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The return of the moon fang.

Chapter one…

To you I make the solemn vow,

Let me return to the dawn of my fight,

Endowed with the strength I hold this night,

This life in payment, soul entrusted to the younger self.

Zangetsu, you and I

Will rise once again before our time…………


"Ichigo, its time to go back to class!" Mizuro spoke softly.

"Huh?" the orange haired boy asked as for some reason he had taken a nap there against the wall, after concluding his meal.

He opened eyes upon a world he had already seen once before.

It worked…

The entire universe had been rewound, but this time, he could be the author of the story, he knew its plot, its frame and its scope. In a single breath, he could feel his strength it was beyond captain level. The old man was with him to, and the hollow as well.

His second breath brought the presences of every hollow on earth, he could feel the bounto, the Vizard, and the lingering presences of other shinigami.

Another breath brought sights he wasn't really prepared for, one of his old friends was standing just before him, Keigo, Mizuro, Chad, and ishida. The sight of all his old friends and his two brothers in arms, was almost enough to bring tears to his eyes.

"Mizuro, is that you?" Ichigo couldn't believe his eyes, there was the young friend he had watched be consumed by a hollow. A friend he had not long after been forced to liberate to soul society by means of his blade.

The others stared at him blankly, at which Ichigo noticed his unusual behavior, and wiped the sleep out of his eyes, and stood upright, brushing off things with simply "sorry, just a bad dream."

"That's not like you Kurosaki, you been up all night with Kuchiki-san?"

Ichigo smacked the auburn haired boy "shut up."

Walking back to class, Ichigo couldn't discern exactly what time he had returned to, so he asked the old man, cautiously, though, not wanting the appearance of talking to himself. It wasn't normal for a young man to be seen in conversation with open air. The last thing he wanted was having to break out of a loony bin.

"I cannot place a finger on an exact moment, but it's the day after your encounter with that Menos Grande. My younger self still bares the scars of the power you wielded."

It was the day he lost her. As he walked slowly back to class amidst the heckling crowds and random conversations, his eyes started to water. He could feel her presence, she was still here.

As he entered the room, there she was. Ichigo stopped, as if time had physically stopped his advancement, he froze. Her raven hair glistening in the light, her dark eyes staring right into his very soul.


The one he had died for, become a hollow for, started a war against heaven to save. The one he had lost to the arrancar who masqueraded as Shiba Kaien. The one he loved more than anything in the known universe.

His future self, the self that had never told her he loved her, took the reigns, pushing against the endless gravity of doubt holding him in place. He did this without any outward signs of struggle yet he was fighting against the weight of the world, he walked right up to her.


Rukia had spent most of the day wrestling over the agony of remaining in the mortal world. She was starting to fall for him, the way he smiled, never gave up, it reminded her of the one she loved who bore his likeness. Ichigo was different than Kaien though, he was someone that could be hers, if she ever let it happen.

It would be any day until Soul Society came for her, and her luck it would be sooner rather than anytime distant.

She regretted having changed his life so drastically, if ever discovered, he would be killed just the same as any rogue shinigami.

When she saw him this time, it was different, there was something different about Ichigo, his presence wasn't like a sprinkler spraying everywhere, it was compressed, contained.

He was staring at her so fiercely, that she became lost in the depths of his eyes.


He leaned in close as if to whisper something private, or at least offer the appearance of such. His eyes narrowed, and closed as he continued lowering his lips until they met hers.

Rukia had lifted her head up expecting some joke or secret, what she received was something entirely unexpected, the greatest gift she could ever receive.

Her heart beat faster than it had ever before, the sketch pad in her mind was illustrating the moment, not as artistically of course, but she wanted to remember this moment until the end of time. She imagined herself a block of ice melting from the warmth of his heart. The darkness and arctic façade she had worn was also failing. At the realization she was in love with him she started to cry at which he separated their lips.


Tatski and Inoue instantly blushed, wondering if Ichigo wasn't sick again as he had been when he kissed them. But the two of them knew within a moment that it was real. Their own hearts ached from wanting to be on the receiving end of his kiss. Tatski had always imagined their relationship would evolve to this, Inoue had only recently started to fall.

All the others gasped and blushed fiercely, laughing in the remark that they had just asked Rukia about her relationship with Ichigo, and though she denied it, there was something between them after all.


The bell rang and everyone collected their seats, but Rukia just stood there frozen in disbelief that it had actually just happened. Rukia eventually sat down as the sensei entered. The class was unusually quiet, she normally had to tell the lot to shut up.

She however noticed Rukia's dumbstruck appearance, the tears and the fact her face was fire engine red, her eyes shifted over to Kurosaki, every other moment. Ichigo bore an all encompassing shit eating grin… (the irony of such a phrase meaning great but worded oddly made her laugh internally.) He likewise couldn't help but catch her eyes and return with his own.

That cold shouldered fool must have kissed her… the sensei thought.

The rest of the day passed in a blur, neither of them heard much of the remaining lessons, each focused solely on the other.



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