Temari awoke early, for she had to leave for Suna at lunch time.
She rolled over and was surprised to see that Shikamaru was out of bed.
She went into the kitchen to see him doing the dishes, and two breakfasts on the table, just a simple rice, fish and soup thing.

After their breakfast it was time for their shower.

When dressed Temari decided they should enjoy one last cloud watching before she left.

On the way, they noticed Tsunade sitting at a bench with her arm around some one.
Shikamaru was shocked when he realized the man was none other than Jiraiya.

Tsunade rested her head on his shoulder.

Shikamaru was surprised; he thought Tsunade held great annoyance for the likes of Jiraiya, but Sakura mentioning him always jumping through the window at odd times of day and Tsunade and Jiraiya leaving shortly afterwards, it all seemed obvious to him now when faced with the pair.

And probably the fact Naruto honestly thought of them as his grandparents, both of them, probably brought them closer together as well

Shikamaru had heard things from Sakura, and he deduced on his own the real reason Tsunade despised it when Jiraiya went peeping was the jealousy and the hurt, Shikamaru figured she must've felt betrayed. All for those damn books…

Shikamaru laid down on his hill, with Temari by his side, he thought about the past week or so that Temari had stayed with him.

He really wished she didn't have to go.

After a quiet few hours on the hill she decided she needed to leave.

With a huff Shikamaru followed her back to the apartment.

Was it his apartment, or theirs now?

She made him carry her bag to the gates, much to his displeasure; it was probably going to finish the job of crippling him this time.

"I left you a snack incase you got hungry today."
"Did you wear the apron when you made it?" She asked with a snigger.

Shikamaru rolled his eyes "what ever…"

She looked at him, as though she wanted to say something, the look of unease left her and she assumed her mischievous grin: "Next time, crybaby."
With a sigh Shikamaru simply muttered "Bye, you troublesome woman." He wore his grin after speaking.

Temari turned on her heel and scooped up the cumbersome bag in one swift motion, and set off for Suna.

Shikamaru, hands in pockets shuffled off to the Mongolian BBQ place to meet Chouji.

Temari felt bad for not being able to tell Shikamaru how she felt about him.
She decided to investigate the 'snack' he packed her.

She was surprised to find an entire bento box with a small letter attached to it:

Troublesome Woman:
Let me know next time your coming to Konoha, I guess you aren't as much of a bother as I thought you'd be, maybe next time you can actually tell me how you feel instead of me hearing you say it in your sleep.
Enjoy your lunch.

P.S: you aren't too tough for bento boxes are you? Or maybe lunch in general?

Temari's grip on the box tightened.

That bastard Nara…

After eating her lunch she picked up her bag and started walking again, her thoughts turning to Gaara and how he was going with Matsuri.

She thought of Shikamaru too…

Unfortunately, Temari had no idea of the Konoha-nin rushing towards her bringing devastating news about her brothers.

Well it's finished!

Yeah so what if the ending was half assed?
thanks to all who read, reviewed and enjoyed
(sorry to end it like that…it just seemed right though)

(Oh and before I forget Matsuri was some Jonin temari spoke to in Shippuden episode 16 or so…she seemed so concerned about Gaara i decided to pair em up for this story)