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Need a place to stay for the night, or perhaps for the fortnight? Look no further ladies of Tokyo, for Hinata-Sou is just a few steps away from a lifetime of happiness! Just ring 721 (5001) 127 or email me at Urashima.Manager.mail! Interview not required! All you need to bring is your belongings and a smile! Looking forward to seeing you!

Keitaro Urashima

Manager of Hinata-Sou

Chapter One - Encounter of the Female Kind

From the outskirts of Tokyo was a rather large and majestic building. Whatever season the year would bring, come spring, summer, autumn or winter, the elements would only serve to further enhance the place, bringing a certain wave of comfort for anyone that was fortunate enough to live here. Some even say that this very dormitory brings good fortune, though these were, of course, nothing but simple rumours… because for one Keitaro Urashima, good fortune was hard to come by, even in a place like this. This place… this Hinata-Sou.

Inside the dormitory, Keitaro lounged on the couch of the living room, completely drained of all movement and emotion. He wasn't exactly your everyday handsome man, nor was he some kind of gifted genius or sports star. In fact there was a lot of positive traits that he failed to acquire, making him a rather ordinary and kind of boring person. He had rich, scruffy short black hair, and tired brown eyes, concealed with a pair of ancient looking, rectangular glasses. His clothes were far from fashionable as he wore an old pair of grey slacks and a thick blue jumper that was pulled over his yellow shirt. His orange jacket, which he only wears outside, was flung to the floor in a rather untidy heap.

Keitaro lived alone.

For two years he tried to make Hinata-Sou a success, just like when his aunt use to work here once upon a time. Out of all his family, Keitaro bonded with his aunt the most. She was always strong willed and determined to get the job done no matter how exhausted she was.

"Aunt Haruka…" Keitaro smiled to himself. A sad but respecting smile.

Without thinking he recalled a certain memory, a moment which his aunt would not forget in the world. He never saw Haruka so happy when she married her long time crush, Seta, a man with little to no attention span, but was caring, handsome and thoughtful.

Since Haruka had left, Keitaro had tried desperately to follow in her footsteps, but fell flat on his face trying, literally on some occasions. He would slave ungodly hours at the tea shop, another place he owned, yet wish he hadn't. The tea shop was a ten minute walk away from Hinata-Sou, though to him it always felt twice as long. However, he had no choice but to work there on the weekdays. It was, after all, his only source of income for keeping Hinata-Sou intact.

Watching some old romantic comedy on television nearly forced Keitaro in a sleepy trance, so he decided to switch it off, making the place even more silent than before. On a small wooden rounded table was a messy pile of envelopes left unopened because of his early work-shift. Most were either junk mail or bills, but he quickly focused on one in particular.

He could recognise that handwriting if he were blindfolded.


Dear Keitaro

How's my young nephew doing? Not working too hard I hope. Things are pretty hectic at Molmol since I've converted that old beach shack to a five star hotel. For starters I've hired seven staff members, who are more like family now.


Keitaro looked at the small photo included with the long letter.


The girls from left to right are Naru Narusegawa, Mitsune Konno, Motoko Aoyama, Shinobu Maehara, Kaolla Su and Mutsumi Otohime, and the rather interesting guy next to me is Negi Springfield. We have our little arguments but we get along most of the time.

I didn't want to ring because I know how much you hate phone calls from irate customers. Believe it or not we still get them here too. Can't people take a hint that we have lives to live?


I know you haven't had much luck with the dormitory, but believe me when I write this, you will pull through. I remember when I ran Hinata-Sou. Nothing happened for ages but then it just seemed out of the blue when a dozen girls all showed up at once. Trust me, you will make it. After all, you are an Urashima.

In case you fall in any financial trouble, I have enclosed a cheque. I know you hate charity, especially from family, but I know you need that extra help. I promise this will be the last cheque I will send you.

Good luck Keitaro. Should you wish to continue with Hinata-Sou or move on in life, I will always be proud to call you my nephew.

Haruka Urashima.


Keitaro looked blankly at the cheque. Haruka was right, he did hate having money handed to him on a plate, though he appreciated being in the clear of bankruptcy.

"One day… I will make you proud." He mentally told his aunt. "One day…"

Looking outside the window, Keitaro watched as a single snowflake gracefully made its appearance, floating slowly before resting on the ground. He nearly forgot that today was the 23rd of December, just two more days until another lonely Christmas. Sometimes he wished he did forget. Happy, joyous occasions such as this only fuelled his depression.

Sighing, it felt like gravity was pulling him down, but eventually he managed to lift himself off the couch, trying to do other tasks just to occupy his mind.


Room 305 was his secluded little area which he worked on his incomes, and, more importantly, sleep off the rest of the day. Keitaro had little time for any kind of social activity. The only hobby he really participated in was taking pictures of himself from purikura photo machines. In fact, he held a sticker album which was only two clean sheets away from being completely full. Every month he would add a sticker to his collection, which more or less showed him wearing a fake smile, trying to make it look like he was enjoying life. A second glance at any of the pictures would show that, inside, Keitaro looked completely downcast.

Keitaro sighed again and gently closed the album. Like every other day, he cycled through everything in his life. Everything up to the present day.

Another pastime was using his computer, which was neatly tucked away in the corner. It was an old, slow and dusty machine, but at the very least it allowed Keitaro access to the internet. Logging on alone took ten minutes, but Keitaro is a very patient person, and so didn't mind the painful loading time.

