So I bet the majority of you are wondering where I've been. Joy of all joys, my computer caught a virus in late October early November and had to be wiped of all software. That includes the rest of My Shadows Shadow and a large chunk of Nobody's hero. Its gone, all gone and trust me, as those story were the only thing I did in my spare time it hurt like hell and I might have cried. What virus you ask? Why, this evil little virus called Dektop Defender! If it pops up on your pc run a virus scan immediately. Anyway i just decided I would tell you all where I stand right now. With nothing. And I won't apologize for somehow getting a virus, but I will say i feel sorry for myself right now. It took all my programs including word, and now I must download everything again. I had to type of my Nanowrimo on the school computer, can you believe it?!

I have no idea when I'll be able to start rewriting everything. I have 50,000 words on My Shadows Shadow to try and remember and 10 chapters of Nobody's Hero (Which luckily is written out for the most part on paper) to retype up. but since I'm about to start school, it's not my top priority. Trust me though I wish I could find the creator of that virus and... Good luck in Life to all of you.