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Kiss from a Rose Part 2


Okay, he just saw me half-naked… half-conscious… and half-girl. Okay, erase that half-girl part. I'm a girl DAMNIT… but he has no right to see me… like this.

Cagalli took the clothes Athrun let her borrow and quickly put them on. She took some deep breaths.

"Are you ready?—I mean, can I come in now?"

The blonde was in a shocking situation. She quickly hand-combed her hair and opened the door. "F-fine." She stuttered.

Stuttered? I've never stuttered before!

Cagalli went to the door and slowly opened it. Athrun was there in front of her, with slight hints of blushes.

Cagalli's mixed emotions ended into one, definite, natural emotion: anger.


Meanwhile, Athrun expected a sexy, NAKED Cagalli in front of him, not an angry one. He was used to having girls go naked in front of him even though he doesn't want to see one. Cagalli was a different case. He was quite unsatisfied of seeing her just HALF naked.

Instead of seeing a 'dream' blonde tomboy, he saw something even more shocking…


A hard fist towards his face.

It reached his cheeks and hit him hard. He fell to the ground.

Cagalli's fierce eyes were currently burning with anger. It was out of shame. She has a very high pride, and she can't accept that just some boy can just see her body…

Athrun stood up and wiped the blood dripping out from his mouth. "What did I do, Cagalli?! You are too rude to just punch of somebody just like that!"

"I don't want to hear any sermon today, Zala!" Cagalli hardened her fist again.

"Look, Cagalli, it's not my fault that you DIDN'T lock the door while you're changing. I'm innocent here!" Athrun defended himself.

"Whatever!! YOU'RE STILL A PERVERT!!" Cagalli aimed another shot.

This time, it was gracefully caught by Athrun. Athrun lowered his lips to Cagalli's ears.

"You know, you smell so good."

Cagalli, pissed even more, aimed another shot… and again, was caught by Athrun. "Hey, hey, I told you that I've been trained in the military, right? You don't have a chance on hitting me."

Cagalli's both arms were held by Athrun. Athrun's grip was really firm that Cagalli can't even break free.


Cagalli's words were stopped by Athrun's quick kiss. "Shut up for awhile, Cagalli. I'm tired of hearing too many perverts in five minutes."

Athrun let go of Cagalli and smiled. "You are very funny. I never met someone who's as hardheaded like you. Anyways, I have hot chocolate downstairs. If you want some, I can just get one."

Cagalli's eyes were very wide. First of all, Athrun stole her first kiss… then he stole her second kiss. This is unbelievable.

And speaking of unbelievable… some parts of this night were quite unbelievable.

They went down. Cagalli uneasily sipped her hot chocolate while pondering on what happened. Then suddenly, she caught up with Athrun's "plans".

"I'm going home." Cagalli told Athrun.

"Hey, I invited you here, then you will just go?" Athrun said.

"Look, Zala. Tell me, my brother was not in LBC, right?" Cagalli quickly said.

Athrun blinked. He bit his lower lip, lightly. Cagalli was sure smart. "How come you said that?"

"I kinda forgot who's with my brother… did he also tell you?"

And Cagalli was sure fast. "Tolle… if I'm not wrong."

"Oh, really." Cagalli sighed. "I knew it, you're lying."


"It just came to me a second ago. Why were you there when those drunks tried to do something to me?" Cagalli glared at him. "And, oh, Fllay was with my brother."

Athrun was never caught lying before. "Say whatever you want to say. You don't have any proof…"

"I already have one." Cagalli crossed her arms. "May I borrow your cell phone?"

(A/N: For those who had an amnesia or something because I haven't updated too early, I will remind you that Athrun told Cagalli that Kira called him, saying he's near LBC)

Athrun suddenly smiled. "Okay, you caught me." He mockingly bowed. "What do you want me to do, oh, Princess?" Athrun looked up.

He just received a slap. "That's for making the situation worse. Now, give me your cell phone." Cagalli commanded.

Athrun calmly reached out for his cell phone. "Look, Princess, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to fool you to have you…" He gave his cell phone to Cagalli.

"Stop calling me princess." Cagalli pointed out. She grabbed the cell phone and dialed Kira's number… BUSY.

"Princess…" Athrun tried to look at her eyes.

"I told you to stop.calling.me.princess!" Cagalli avoided his eyes. She dialed another number. It's ringing. "You did too much trouble today, Athrun. First you fooled me, then you kissed me, then you'll just say sorry?! This is unforgivable! You're really lucky that I can still hold my TEMPER for this long!…" Cagalli paused for awhile.

"I told you, I'm sorry. Just look at me, so you can see I'm sincere."

The blonde didn't reply. She was busy talking to someone on the other line.

She faced Athrun. "Zala, is 7Eleven near here?" Cagalli said, obviously controlling her temper.

"Really near. Just a block away from here…"

"Hey, Shinn, you can pick me up on 7Eleven." Cagalli said to the other line. "Yeah, yeah. I'd be careful. Make it quick, I don't want to stay here anymore. I'll tell you the complete story… no, he didn't 'touch' me. Fine, fine. Bye." Cagalli hung up the phone.

"You called Shinn?" Athrun said.

"Yeah, I did. Something wrong with that?"

"I could just drive you to your house!" Athrun pointed out.

"Zala, you might do something worse to me. It's hard to trust strangers." Cagalli sneered.

There were moments of silence. Athrun looked away. "The rain stopped. I can just lead you to 7Eleven."

"Good. Before we go, I wanna ask you this, Zala. Lacus is your fiancé, and you cheat her. What kind of MONSTER ARE YOU?"

