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Ryoma crept as silently as his small chubby legs would let him, down the long dark hallway leading to the backyard. He could hear the distinctive sounds of a ball being hit roughly against a solid wall. He neared a window that overlooked the backyard. An older boy stood just outside the window his back turned to it, shoulders tensed in preparation, back lurched forward; a perfectly placed form, at least to his eyes.

"No, no Ryoga," came a gruff voice. "You're not putting enough weight onto you left foot. Try again."

Ryoma watched as Ryoga promptly adjusted his footing, from behind he couldn't see his older brother's face but he saw the other's shoulders tense.

His father rounded Ryoga while seriously studying his form. "Better. You can stop," He said. "Hurry up I'm hungry and we have yet to eat lunch I wonder what your mother has cooking. I'm sure Nanako will be glad to hear your improving. I may decide to treat you to dinner. All four of us can go. "

Nanjiroh didn't realize he forgot someone. A small little important someone. One day he would come to regret it.

They passed by Ryoma without a second glance.

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