Keitaro had a single favourite pastime when browsing the internet. This pastime was simply titled 'Chiu', a pretty pink website dedicated to the most popular net idol in all of Japan. The homepage always consisted of a cute girl that looked somewhere between her teens and her early twenties. She had silky smooth orange hair, an extremely cute face and a body every girl wished to have. In addition she would also wear a variety of costumes such as sailor moon outfits, and a popular one being 'the white bunny' complete with an oversized inflatable carrot. Unsurprisingly, it was the main attraction point for males of all ages, and Keitaro was indeed one of them.

After a brief moment of gawping (half an hour to be exact), Keitaro logged onto his email messenger, though he wondered why he bothered since he knew he wouldn't get any mail in the first place. Very occasionally it would be junk mail demanding him to increase the size of his manhood, or it was his old friends named Haitani and Shirai… who would point him to links that demanded him to increase the size of his manhood. With a knowing sigh, he filled out his username (Urashima.Manager) and password… before finally logging in.

His heart nearly skipped a beat.

The merry little tune from his speakers indicated he received four new messages. He was usually lucky to receive any number higher than zero, but four? Four wasn't just a number. Four was something mythical, twisted and alien.

Then doubt crept inside of him. Something was up.

Just as he thought, his friends were online the same time as he was.


From the other side of the net, Haitani was on his own computer, who along with Shirai, had rented a small but cosy flat, about four miles away from Hinata-Sou. Size-wise the two of them couldn't be any more different. Haitani was tall and thin, the sort of stature that put matchsticks to shame, whist Shirai was more of a small, rotund build, similar to that of a beach ball. Both wore glasses, and both used bands to tie up their rather long brown hair.

Whilst Shirai was busy watching another episode of Hentai Kitty Meow Meow, Haitani nearly dosed off onto his keyboard. That is until Keitaro sent him a rather quick, and to-the-point message. Just about keeping his eyes awake, Haitani wondered why his pal was making such a text-filled commotion.


UrashimaManager: Ha ha you guys. I must admit you nearly had me there.

CaptainCourageous: Huh?

UrashimaManager: You know what I'm talking about. Those four messages you sent me. It was you two wasn't it?

CaptainCourageous: Uh no.

UrashimaManager: Alright then what about last night when I thought a group of foreign exchange students were coming to visit? I took all those extra French tutorials for nothing.

CaptainCourageous: Okay I admit that was us. But I swear I haven't done anything today.

UrashimaManager: Yeah right.

CaptainCourageous: I'm telling the truth!

UrashimaManager: Sure you are. (LOG OFF)

"I know he's lying, he always does this to me." Keitaro muttered to himself. One by one Keitaro decided to inspect his newly acquired emails.


From: Hasegawa7000.mail

Sent: 23 December 19.30

To: Urashima.Manager.mail

Subject: Require room at Hinata-Sou


Dear Sir,

My name is Chisame Hasegawa, I'm nineteen years of age and I require a room in your dormitory. I work full time as a professional games tester on the weekdays so paying rent should not be a problem. I would prefer to stay in a small room with privacy if possible. I will arrive at 21.00 sharp, or reply to me and suggest something that is convenient to you. Otherwise I will see you at the allotted time.

Yours faithfully,

Chisame Hasegawa


From: solemnbookreader.mail

Sent: 23 December 19.32

To: Urashima.Manager.mail

Subject: hinata sou


Hi, I would like to rent a room. Will be here nine o'clock.


From: sailorpinkbeauty16.mail.

Sent: 23 December 19.36

To: Urashima.Manager.mail.

Subject: HELLO!



BYEEEE: ) : ) : )


From: (hidden)

Sent: 23 December 19.41

To: Urashima.Manager.mail

Subject: Room urgently needed.


I require a room with ample space and privacy. I will meet you in 2100 hours.


"Ha! Good one guys!" Keitaro laughed sarcastically. "So four girls are going to arrive here in one hour? Man, when will you two just give up?"

The time on Keitaro's computer showed it was just gone eight. Now feeling incredibly tired (and slightly angry), the lonesome manager decided to call it a day. As he turned off his machine and prepared himself for bed, Keitaro idly thought about what to do tomorrow. The weekend was enough to put a small smile back on his face, even if he did spend it alone in such a large, empty house.

His eyelids grew heavy until it reached the point where he couldn't keep them open any longer.


Four pairs of feet ascended the mountainous steps, and the heavy luggage they all carried only made the journey more exhausting. Their soft voices, caused by simple chatter had echoed into the night sky.

One girl in particular grumbled with every step she took. "A lifetime of happiness huh? I've haven't even got there and I've lost the feeling in my feet."

They all continued their uphill struggle, wondering if this Hinata-Sou really was as good as the advertisement made out to be.


Three loud knocks on the door caused Keitaro to groan loudly. Suddenly, dread filled inside him when he realised no one knocked on the main door at nine in the evening. As a matter of face, with the exception of his friends, no one had ever knocked on the main door…

"Must be Haitani and Shirai… but what do they want?" Keitaro thought, covering his mouth from yawning, and still wearing his pyjamas.

Like a zombie, Keitaro shuffled to the front door, creaking it open very slowly.

Four girls looked at the manager in an 'I'm not sure how to greet him' kind of way. It wasn't exactly the sort of greeting they hoped for.

If there was a colour paler than white, Keitaro's face would be that colour. Like a creature possessed, he eyed each one suspiciously… and then started to speak in tongues. After eleven seconds analysing the situation he fainted, falling face first into the 'welcome' mat.

As the others watched in complete surprise, a short, blue haired girl picked up a nearby twig and began to prod the manager's lifeless body. Her voice showed no emotion whatsoever.

"I think we killed him…"

Author: Okay so you guessed one of the girls is a certain net idol, but who are the other three? Check the email addresses for each one if you're not too sure. This is my first ever crossover so please let me know what you think of the story so far. Thanks for reading.