Athrun chuckled. "I'm not tied to anyone. It's complicated, and I'm sure that it won't be appropriate for an ORB settler like you to know a highly-ranked secret of PLANTS."

Cagalli huffed. "Whatever. Here." She threw Athrun's cell phone. Athrun caught it elegantly.

"So, let's go, Princess."


. § .

Inside Cagalli's room in the twins' apartment… 1:00 am…

Shinn drove her safely back to her apartment. Sure enough, Kira was there, really worried of Cagalli. After a few thanks to Shinn, Shinn went home.

Cagalli received an hour sermon from Kira. He then assured Athrun will also have a sermon on Monday. Cagalli learned something from the experience: never leave your cell phone at home.

As soon as Cagalli reached her room, she picked up her cell phone. She received a dozen calls from Shinn, Lacus and Kira. She also has 5 unread messages… Four coming from Kira, and one message came from her adoptive father…

ORB's head representative, Uzumi Narra Athha. The message says…

Good evening, dear. I miss you already. You hardly come over Athha Manor to visit us. Please come tomorrow morning for urgent news. Kira might come if he wants.

Cagalli froze. Tomorrow's Sunday… and of course the twins are free. The schedule was okay but the main reason why Cagalli hardly visits is her father.

No, her father is gentle and loving… but her father NEVER knew she acts like a boy (TOMBOY A/N: but not lesbian. Lesbians like another girl. Tomboys just act like a boy).

The worse part is, her father always want a Princess Cagalli who wears gowns. So, every time Cagalli shall visit her house, she needs to wear a chic gown. And she dislikes gowns!

. § .

The next day… inside Kira's car…

"It had been two months since we've been there, right?" Kira said, waving a hand to a security guard, signaling to let them in. The gates opened.

"Oh, yes. And I already thought that I won't come back here, again." Cagalli looked outside the window, pouting. She saw many familiar faces, and few unknown.

"That's mean, sister!" Kira chuckled. "I know that you've been used to living simple… and outrageous, ever since you decided to live that way, and live with me. But no matter what you say, you'll remain as a PRINCESS."

"I don't want to be a PRINCESS," Cagalli eyed Kira. "If our parents didn't die while we're still young, then I would live normally."

"We could do nothing about that." Kira sighed. "I already saw a parking spot. Put your best smile already, people might kill you for not smiling. They LOVE you when you smile." Kira tried his best not to laugh.

"Oh, shut up." Cagalli replied.

Kira parked somewhere near the main entrance. "Ready?"

"Don't act like a fool later." Both opened their doors at the same time. Kira wore a smart casual attire and Cagalli… well, a light green, backless gown with enough of her cleaves showing. Her hair was done because they went to a parlor before they went to the manor.

If you forgot, or you've skipped a sentence, then I'm reminding you THAT HER FATHER WANTS CAGALLI TO ALWAYS LOOK LIKE A PRINCESS AT ALL TIMES.

We can't say that she's the Cagalli we know… She smiled to everyone she met and sometimes greet them. It is really hard for Cagalli to keep that smile so long and being so girly and polite like Lacus.

They walked to the main entrance and went immediately to the center garden. It was Mr. Athha's favorite spot. As the name suggests, it is located at the center of the house.

"Yula!" Uzumi went to Cagalli and kissed her cheeks, hugged her a little tight and released her. "Kira!" He hugged him too, and then shook his hands.

"Hello, Father." Cagalli smiled.

"It had been a long time!" Uzumi laughed. "You cut your hair, even!" He looked at Cagalli's hairstyle. It was wonderfully fixed but it still shows that Cagalli's hair was short.

"I have to… because…" Cagalli looked at Kira for rescue.

"Because… because it's… stylish." Kira sighed.

"Yeah! It's the fashion in school already. I think it looks good in me, too." Cagalli said, pretending to like her hair.

"Hm… I guess too. How's school anyway?"

"Fine." Kira said, looking at Cagalli. "Cagalli and I are doing good… and we're even planning to support Miss ORB this year…"

Cagalli stared at Kira. She mouthed, "KIRA!"

Uzumi looked at Cagalli. "Well, I don't want to chitchat any longer. Speaking of Miss ORB, I heard you're joining Miss ORB this year?" Uzumi asked.

Well, Cagalli began to panic. She didn't want to let her father know.

"How did you know, Uncle?" Kira asked.

"Well, I'm the head judge of Miss ORB this year. I heard you're joining, so I thought of having a training camp for all the participants. This will also serve as a training to enhance your skills." Uzumi smiled even wider.

"WHAT?!" Cagalli answered.

"And, I also heard you've joined because of a bet with a Meer Campbell… and because of PLANTS resident blue-haired guy named Athrun Zala."

"NO HE'S NOT A PART OF MY REASON!" Cagalli defended. She really hates the research and spy team her father got for her.

"Well, he came up with the bet. And, Cagalli, please act feminine." Uzumi noted.

Cagalli and Kira sat. Cagalli remained silent. Uzumi still stood up.

"I have nothing against Athrun. I'm even happy. PLANTS and ORB can get an inch closer if the child of the 'Heads' are closer… and are fiancés."

"YOU SAID THAT FIANCE THING IS A JOKE?!" Cagalli stands up. Kira pulled her down.

Kira and Uzumi chuckled. "It is just a plan, Cagalli." Kira reminded.

"Whatever." Cagalli pouted.

"Oh, by the way. The Zalas will eat lunch here with us. Athrun will be very happy if he'll know that the Cagalli he saw in school is really a PRINCESS"

"WHAT?!" Kira and Cagalli said in chorus.



. § .

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