. So how much…?" Dearka said.

Shinn slapped his forehead. "Don't worry. You could trust Nicol, Ahfmed and I on helping you."

"O-Okay. Wish me luck, though."


History of ORB… with Natarle Badgiruel… two subjects before dismissal…

Cagalli takes this with Lacus. And if she's bored (She knows this already!), she'd send some letters to Lacus which Lacus will answer fifteen minutes after.

History is one of the simplest classes made in SEED Uni… but not for that day.

The principal, Murrue Ramius entered the room. She is holding a list. "Umm… this is for those who list down for Miss ORB. Are Miss Lacus Clyne and Miss Cagalli Yamato here?"

Lacus and Cagalli raised their hands.

"A week from now will start the auditions. If you want to back out, please feel free to ask me." Murrue said.

"Please be ready. The judges are stricter this year."

Cagalli gulped. She is a princess alright… but it had been two years since she ever practiced those lessons given to her… she acted tomboyish so no one would notice… and because of that, she loathed wearing skirts…

"That's all. You may now continue your class, Miss Natarle." Mu went out.

Natarle went on discussing while Cagalli is almost suffocating.

Lacus pats Cagalli's shoulders.

"Don't worry, Cagalli. I'd help you win that contest even if I'll lose."




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Sneak peek…

Cagalli hesitated. "NO!"

"Na-uh. If you want to win from Meer, you should better be used on wearing swim suits…" Mir smiled slyly.

"This looks good on you…" Lacus showed a green two piece bikini.