It's just Troublesome
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It was morning. For many reasons, Shikamaru hated the morning.
Morning meant he had to get up, get dressed, have the Hokage bellow at him for being late (again), and this particular morning she had a little something extra for him:
to escort the Kazekage's older sister.

Shikamaru lent against the side of the Great Konoha Gate, gaze aimed up skywards.
This changed, as he heard approaching footsteps, with a sigh, he looked his fate in the eye; her hands on hips, there stood the sand Jounin Temari, shooting him one of her 'troublesome looks'.
"So what are you doing here, Nara?"
"bah…Hokage-sama decided to assign me as your guide during your stay…just troublesome."
"Oho really? Since when do I require a guide?"
"Argh…just…come on."

With that he slunk of the wall, hands shoved in pockets, plodding off to the Hokage tower.

"HEY! Doesn't my 'guide' have to aid me?" asked Temari with a sly grin
Shikamaru KNEW he was in for it.
"I suppose…."
"Then carry my luggage." After her abrupt statement Temari slung her heavy looking bag to the ground and seemed to have a slight spring to her step, almost skipping off to greet Tsunade.
"errgh….this is sooooo troublesome."
Shikamaru, taking his IQ of over 200 aside, knew this wasn't going to be a pleasant week. "Dammit, she's more of a pain in the ass than Ino, but why did I take this mission? Ugh, this is going a BAD week."

"Shikamaru where have you been!?"
If she wasn't so old, Shikamaru could've sworn Godaime suffered from year long PMS.

"Temari had to ask for directions to my office, why where you not there to guide her?
You requested this mission, and I'm having my regrets about giving it to you."
"Oh damn, the old geezer's really done it this time, this is such a drag."

"What was that? Trying to get even, crybaby? You still owe me buster!"
"Argh!" Shikamaru put his hands on his head and cringed at the ceiling.
Tsunade had her suspicions on the relationship of the two, as Temari stood smirking at Shikamaru, Tsunade couldn't help but catch the Nara's eyes quickly fly up and down the slender figure of Temari
"It seems, that Shikamaru has gotten to 'that' age…just as well, Jiraiya was at 11, so his late blooming may be a good thing" Tsunade grinned as she compiled documents to hand Temari.
"Here are your instructions for the Exams you two, the orders contained will come into effect as of tomorrow, however, Shikamaru you are still Temari's guide for today."

For the first time since the botched Sasuke retrieval, Shikamaru honestly felt like crying. "Ooh, goody!" Piped up Temari, ever the sadist.

In the blink of an eye, she had picked up her bag and tossed it hard into Shikamaru's belly, and despite what ever cushioning the vest gave him, he still was carried by the bags inertia and landed with an 'oof' across the office.

Tsunade AND Temari sighed something about being a man.

With the oncoming storm about to erupt and try to drown Konoha, Temari was in a desperate situation, THERE WERE NO VANCANCIES. "This is so troublesome…come with me." Shikamaru had taken to dragging the large bag, it was slowly crippling him from carrying it.
"Huh wait a min-"
"Look, its going to rain, just stay at my place and try again tomorrow." Shikamaru just wanted to get out of the rain, which was gentle at the moment.
Temari burst into laughter
"A lazy crybaby like you actually decided to move out?"
with a defeated sigh: "yes…"
"Well, alright, but you still owe me. Don't you even DARE think about any 'monkey business' buddy, I hope your guest room's bed is nice, wouldn't want you crying and moaning about being cold or what ever."
"I don't have a guest room."
"What did you say?"
"I don't have a guest room, troublesome woman."
With a grin: "Then I hope your couch is comfortable!"
Shikamaru let out a sigh, Kami really must hate his guts lately, perhaps Tsunade and Kami where in cahoots to ruin his day…

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HAVE ONE BLANKET!?" She would not leave him alone about this for the next half an hour.
After being beaten in 6 out of 7 Shogi games, and having Shikamaru interrupt her shower, Temari wasn't in the best of moods to begin with.
"Bah…just go to sleep or what ever yawn I'm too tired."
With that Shikamaru popped off his hair tie, and gravity yanked his hair back down.
Temari was astonished, he seemed a lot different with his hair down, she never realized how long it was, or how…rugged he looked.
With Shikamaru's now curled up form at one side of the bed, Temari sighed and slipped in her side, only letting HER hair-do down in the dark.

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